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Thread: Jason Smith Debate

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    Jason Smith Debate

    " The Rams anticipate RT Jason Smith (concussions) being fully medically cleared for Organized Team Activities.
    "Jason will be cleared and ready to go," said Fisher. "My understanding now is he doesn’t have any issues." Smith has surprisingly stayed on St. Louis' roster to this point, which either indicates they're holding out hope of trading him before the draft or are serious about giving Smith another shot. It's not like the Rams are flush with talent on the offensive line.

    Interesting to say the least. At least he's healthy. I still want a re-structure. I can't even believe that we haven't yet. If hes insulted, then cut him. There isn't a RT in the history of the NFL that's worth $10 million, let alone someone who has played 29 games in 3 years, and when he has played he's been below average.

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    Re: Jason Smith Debate

    That and he failed at LT, the position we drafted him at.

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    Re: Jason Smith Debate

    When Smith was selected #2 overall back in 2009, no one was questioning his physical attributes or demeanor on the field. He was the top rated OT in the entire draft on many boards by draft day. Exactly why he never lived up to expectations, is still unclear other than the injuries he sustained which were certainly a factor. Was it lack of good coaching? Moving to right tackle as a pro? Complacency after getting the big bucks? . All of the above? It would be interesting to know Fisher's and Shotty's real take on Jason.

    Regarding restructuring his contract, I doubt very seriously if Smith will put up much resistance to a redo of his contract considering the return the Rams have gotten on their original investment. How much interest is he going to draw as a free agent (if he were to be cut/released) given his overall performance to date - let alone his history of concussions? Not much I'd surmise. My guess is Snead & Fish have already broached the subject to Jason and his agent, and Smith would have already been axed if he'd refused out of hand ..

    7/30/2009: Jason Smith signed a six-year, $61.775 million contract. The deal contains $33 million guaranteed, including a second-year option bonus of $16.3 million and all of Smith's first three base salaries. 2011: $8.5 million, 2012: $10 million, 2013: $12 million, 2014: $3.325 million (Voidable Year), 2015: Free Agent.

    Since 33 million is guaranteed, if the Rams cut him, are they on the hook for the rest of his guaranteed money? I don't know the answer to that one and welcome input from other Clannies up to speed on such things.
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    Re: Jason Smith Debate

    Quote Originally Posted by sosa39rams View Post
    There isn't a RT in the history of the NFL that's worth $10 million,

    Luv ya and all Sosa, but I'd give Slater 10m in a heartbeat ...

    just sayin'
    If a team won their division seven straight times, that would be a NFL record. Now add on that team did it with seven different QB's in seven straight years,that record is unbeatable. To do that feat, you must of had a great Defense. Jack Youngblood was the captain of that defense.

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    Re: Jason Smith Debate

    When you listen to our GM it seems will will have Smith in camp and see what we can do with him...

    "We're looking forward to putting him in the program and developing him," Snead said.
    In free agency we past on Eric Winston he would have been an upgrade and would not have broken the bank.

    Not sure what the plan is... draft a LT and cut Smith as Maui points out that would be costly. Restructure his deal to make it more in line with a RT and then coach him up? Restructure his deal and draft a LT and then move Smith inside?

    Only time will tell.

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    Re: Jason Smith Debate

    Restructure or take a hike I say....

    I put him in the bust category personally.

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    Re: Jason Smith Debate

    There is no point in restructuring him until we decide whether we want to keep him. Maybe if we intend to cut him we want to take the cap pain now rather than have it spread out, which would potentially be a result of restructuring him. If we bring him back, it will likely be with a restructured contract.

    To me, the smith debate is part of the overall concept that the Rams are not going to be fixed in one off season. Restructuring contracts to extend liability on potentially toxic assets is not helpful to us. Why restructure now to open some cap room for this year and stick us with liability for next year?

    Keep in mind that restructuring does not get the rams off the hook for any portion of the guaranteed money, all it does is spread out the liability over a longer period of time. Why in the world would any player take less guaranteed money? For that matter, find me a person in any job that agrees to a cut in guaranteed money if that person has any choice in the matter.

    In my view, fisher wants to see for himself what he has in smith. Film is one thing. On the field is another. If Smith is healthy, maybe fisher wants to give him a shot in the spring and in OTA's and gauge his attitude and skills and potentially his suitability to play guard. Maybe he wants to see what happens in the draft. The Rams have a plan, they are not stupid.

    Like everything else, patience is needed in fixing the Rams. I know that's hard when its been such a long downhill slide. But we should all try to remember that one year ago things were looking up. We still have some quality guys on the roster starting with bradford.However, we are not heading for the super bowl this season. Kroenke paid a ton of money for fisher. We have to give him a chance to do his thing and make decisions. Fisher is well aware that Smith is not worth the amount he is owed under his current deal. If we have not restructured him or cut him yet, there is a good reason for it.

    ramming speed to all

    general counsel
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