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Thread: Jake Long and "Leadership"

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    Jake Long and "Leadership"

    Count Cincinnati Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis to be one of the first coaches to weigh in on the Miami Dolphins bullying scandal according to Michael David Smith of Lewis says the most important lesson to talk away from the debacle is the importance of the right kind of leadership in the locker room.

    Lewis noted that the bullying of Dolphins offensive lineman Jonathan Martin by teammates Richie Incognito, Mike Pouncey and John Jerry only got out of control after starting left tackle Jake Long left the Dolphins for the St. Louis Rams in free agency in 2013. “The thing I thought was interesting is Jake Long,” Lewis said. “When he was a Miami Dolphin he was in charge, and so that didn’t go on to that extent. And so I think you have to have leadership in place throughout your team that understands, our focus here is to win football games, our focus is, if that’s our starting tackle, to have him feel as good about himself as he can feel every day. Because that’s a big strong man who has to block big strong men. And so you certainly don’t want to tear him down and expect him to go battle with us on Sunday — it just doesn’t work.”

    Interestingly, the report on the scandal filed by investigator Ted Wells came to the same conclusion that the absence of Jake Long changed the culture in the locker room. We know that the Dolphins badly missed the stability of Long playing left tackle on the field but it seems that the decision not to pony up for the veteran in free agency sealed the entire fate of the team for the 2013 season.

    Interesting ..
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    Re: Jake Long and "Leadership"

    Thanks for sharing this. Things like this are often overlooked from fans on the outside, but they can be really important to a locker room. Re-signing Dunbar might be another example, because I think he really provides something that keeps us coming back to him, that maybe we're not seeing on the field.

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    Re: Jake Long and "Leadership"

    Quote Originally Posted by shower beers View Post
    Re-signing Dunbar might be another example, because I think he really provides something that keeps us coming back to him, that maybe we're not seeing on the field.
    A cheap and readily available supply of PEDs?

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    Re: Jake Long and "Leadership"

    Nice find, Maui, thanks. That bodes well for the Rams long term. We've got enough knuckle heads that you need those old warhorses that have good leadership skills. And its especially important in the O-line.
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    Re: Jake Long and "Leadership"

    lol... yeah, the old warhorses who are in their upper 20's.

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    Re: Jake Long and "Leadership"

    Marv Lewis should worry more about the perennial police blotter the Cincinnati Bengals display on their roster than comment on leadership or the lack thereof on some other team.

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