I know there was one of these threads a few days ago, but it's raining and I'm bored. I took all these from the jungle.jaguars.com

"They are giving the start to the gabbs again. I'm taking St Lous 26-12"

"Jaguars 24 Rams 23
but seriously....they will absolutely cover the spread of 12. The outcome of the game will be in doubt until the final minutes."

"The only way the Jags will win this is if Sam Bradford has a very bad day. And Fisher could run the ball 60 times and still score more points than us."

"24-10, Rams. Rams are not that good though, we are just that bad"

"24-13 Rams.

Their front 7 is really good, Blaines going to be on his butt all day"

"Welp... Now that Monroe is gone, Long and Quin are going to have a field day with this Oline. We are gonna get stomped out."

I didn't just pick and choose the predictions that had the Rams winning, there were no serious predictions that had us losing.