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    Its time I cleared the air.

    Some of you over the years have suggested that I am a mere alias of the poster who goes by the name "AvengerRam" (who has claimed to be a lawyer from Florida named David).

    Well, those posters are half correct.

    I am, in fact, Bernie Miklasz from the Post Dispatch. I started coming here and spoofing myself as a joke, and it was so much fun that I continued coming here.

    As for "AvengerRam," well... he is also me or, more precisely, my alias. I created the character of "AvengerRam" years ago (before I came here as myself) to have a means of monitoring the thoughts, feelings, opinions and mood of Rams fan. You may have noticed that I (he) posts a lot of polls. These have been very useful for me in writing my columns.

    The subterfuge has been an intricate one. Two years ago, I was concerned that my dual-identity would be revealed, so I actually found a lawyer named David to play the role of "AvengerRam" at the last too Bashes (that guy is actually a distant cousin of mine named Daniel who lives in Charlotte, North Carolina).

    I decided to finally clear the air at this time because members of the Rams organization learned of my AvengerRam alias and have accused me of trying to undermine Scott Linehan through the whole "SLOP" gag. As much as it pains me to end the fun, I, as a result, am forced to reveal that AvengerRam is just a satire, as is SLOP.

    Anyway, its been fun. I hope you come by my Pressbox and drop me a line!

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    Re: Its time I cleared the air.

    Sadly, its all true.

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    Re: Its time I cleared the air.

    And to think poor cousin Daniel had to be a pawn in this sorted affair.

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    Re: Its time I cleared the air.

    Alas poor Daniel, we knew him well

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    Re: Its time I cleared the air.

    Oh man. My head is spinning.

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