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    It's amazing

    If anyone is watching the game tonight, doesn't Big Ben look like Marc Bulger out there. It just goes to show that no matter who the QB is if your O-line allows you to get smoked on a regular basis you are not going to look very good. Whoever takes the HC job next year and also whoever takes over in the FO there has to be an emphasis put on drafting or getting some free agent line help or it won't matter who coaches this team the result will be the same.


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    Re: It's amazing

    Great post. And it is obvious. Same goes for Peyton.

    There is no doubt about it, we need help on our O-line.

    Guaranteed starters for next year are Bell, Pace and Barron. We can get a year or so more out of Pace.

    We need a new center and right guard. I say we should go for that spot in the second round. I'm all for the first round going to Maulauga or Laurinitis. We need defensive help obviously.

    But I am all for two new faces on the offensive line. We really need it.

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    Re: It's amazing

    I'm not so sure how guaranteed Pace and Barron are.

    Pace is clearly on the downward trend of his great career, and Barron better get his act together. I'm actually a big fan of Barron, but its time to put up or shut up- he needs to step up and play like the first rounder he is. That includes no stupid false starts that kill drives!

    I'm not entirely sure it will take just two new guys to fix this o line, we might be looking at a major overhaul. And as much as I would absolutely love Maulauga in the middle of our D, I think that overhaul starts with selecting a stud top five caliber offensive tackle.

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    Re: It's amazing

    I don't understand the Barron love by some...he is the very definition of average.

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    Re: It's amazing

    Its true what you're saying, protection is key especially for a pocket QB's but the last 2 games we only gave up 3 sacks against some pretty good defenses. Our guys are starting to put up a fight and we fans really have to look at the big picture... are the receivers quick enough to get out of coverage? are the right plays being called at certain situations? Is our play calling too predictable? also, both QB's accuracy hasn't been so good. Sacks are one thing and the numbers are starting to lessen but the O-line can't take the blame for dropped passes, lousy throws, fumbles, missed holes by the Rb or Int's. They are starting to come together but what about the specialists? When you're down by 2-3 Td's in the 1st or 2nd half of games, the other team knows you have no choice but to be a one dimention team and pass, pass, pass. This is where all the problems begin, each and every one of the Rams players has to work hard from beginning to the end of games at taking care of the football and making plays. There's no clue this is what they've been hired to do.
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