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    Jackson/Faulk talk Madden

    From AOL'S News Switch

    Marshall Faulk

    As a former 'Madden' cover star, tell us what it was like to be chosen by EA.
    I was a gamer. I played the game, so I relished the opportunity to be on the cover. It was something that I looked at like, "Man, this the game that I played as a kid and enjoyed all through college and now I get to be a cover guy."

    Did you pay a lot of attention to your in-game stats?
    Only when they started to go down.

    Do you think the game is realistic?
    Obviously we know the ratings aren't as realistic as [they are for the real-life] players. But the graphics... I mean, now you can pause a play, freeze-frame it, turn around and look at a player's face. It's detailed from the eye black to the tape on the fingers to what kind of facemask he wears.

    Steven Jackson

    When are you going to be on the cover of 'Madden'?
    You know what? Whenever they ask me I definitely accept the honor. Until then, I'll just keep putting up big years and eventually it'll happen.

    Do you play the game a lot?
    I do. I've been a collector since 1992, so I've seen it evolve from Super Nintendo to where we're at now with the systems.

    Do you pay attention to your player ratings?
    The overall rating has me at 89, so I do keep up with it. But I think they need to bump me up a little bit more.

    A few more carries this year and maybe you'll get bumped up.
    Well, after the season we put together -- after a Pro Bowl season -- I'm expecting to be in the 90's area or we're gonna have to make a phone call.

    Do you think any of your ratings are too high? Your jumping ability is a 74.
    Oh, that's definitely got to go up.

    Tackling is 35.
    That might be a little high. I don't get paid to tackle. What's my toughness?

    That ain't tough. In the Seattle game I dragged four people into the end zone on my back.

    If you were on the cover, would you worry about the 'Madden' curse?
    I'd definitely be nervous about the curse. And the only way I can think to prevent it would be to wear a lot of pads. I'd wear shin pads. I'd wear elbow pads. I'd wear knuckle pads.

    And how do you feel about Mel Kiper's hair?
    It's Mel. It's something he could definitely trademark. It's a silhouette. I think we should work with him on some marketing. You know how Jordan has the jumpman? Mel could have the little swoosh.

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    Re: Jackson/Faulk talk Madden

    Hahaha Jackson is hilarious in this interview! I'd be willing to bet that he gets asked to be on the cover after the Rams tear it up with him leading the way this year!

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    Re: Jackson/Faulk talk Madden

    Quote Originally Posted by RamWraith View Post
    That ain't tough. In the Seattle game I dragged four people into the end zone on my back.

    If i had to give a single reason why Steven Jackson is awesome, id just quote this.

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    Re: Jackson/Faulk talk Madden

    Love Jackson's interview! Thanks for the post.

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    Re: Jackson/Faulk talk Madden

    With the most recent roster updates for 07, Jackson is a 93, I believe. Look for him to be a 96-97 next year.

    Man, Jackson is quite the character, and he certainly isn't modest.

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