Try as they might to lose the recent game against the jags, they came away with a victory.

Field position, an improved Rams defensive effort and an inept jags offense saved Martin's three pick performance from becoming a Rams loss.

In my opinion, the coaches made two bad play calls.

One on offense that took potential points away from the Rams. Throwing for the endzone while in FG range, rather than running the ball on 2nd & 7.

One on defense that helped to change momentum and give the jags the lead. Dialing up and stacking the blitz to the right side of the jags offense, while leaving the middle wide open to a huge draw play.

Despite the critical errors by Martin and the coaches, the Rams were able to persevere and come away with a win to keep their playoff hopes alive.

The game in two weeks at seattle is shaping up to be a must win in order to keep the playoff hopes viable.