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    Jim Haslett

    Adam Shefter is reporting that Haslett has clause in his present contract that guarantees him the Headcoaching job for 2009 if the RAMS win 6 games this season.

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    Re: Jim Haslett

    I just heard that also, if he can win that many games with this team then I think he deserves it. Especially with the teams that we are going to be playing like the cowboys, patriots, etc.

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    Re: Jim Haslett

    I can't argue with that logic. If he can do that for this team, it's a major plus. After next year's draft and free agency we could be an even better competetor.

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    Re: Jim Haslett

    First off, I don't know how the rams got screwed into giving him that kind of deal. It's not like he is coaching gold, and had any leverage to make the front office give him a deal like that. If he performs well I wouldn't mind him having a shot. I am always a fan of second time head coach's because most of them have learned alot from their first time around and know what needs to be done the same and what should be done different. Also, Tom Coughlin, Tony Dungy, Bill Belichick, Jon Gruden and Dick Vermil were all second time head coaches. They also have the rings from every superbowl since 1999, except Bill Cowher's and Brian Billick's championship teams.

    Secondly, winning 6 games this season, doesn't sound like coaching excellence, but with an 0-4 team with 12 games remaining that means he would have to finish with a .500 record. With the rams schedule that dosen't seem likely. But more power to him if I get to see the rams win six this year.

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    Re: Jim Haslett

    seeing as linehan got a another chance after winning 3 out of 16 aswell as being able to hand pick his coaching staff ,the draft,F.A etc....cant argue with 6 out of 12,with none of the other luxuries linny had to succeed!

    Good luck Coach Haslett

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