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    Its too quiet...

    ...for my likes.

    Its aggreed, the Rams season is over and all that is left is to finish out the season. Yet still knowing this, its to quiet in Ram camp. This is the time to announce Hasslet's future, will he will he not be HC. Its time to to start re-organizing front office and find a new GM. And honestly, its time to cull the dead weight off the team and play second team players to find where if any nuggets of talent might be lurking.

    If its still their still in "talks" with Hasslet as to his future, well its time to move on and move on. But more importantly, the Rams need to re-build front office; should have started that process last month
    and should he getting it put together this month, new GM and an organization built around him.

    As soon as possible a new front office can go coach shopping. Getting a GM and HC working on some plan at least can make it easier to know what and whom to draft--April isn't all that far away!! More importantly, player personal issues can be resolved--whom to keep, whom to cut and whom to acquire free-agent wise, The idea is at least to shorten the re-build process as much as possible. With what is happening to the Kansas City Chiefs and their rebuild, the Rams ought to be taking stock in what no-too do.

    Whoever said big business with all their talant and creativity is the solution need be taken to realities wood shed. As I see it, its another example of corporate stupidity at its loathsome best. Last minute, muddled attempts at change, disorganization and poor planning I think are the Rams near future. Just like what we are seeing today with other corporations. If the 1970s wasn't a wakeup call for GM, Ford, Chrysler, then perhaps they ought to fail and shut their doors, just as the Rams don't wake up they will become a joke of the NFL

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    Re: Its too quiet...

    I am quiet as I am pissed off about the game today. Unmasking real!

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    Re: Its too quiet...

    I agree Ram Dragoon, in fact I was wondering today what our future is. Obviously we are done this year, but where is this organization taking the team next year? Will Shaw finally retire? Announce it then. Will they cut Zygmunt? Then do it! Thoughts on head coaches? Let us know! At least show that as a "professional organization" you have a plan, a desire and an ability to turn it around. Or be prepared to be hated, loathed and let down.

    This has been the worst experience as Rams fan for me in 36 years and I have never felt so disappointed by this team. There is NO excuse for where we are today besides apathy and unprofessional management.

    Shame on you Rams Incorporated, shame on you!
    "The disappointment of losing is huge!"

    Jack Youngblood

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    Re: Its too quiet...

    One thing for sure SJ will get her 1000 season, maybe ladyboy will show up next year with a better attitude, a new no BS HC, some decent draft picks and FA's and maybe a reorganized front office there may be hope yet. This is the worse season I have experienced since the Lambs came to St. Louis!!!

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