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    Jenkins Move Unlikely...However...

    Jenkins unlikely to move
    <Apr. 24> The Rams are indeed interested in acquiring Jenkins, but nothing is imminent, according to John Clayton. The Panthers would like to get a first-round choice for the defensive tackle, but that is unlikely to happen. As the draft gets closer, it will be interesting to see if the Rams offer a second-rounder. If they do, the Panthers might have to pull the trigger on a trade.
    Kansas City and Denver are also interested in Jenkins.

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    Re: Jenkins Move Unlikely...However...

    Fox: Odds are Jenkins returns

    During Tuesday's pre-draft press conference, Panthers coach John Fox was asked if he expects DT Kris Jenkins to be on the team this time next week.

    After mentioning the fact that Jenkins was under contract, Fox said: "Odds are, yes."

    Fox and GM Marty Hurney both emphasized that there had been communication with Jenkins via his agent, and that they did't think the recent rash of trade speculation would be a hindrance to his potential return.

    That said, St. Louis and others remain interested in bringing him in

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    Re: Jenkins Move Unlikely...However...

    Its probably all posturing as the draft approaches. We most likely won't see any movement until draft day.

    "Panthers coach John Fox said at Tuesday's pre-draft press conference that "odds are" DT Kris Jenkins will return to the team this season.

    The Panthers may simply be playing hardball and do have leverage with plenty of interior-line depth. Jenkins' salaries also aren't that expensive. But with so many needs, it'd be a surprise if Carolina is offered a second- or early third-round pick and doesn't pull the trigger on draft day."

    Source: Rock Hill Herald

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    Re: Jenkins Move Unlikely...However...

    I guess we will have to wait until Sat. If Branch is on the board, we keep our 2nd. The best we offer is a 3rd and a player to be name... IMO

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    Re: Jenkins Move Unlikely...However...

    Funny how popular Kris Jenkins has become here without even being a Ram.

    I hope and even believe he will soon be a part of the Rams. I agree that Fox and the Panthers are bluffing and that, as TX had mentioned before, KJ is (or is about to be) a cap casualty in Carolina. That makes the most sense to me.

    As long as Kansas and Denver don't all of a sudden offer a 1st round choice we should be the next team to acquire this intriguing man / DT.

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    Re: Jenkins Move Unlikely...However...

    Lets go get Okoye and leave the other teams to get into a bidding war over Jenkins.

    Denver will not hesitate to make a bold offer in the end.

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    Re: Jenkins Move Unlikely...However...

    I doubt Okoye will be there...

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    Re: Jenkins Move Unlikely...However...

    I don't see why the Rams would ever consider giving up their first rounder for Jenkins...doesn't that guy have alot of mileage on him,in terms of Defensive tackles? Also, isn't his "desire to play" (i.e.staying at/under playing weight/shape) a big question mark? With that being said, if they do decide to take a chance on him, I hope the most they give up is a 2nd rounder.

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    Re: Jenkins Move Unlikely...However...

    A 2nd rounder is good value for Jenkins, but we can't keep waiting because if the deal is not getting done then the Rams need to look longer and harder to insuring that they get Okoye or Branch.

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    Re: Jenkins Move Unlikely...However...

    As a Panther fan, I would say that a 2nd rounder is propably all that the Panthers will get for Jenkins. I personally like the guy and would like to keep him. However, I do understand the economics of the game. The Panthers have needs at S, LB, TE and possibly upgrade on OL. That being said, they have alot of depth at DT with Kemo, Lewis, Carstens, Morehead. Jenkins is still a force in the middle, but we need first day picks to strengthen other areas. In addition, we have Smitty, Peppers and Gross up for new contracts. The Cap Space has to come somewhere.

    Thus, the possible trade has more to do with economics than performance/work ethic.

    I think a trade gets done, but I would expect it late Friday or on Saturday.

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    keith m. klink Guest

    Re: Jenkins Move Unlikely...However...

    well the jenkins move only makes sense now , if the rams trade out of the forst round totally . a 5th and 7th are gone , a 1st -2nd -or even 3rd + for jenkins , and there goes the draft . denver has been rumered to want to give detroit this years 1-2-3 AND NEXT YEARS 1 , to grab calvin johnson . that would take them out of the jenkins running . K.C. will end up trading TRENT GREEN for a pick or two soon , and they just got one from the hall trade . i think that jenkins will be wearing K.C. red this year . in order for the rams to have any kind of draft , they have to trade down a few times , to recoup all these picks they are to be trading . like i said on another thread , i wouldn't mind them trading down in the later part of the round to recoup picks and target HARRELL , or even TYLER for that matter , and grab some DE'S in the second like JOHNSON ABIAMIRI OR CROWDER ,. but i think the rams might be targeting my guy, HARRELL at the end of the round .


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