Yes, we'll have to endure another season of mediocrity just so that the front office can realize what most of us already know- Linehan is a joke. It actually is about economics- and the reality of those economics are such: they don't want to pay Linehan for another year if he's not going to be there. It's like someone that has a lemon of a car, but they still have one last payment on it and even though they realize that they will probably break down and land stranded in the middle of nowhere, they just can't junk the car and buy a reliable one knowing they'll still have to make that last payment. If I were Ram fans, instead of buying tickets and then selling them (the organization makes money on them no matter if the people using the tickets are wearing Steelers gear or Rams), I would use them as kindling to burn an effigy of John Shaw in the parking lot outside of the Ed.