I guess I'm not surprised that the clowns that write for the PD don't understand why Spags went for it on 4th down at the end of the game.

The only way the Seahawks were going to win that game is if the Rams turn the ball over and somehow give up a score on that last play, or if they can return the next kickoff for a TD (unless the Rams have just scored a TD instead of a FG, in which case the game is over). If your choices are 1) FG, 2) Running Play, and 3) pass play, what is the best way to avoid that big turnover and score by the opposition, while leaving the possibility of actually scoring a TD yourself? Just run the ball, using up another 5 or 8 seconds while you're at it.

There was no way the Rams were going to be able to run it in anyways against a stacked defense, and a FG would have been interpreted as running it up more than running off tackle.

The messed up thing to do would have been to run a play action like Tennessee did to us in a similar fashion last year.

So, message to Jim Thomas: if you really knew football, you'd understand why Spags called that play, and you'd understand that Seattle has no problem with the play call either.

Time to move on.