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    J. Thomas bits

    -Jim Thomas reported on 1380 that the contract offered to Pickett averages 3.2 million dollars over 5 seasons.

    -JT also stated that the Rams are seeking a 3rd CB and a 3rd OT to back up Pace and Barron still in free agency.

    -The Rams have roughly 10 million in cap space remaining. JT thinks the Rams have 5 million of that set aside for draft picks.

    Thomas mentioned on how Shaw always felt Linehan would be someone that could unite people. That’s what we’re seeing now. Moral around Rams park is high.
    -Armey IS involved in pro-personnel scouting. Being listened to (as far as free agency decisions) more so than in the past.
    - Over paid for Chavous and over-paid for Witherspoon. But that’s what happens in first week of free agency. If you want someone, you go out and get him.
    - Ziggy had called Poston about Peterson. But Poston is known for working slow. And Rams didn't want to wait.
    - Chavous an upgrade of Arch.
    - Lots of sources had Witherspoon rated as one of the top 3 free agents OVERALL. But at MLB? Thomas only found 7 starts (according to the Carolina media guide) at MLB. Still lots of concerns.
    - Between Glover and Witherspoon, don’t have big run stoppers.
    - Going to chance schemes. “Cover” MLB more to keep blockers off of him. But still need mammoth NT. Pickett did this pretty well, but not job is Kennedy’s.
    - Contract offer still there for Pickett. Pickett left Green Bay without a contract, which is rare in these days of free agency.
    - Counting Witherspoon (not counting Chavous) we were exactly 13 M under cap. Now we're about 10 M under cap. Gonna need HALF that to sign rookies. (ME: That's a little high. Thomas was wrong with that)
    - Bernie pointed out that there were no top quality middle linebackers in free agency. It’s not set in stone that Witherspoon will stay at MLB while he’s a Ram.
    - Still need another LB, which will probably come in the draft.
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    Re: J. Thomas bits

    Moral around Rams park is high.
    This is great to hear. This is what I always like about the Titans. They've always had a great team chemistry and even in poor years, they've managed high morale. Without getting into the former coaching situation, I will say it's nice to see that at Rams Park.

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    Re: J. Thomas bits

    that's where abdul hodge comes in baby!!!!!!!


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