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Thread: Jeff Fisher - I'm eating my crow!

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    Jeff Fisher - I'm eating my crow!

    Wow, just 17 days ago I was highly critical towards Jeff Fisher and his ability to get this young team back on track. At that time he said he was going to fix it by changing philosophy to a run first offense. I was doubtful he had the right personnel in place to get this accomplished. After all, they had invested numerous draft picks and a big FA pick-up towards a quick tempo, spread formation passing attack.

    I guess he had a back-up plan and the fortitude to implement that plan. Using all those TEs in a power running attack has worked wonders over the last two weeks. He still has work to do, especially on run defense, but after today, my confidence in Jeff Fisher is back. Serving up my sweet tasting crow!!

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    Re: Jeff Fisher - I'm eating my crow!

    I agree; I was skeptical when Fisher said they needed to refocus the philosophy towards the running game because that's what the team is better suited for now. The personnel decisions suggested the opposite to me, but they've found a line-up and a formula to successfully run a more balanced approach and it's paid dividends through two weeks.
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    Re: Jeff Fisher - I'm eating my crow!

    The run definitely opened up the pass today!

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    Re: Jeff Fisher - I'm eating my crow!

    Nice post Curly.

    While not great, the running game was a very solid improvement today.

    I'm very eager to see Z-max increase his / the Rams, running yards production. Go OL!

    - -
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    Re: Jeff Fisher - I'm eating my crow!

    I'll take the next plate of crow. I too have been highly critical of Fisher the last few weeks and didn't know what the hell he was doing, but the game plan today was great and this team is finding it's identity. Gotta say I like the mix.

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    Re: Jeff Fisher - I'm eating my crow!

    Stacy is getting the job done. Watched the game a bit today and seeing him squirt through the line versus watching DR get drowned in it is refreshing. Stacy is shifty and he's just all shoulder pads, elbows and knees.

    I didn't see any mistakes in the pass pro either.
    Semper Fi!

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    Re: Jeff Fisher - I'm eating my crow!

    Have to say, in retrospect, it probably was right plan to start with rebuilding the running game. Kind of like when you're defense is playing bad, you go back to blocking and tackling. When your offense is playing bad, you go back to running the ball, and it did open up the pass.

    I'm back on board with Fisher, but our offensive coordinator is not out of the woods just yet. In the end, they figured it out and called a pretty darn good game, so we'll look forward to watch how this offensive play-calling continues to progress.

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    Re: Jeff Fisher - I'm eating my crow! not ready yet to say pass the ketchup to help the feathers go down. Lets see how things fair the next 2 weeks. Rams have yet to beat anyone with a winning record. Its the game against the Seagulls I am most closely going to watch. If the Rams get in Cam Newton's grill consistently and often, am counting on a victory

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    Re: Jeff Fisher - I'm eating my crow!

    I'll get in line for my crow, but Zac Stacy is serving it to me.

    I agreed with Fish when he said we needed to get the ground game going. I just didn't think we had the talent at RB to do it. Richardson is dancing too much behind the line and can't hit the hole. Pead is... well... Pead. I figured if Stacy couldn't beat those guys on the depth chart he must be REALLY bad. Glad to see he proved me wrong over the last couple of weeks.

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    Re: Jeff Fisher - I'm eating my crow!

    I gave the opinion on an earlier thread that I felt Jeff Fisher wasn't entirely comfortable with what he had on offense because for years he ran the ball with a bruising back (Eddie George) which allowed Steve McNair to do his thing. Up until the past two weeks, the Rams have had no running attack whatsoever. It is not an accident that with success in the running game has come two victories.

    To me, the jury is very much out on Zac Stacy. I like what I've seen the past two weeks, but I ask the same question I also ask about the Rams as a whole: Can it be sustained?

    I still believe that although the NFL is now very much a passing league, you still need to be able to run the football. That doesn't necessarily mean you need a 1000 yard back, but it does mean you need serviceable guys back there who can get the tough yards when they're needed, set up the passing game and keep the clock moving in the 4th quarter when you have a lead.

    I'm a huge believer in Fisher, but I don't think criticism of him thus far has been unfair or undeserved. The Rams need to continue proving themselves. Winning solves a lot of problems.

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    Re: Jeff Fisher - I'm eating my crow!

    No crow for me...I have had Fishers back all the way. He knows what he's doing and it's time to start believing that fellas!!!!
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