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    Issac Bruce interveiw

    Some of you may have seen Bruce's blog where he's ended his entries with "PS this is my MVP season"

    I saw an interview with him earlier today and he said he'd be the; NFL MVP, NFC offensive player of the year and lead the NFL in reception yards. Somebody must be putting something in his food because I've never heard anything like this from Bruce. Lots of predictions coming from Ram's players this year, lets hope they work out.

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    Re: Issac Bruce interveiw

    Yea, I saw the same thing, and it struck me as totally out of character. I never thought I would here him make such bold predictions...hopefully he knows something we don't.

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    Drew Guest

    Re: Issac Bruce interveiw

    if it was merely reported that he said it by some journo i wouldn`t believe it but for him to get MVP he would have to get about 15 TD`s and that would mean that Bulger would have atleast 30 as Holt,Bennett,McMicheal,Klop and Jax will get some too so then Bulger with his 30 plus TD`s would get the point really is i cant see any WR being MVP unless he`s the sole go to guy like T.O and Randy Moss has been in the past!

    Bruce did look sharp in Pre-season mind and i do believe he will have a great year,just think league MVP is virtually impossible for him, Superbowl MVP maybe...

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    Re: Issac Bruce interveiw

    I can see where he's coming from. He has looked phenomenal lately, but if there are no soundbytes nobody pays any attention. Sometimes I wonder if people wouldn't be mentioning his name in the same breath as Marvin Harrison if our team had been a little more successful over the last five years.

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