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    Arrow Jake's Power Rankings: Week Two

    1. Patriots [2-0] - The rushing defense held up this time, but the offense faltered in the red zone. It wasn’t a dominant performance, but the Pats just keep on winning. (Last Week's Rank: 1)

    2. Eagles [2-0] - They look just as good on the field as they do on paper. The offensive-defensive balance is what puts this team ahead of anyone in the NFC. (2)

    3. Colts [1-1] - The word of the week for Peyton Manning and his Colts is resilience. Down 17-10 entering the final quarter, this team scored 21 points to blow away the Titans in Nashville. Opening up with two away games against New England and Tennessee will toughen this team up. (8)

    4. Seahawks [2-0] - A win is a win for Mike Holmgrem’s team, and two wins on the road mean even more, as they’ve already matched last year’s total road victories. Youngsters Marcus Trufant and Michael Boulware earned their stripes, each coming away with an interception. (5)

    5. Titans [1-1] - Once again, I say, Chris Brown will make fans forget about Eddie Three-Yard. One thing they’ll never forget is what Indianapolis did to them in the second half. They threw away opportunities to pull away in the game and were embarrassed in the fourth quarter. (4)

    6. Vikings [1-1] - Playing in Philly isn’t an easy thing to do, as they found out Monday Night. The long ball was shut down all game and they crumbled under pressure by making costly mistakes to lose the game, but it’s early in the season. If the game was in the Metrodome, there might have been different results. (3)

    7. Jets [2-0] - I, for one, am not surprised about the quick start for the Jets. The beautifully balanced offense, led by Chad Pennington and Curtis Martin, jumped out to a 17-0 lead and held on for the victory. (9)

    8. Ravens [1-1] - Baltimore woke up, responding after last week’s whooping at the hands of Cleveland. Kyle Boller didn’t commit a turnover, and even Deion made a couple plays before his hammy started hurting again. (17)

    9. Panthers [1-1] - The D-Line stiffened up against Priest Holmes, and DeShaun Foster cemented my opinion that he is better than Stephen Davis - I don’t care if it was against the Chiefs. They have some momentum going into the bye week. (14)

    10. Packers [1-1] - It took this team until the end of the third quarter to score a touchdown against da Bears. Ahman Green spoiled another great individual performance with his fumbling. (6)

    11. Broncos [1-1] - Quentin Griffin (who I benched this week in favor of D. Foster) sputtered against the tough Jacksonville defense. He’s a good running back, but please don’t ever compare him to Barry Sanders again. (7)

    12. Jaguars [2-0] - The offense is still going through some struggles, but they’ve now won two close games to get a head start on the season. Jack Del Rio’s defense is stellar. (18)

    13. Lions [2-0] - The Lions go without Charles Rogers for another year, but Roy Williams grabbed two TDs from Billboard Harrington. Detroit will make big plays on offense, defense, and special teams, and that’s why Mariucci’s team remains unbeaten. (21)

    14. Falcons [1-1] - Michael freakin’ Vick showed why he is now the Greatest Show on Turf, shutting up his doubters for at least another week. Jim Mora Jr.’s defense also caused trouble, stuffing the run and putting up five sacks. (16)

    15. Cowboys [1-1] - After being blown up by the Vikes, the defense made Parcells proud, allowing only 200 yards and winning the game for the mistake-prone offense. Old Man Vinny and Three-Yard George will not be enough to win for this team down the stretch. (19)

    16. Redskins [1-1] - They scored first and last, but had nothing in between. The Joe Gibbs offense gave away three fumbles, four interceptions, and the game. Methinks Gibbs isn’t very happy with his players, and it might take a year or two before he can fully and successfully implement his system with the right personnel. (12)

    17. Rams [1-1] - There is no D in St. Louie. They couldn’t contain Vick, and they paid for it. Week One against Arizona must’ve been a mirage, as the offensive line looked weak and helpless. Even Orlando Pace gave up a sack - a costly one at that, as Bulger was stripped of the ball (and his pride) in the end zone. (11)

    18. Bears [1-1] - My boy Thomas Jones is rolling, gathering up 218 rushing yards and three touchdowns in two games. Lovie Smith has the Packers’ number again, which will keep their divisional hopes alive. (29)

    19. Bengals [1-1] - Carson Palmer couldn’t lead the team on a touchdown drive all night, but he pushed the team down the field just enough at the end of the game to set up the game-winning field goal. Marvin Lewis is not having second thoughts about the quarterback situation. (20)

    20. Chiefs [0-2] - Beyond Priest Holmes, what does this team really have? Eric Hicks and the defense need to step it up and answer the questions on the field. (10)

    21. Saints [1-1] - New Orleans came away with a victory, but without their star running back. Aaron Brooks finally showed some clutch by hooking up with Donte Stallworth with a minute left to win the game. (22)

    22. Steelers [1-1] - Ben Roethlisberger saw his window of opportunity open up early in the season, but late in the game, with his team down 20-0. Tommy Maddox hands over the reins and limps off into the sunset. (13)

    23. Raiders [1-1] - Jerry Rice didn’t have a catch, but Norv Turner’s team pulled out of an ugly game with a win. Something worth noting - Rich Gannon led the team in rushing. (24)

    24. Giants [1-1] - Kurt Warner played well, and the defense had seven takeaways. It’d be hard not to win given those circumstances. Tom Coughlin has a warm, fuzzy feeling in his tummy for now, but I doubt it’ll last long. (31)

    25. Chargers [1-1] - So much for the future of Drew Brees in San Diego. Despite sustaining a concussion in the third quarter, he nearly had his team back in the game before being booted late in the fourth in favor of Flutie Flakes, who finished off the loss with a six-yard TD run. (28)

    26. Buccaneers [0-2] - The oldest team in the league just can’t find a spark, and remain oh-fer in the win category. Chuckie’s been looking to replace Brad Johnson, and Chris Simms might just be his man. (23)

    27. Texans [0-2] - Preseason hopefuls had them in the playoffs, but they now open up 0-2 for the first time (against the Chargers and Lions, nonetheless) in their three-year franchise history. Domanick Davis has lost two fumbles in each game. (27)

    28. Bills [0-2] - I’ll let Drew Bledsoe explain this one: "I didn't throw it well enough, we didn't block well enough, we didn't run well enough, we didn't catch the ball well enough.” Mike Mularkey still cannot find a rhythm for Buffalo. (26)

    29. Browns [1-1] - Jeff Garcia surprised the Ravens last week, but his numbers against the Cowboys were just plain ugly. I won’t even mention them here - go look them up and have a good laugh. Hint: his QB rating was the same as mine. (15)

    30. Cardinals [0-2] - It’s hard to ask Arizona fans to be patient for just a little longer, but one more throw-away season can’t hurt. Dennis Green will keep this team competitive, but it’ll be at least another year before this team can push for the playoffs. (25)

    31. Niners [0-2] - Ken Dorsey struggled early but was 12 of 19 in the second half. That isn’t a good thing for Tim Rattay, and it could create even more turmoil for the winless Whiners. (32)

    32. Dolphins [0-2] - Is there any hope for the Dolphins? Short answer: No. (30)

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    Re: Jake's Power Rankings: Week Two

    Once again, great job, Jake!

    I have to admit, you're making a believer out of me with the Jets.

    I would put the Rams ahead of Washington and Dallas, though.

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    Re: Jake's Power Rankings: Week Two

    Good job Jake....I'm not quite sold on the Jets yet though but I do have one eye open....

    The Colts look like the real deal to me. They should have had the Patsies in NE and took the Titans to the woodshed in the 4th qtr at Tennessee. They haven't played a home game yet.

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