Ok the Draft is winding down. Lawyers. agents, players and teams are starting to put ink to paper and working out contract details.

Still its not over. At least it shouldn't be over if your a Ram and serious about rejoining the elite teams.

There still is plenty of time between now and till the start of the regular season to make acquestions for the Ram team. While the FO is hammering out contract details, the team needs to continue to ferret out new talent to fill holes and needs.

A lot of people think its time to look at other teams cast offs to see if there is a fit for their teams when players are being cut. But after the draft, a smart organization always has an ear cocked and nose to the wind to know just who might be worth a second look should a particular player be free to acquire.

Right now, thats what the Rams need to do and keep a watchful eye out. Specifically, I think that a late pick QB in the 09 draft may become available at the end of preseason. Brady, a late sixth round pick might have become available had not a decerning eye not seen the potentual there--Bret Favre never had a home with the Falcons but happily found a home in Green Bay.

Right now there is Bulger...but eventually there will be a Rams team without Bulger. As seen in Chicago, it can be a long drought between having high caliber QBs. With that in mind the Rams need to plan for the future and perhaps start developing another QB while its cheaper. Or like in the case of Chicago, give away the farm when your disperate for a QB