As a So Cal fan without NFL Sunday ticket and a job that makes me work weekends the only time I get to see the game/highlights is the ESPN coverage. I am getting tired of them throwing the Rams at the tail end as an after thought. They just doubled their wins, impressively at that, one of which was against a Team that beat the Eagles.

They even had the whaa whaaa whaaaahhh sound bite talking about the NFC West. Maybe somewhat justified, but come on already. Maybe after a few more wins they will stop with the oh so patronizing pat on the head, there there nfc west Rams.

This said I am digging the youtube coverage of the games after the fact:-)

PS. One last bit of bi**ing. If I have to watch another Dallas Cowboy game on sunday I am going to puke! The only time they don't show cowboy games out here (here being LA/OC/IE) is if they are on a bye or playing sun/mon night games. Come on already! Okay feel better:-)