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    That itchy, burning feeling ...

    And I don't mean jock itch ...

    Is there anybody out there who just about can't stand waiting for the start of the season any longer? Training camp is a freakin week away, and I can't believe it ...

    I'm full of optimism again, but it feels a little different this time, just a little safer. There seems to be a different feel at the front of the ship this year, and I think Al might be the captain we need to steer it straight ...

    Just a little nervous, as I've never felt this way about a team as I do this one. I feel we could be anywhere from 6-10 to 11-5 ....

    We need to fire up the board a little ... yes yes yes, I know it's early, but we need to get it going. Let's here some opinions, some rants, some banter, anything you got ....

    I've been lurking for months, and I am ready to get in full fledged battle mode again. I've miss this board when it's not active. Hell, winning or losing, BIOTCHing or cheering, I love this place ...

    Here's to 2008!!!!!! Let's kick it off right ...

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    Re: That itchy, burning feeling ...

    The board has been slow lately in the lull before camp starts, as there hasn't been much news. I am cautiously optimistic this year, as last year in hindsight I was overly optimistic. The 2007 additions of Bennett and Carriker combined with the strong finish at the end of 06 gave me reason to think that we'd challenge for the NFC West. We challanged alright .. for the cellar. This year seems to have even more potential given the FA additions of Bell and Brown, along with what appears to be a very solid draft on paper. Everyone is excited about the acquisition of Saunders as OC. Therein lies some of the mystery as to how well we'll do right out of the gate ..

    From my perspective as a fan (and of course I'm biased) it would appear that Al will have more "skill players" to work with than he's had in the past. I'm not professing a night and day difference, but it does seem that he'll have a talented group to work with. One of the biggest questions is: Can Al find a way to utilize Avery and Burton early in the year. If he can, we will likely surprise a few teams. Will the O-line jell quickly enough in the new system to open holes for SJ, while providing a modicum of protection for Marc? One of my favorite FA acquistions is that of Anthony Becht, and I seriously considered him as a "penny stock" option in the thread started by Av. If Becht can give us what we have been missing in the way of a blocking TE, it should give the O a big boost. Becht likely won't be garnering sexy reviews if he is successful in that role, but our numbers on first downs and total offensive plays should rise significantly. In turn that rise should contribute to more total points scored on O.

    It is true we don't have a marquis name to back up Big O, but at least if something were to happen to him we would have much better options than last year. Alex at least has a few games under his belt at LT, Bell can play RT, and so can Big Bad John Greco .. John of course has yet to prove he can do it at the NFL level .. Tell you what though - I'd speculate that he is close to being as NFL ready as Chris Long. And speaking of Long and our D, could the Rams' D be ready to have a breakout season? Little is healthy, Carriker frankly worries me as to whether he will be 100% by the first game that counts. Cliff Ryan got valuable playing time in his rookie season, and now has an off-season of strength and conditioning under his belt which should translate to improved play this year. Wroten?? Well no predictions there .. Hopefully he'll surprise. Chris Long ..? We'll see how well he transitions to the NFL level. At least we have a healthy James Hall behind him.

    At linebacker, we don't have much depth, but have decent talent among our starters. The secondary shouldn't be any worse with Brown and Hill manning the starting CB positions, and rising star Oshiomogho Atogwe at FS. Bartell has played decently and can fill in at CB or safety. Wade .. we'll see .. heck at least he's fast. Cory Chavous provides leadership in the locker room where many on this board would prefer he stay. Hopefully Long will give us a boost at DE and wherever else Haslett lines him up. Lots of "hoping," "might be's'" and "on paper" going on I know. At the outset of this season we definitely look improved, but most likely so do 31 other NFL teams as this point ..

    Bring on Camp and some real news on how our newest and not so newest players look and perform with their pads on .. We'll be plenty fired up as Camp progresses .. even more so if we show some explosiveness on offense in pre-season games. This team needs to start believing from the very first pre-season game .. I'm ready to start guzzling the Kool-Aid !! Bring it on !!!

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    Re: That itchy, burning feeling ...

    This is by far the worst time of the year for a sports fan...we have baseball, nascar, and golf...barf....preseason can't get here soon enough.

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    Re: That itchy, burning feeling ...

    heres what I did today to get my fix, I watched the first Monday night game against the Broncos after the Super Bowl win,just a freakin unbelievable game, as I watch it I can put some of this years players into those former players positions,such as Avery into Hakims spot,Long into Carters spot,dare I say Bulger into Warners spot,Jackson into Faulks spot, Spoon into Fletchers spot and so on,the dome was rocking that night,the players that complain about the dome should watch that game to see how the dome can be and how the fans do go crazy and make noise when the team plays good football.I was at that game and it was nuts,I to have that itch and can't wait so I watch tape of the good old days and it gives me hope for this season.

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