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    It's first and goal... and that reminds me...

    This game today reminds me of a problem I'm having at home. I have this dachsand thats about two years old. He's a great pet. He chases the ball. He loves attention and petting. He's cute. He seems to be smart, which is a good thing in a dog. But there's this thing. When you address him and look him in the eyes or otherwise engage him ... he pisses. And not just a piddle. I'm told it will get better as the dog matures. Well, it seems to be getting worse lately and I'm very concious about my tone and body language. So I wonder... what would you guys do? [LIST]

    a) Take off Farfels coller and swap him at the shelter.

    b) Drive him to the Pine Barrrens and .......

    c) Run and ad. Find Farfel a new owner.

    d) Blot up Farfels puddle while praising him lovingly. He's my dog. This too shall pass.
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    Re: It's first and goal... and that reminds me...

    E.) Call Cesar Milan.

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    Re: It's first and goal... and that reminds me...

    ...take him to the pound and get a real dog.

    I'm just kidding.

    Sort of.
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