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Thread: Jersey numbers?

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    big_country78 Guest

    Jersey numbers?

    i hope this is the proper place to post this thread, please bear with me in th beginning while i figure it all out.

    My dad's birthday is comming up, and i want to get him a new rams jersey. he like to have odd jerseys (not the run of the mill holt, bruce, bulger, jackson, pace, jerseys that you can get anywhere). i want to get him a Carriker Jersey, i will have to go to a make your own jersey site. i was just wondering what his number is. in college it was #90, and in all mincamp photos he is wearing #90. would you say its pretty safe to say that #90 is going to be the number?

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    Re: Jersey numbers?

    If no one else on the team is using it, (which I don't think anyone is) then I think it's safe to say he will stick with his college number.

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    Re: Jersey numbers?

    Barring a surprise trade for Julius Peppers, I'd say a #90 Carriker jersey is a safe bet.

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    big_country78 Guest

    Re: Jersey numbers?

    thanks. i just hate to but one in july and then preseason rolls around 8 weeks later and then my dad has the wrong number all year.

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    PHAT-MONEY Guest

    Re: Jersey numbers?

    peppers and little. hmmm qb's worst nightmare. but 90 will be carrikers number barring him changing it. or a vet paying him to get the number.

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    RedArcher7 Guest

    Re: Jersey numbers?

    He's not signed yet, one of the later picks at tackle could still take it. Don't start on Peppers, we've had enough trouble getting rid of trade talks for Panthers linemen.

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    Re: Jersey numbers?

    Quote Originally Posted by big_country78 View Post
    thanks. i just hate to but one in july and then preseason rolls around 8 weeks later and then my dad has the wrong number all year.

    Team roster as of 6/29/07

    Carriker #90

    I don't see that changing.

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    Re: Jersey numbers?

    From what I've seen that is what they are selling as of now as well.

    They don't have them up on yet, so you'd have to get a customized one if you went there. I think both of the jerseys on those 2 sites are the normal $74.99.

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