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    Jim Thomas Chat

    Jay: Jim, you do great work. Keep it up and I hope the season does not prove to be too painful in that regard. Two questions: First, how did Chris Long look Sunday? In college, he had a less than stellar frshman year (he got mono, but was not a world-beater before that), but he had such a great work ethic, he eventually made himself great. I think the same will happen in the NFL, but wonder how steep the curve looks. Second, does the Linehan death watch weigh down the coach in your opinion? I know it must weigh down anyone who is human, but is it noticeable? Thanks very much!
    Jim Thomas: Not that he looked great, but I thought Long looked much better than he did in the preseason. It made me wonder what kind of day he might have had if Little was on the field all day on the other side.
    As for the Linehan "death watch" weighing on the head coach _ we're about to find out.
    RamTastic: Jim,

    Good Afternoon! I am the Army man that came to camp a couple of times with my family up in Mequon. It was great getting to meet you and see the Rams up close and personal. By the way, how is your son doing up at the Point?

    This loss for some strane reason did not have the normal sting of previous games. I watched the entire game and was unable to comprehend what I saw on both sides of the ball. Did Bulger throw a single pass past the 1st down marker on any 3rd downs? I only saw a couple of passes where someone caught the ball while in motion. I saw a lot of three yard button hooks and other conservative plays. Did Saunders call the plays? They looked eerily like Linehan plays. I saw what were some weak tricky plays that failed behind the LOS. There was no flow or momentum at all. What will it take to fix this offensive offense? And by the way, no thanks to those calling for Marty Shottenheimer. We need an attacking team willing to take risks on offense, not more conservative safe schemes. Thanks for the time to vent! I still have faith that they will get things fixed. I have no choice, that's what us loyal fans do.
    Jim Thomas: Great to hear from you. Cadet Thomas is doing well.
    Saunders is calling the plays. Nothing seemed to work on offense.
    LoudPressboxGuy: To break up the monotony of all these questions, I was curious since you were in Nashville for a few days...If you were looking for a cool night spot to go hang out with the trendy crowd, where would you go?
    Jim Thomas: Boy this is an off-the-wall one. But without hesitation, the place I would recommend is the Club Indigo.
    RepubloCrat: Mr. Thomas,

    Is there anything more depressing than the Rams in St. Louis sports? Ok, we know the answer, how's this... In light of the "contract" whereby the Rams are entitled to a stadium in the upper echelon 25% of the league, how about an amendment whereby the Rams must compete at the upper 25% echelon of the league? Is there anything in the contract that breaches it if they are subpar?
    Jim Thomas: There should be, eh?
    Derrick: will the rams even score a touchdown this season?
    Jim Thomas: I believe it will happen.
    Rick: Jim,
    I’m a diehard Rams fan living in Philly. Unfortunately, I was in attendance this Sunday. It was so bad that the usual abusive Philly fans actually felt sorry for anyone in the stands rooting for the Rams. Anyway, my question. Which I have so many but, I will start with where it began to go downhill. The coin toss. Why did Linehan defer the coin toss? I wasn’t able to find/hear an explanation anywhere..
    Jim Thomas: Not a very good explanation. He wanted to quiet the crowd and take the momentum away from Philly (by stopping their offense). And there was a little bit of wind he wanted to have at his kicker and QBs back in the fourth quarter.
    My immediate thought is: wouldn't a 75-yard TD drive by the Rams offense also quieted the crowd?
    bfulton: Got any good news? Please?
    Jim Thomas: The sun is shining.
    Rambunctious: Hi Jim!

    Any word on how long Little will be sidelined? How serious is the hammy tweak? Thanks!
    Jim Thomas: It's more than a tweak. There's no way he plays this week. It could be a two to three week deal.
    ATL Ramfan: My brother and I are making our annual pilgrimage to St Lou for a Rams game. It's fun to see a game among "our people" once a year. Thing is, we hate to go and see them get trounced. Two questions:
    1. Are the Rams really that bad, or are the Eagles that good?
    2. To salvage what could be a disappointing Sunday, we're planning on a great steak dinner on Sat night. Any suggestions? We're staying downtown.
    Go RAMS!
    Jim Thomas: 1.) A little of both.

    2.) Shannon's, Tony's (reservations recommended, better chance of walking in at Shannon's.
    ktenstall: I have a couple comments.
    1st- I believe that this teams play is a direct reflection of the head coaches demeanor. Very monotone.

    2nd- I don't see or believe that there is any accountability on this team.
    For example Bulgers play has been sub-par as well as Tye Hill's. If they can't get it together put someone in that shows more desire and heart.

    Your thoughts?

    Jim Thomas: 1.) Agreed. Although just because you're low key doesn't mean you can't lead. (See Lovie Smith and Tony Dungy)

    2.) Too early to pull the plug on Bulger. I don't think it's a matter of desire and heart.
    Whitey: Jim, Any idea on what is going to happen on opening day to honor Georgia? After the Faulk fiasco last year, I hope they thought long and hard about this one!
    Jim Thomas: I'm working on that. We'll have something on it in the paper this week.
    ramuncle: Jim, I don't envy you today... gotta be more questions than answers, if there are any answers. One game doesn't make a season but when that game mirrors an entire previous season you have to wonder. Maybe we sit the starters against NYG and see what the "subs" can do... then goad the starters with "if you can do better, then get in there and do it". They showed up in Philly to collect their checks, not play ball. Thanks.
    p.s. If the coaches are afraid to kick some butt for fear of offending players, maybe they should be reminded that ultimately the fans pay their way...but not for long.
    Jim Thomas: Hey, I don't blame the fans at all for venting. After all the building, the draft, free agency, the staff changes, OTAs, minicamp, training camp, preseason games _ and we got this? 38-3? And the way it happened. With sloppy play. False starts. Blown coverage. I think the fans deserve better. Much better. Something's got to change.
    Hockey_Jedi: JT, I believe one of the best things Dick Vermiel did was creating toughness in players through great preparation and constant competition for positions. It has been noted that the players hated Vermiel's practices. He was always bringing in players during the season to see if they could outperform what he already had. With that in mind, I believe Martz and Linehan (especially) lost this characteristic. I was hoping Linehan would have learned from his mistakes the first two camps, but it seems like more of the same. I think he should have made his starters play at least half of every preseason game to get their rhythm down. I know it isn't conventional thinking among NFL coaches, but I believe that drastic times called for drastic measures. I think Linehan should toughen them up with full pad live contact practices during the season. Are the players any less vulnerable to getting injured in camp as they are now being unprepared? Your thoughts?
    Jim Thomas: Martz finished 20 games over .500 as a head coach in St. Louis.
    I don't think toughness has anything to do with full pad live practices. All you'll do is get more players injured. But I do agree, the mindset has to change.
    Charlie Connors: Jim,

    Obviously, when a team goes bad the HC and QB are put front and center...I get that.

    However, after watching that game on Sunday I can't see how Peyton Manning or Johnny Unitas could perform in that offense. The receivers are below average, the line allows the qb to take a beating, and they consistently put themselves in holes through false start penalties. Did Bulger miss open receivers all day? Seriously, it didn't look like any QB could be successful last Sunday for the Rams.

    Jim Thomas: Bulger will be the first to tell you that he didn't play well. But there wasn't much separation by receivers. And more often than not, Bulger didn't have much time.
    Whitey: Jim,
    I'm flying in for my annual Rams game from NJ this weekend. I say Rams 24-23 (Brown with a game winning FG). Who's final decision was it to get Bennett (Linehan/Zygmunt/Shaw)? This organization looks more stupid by the minute - I see Linehan not making it past the Thanksgiving. Give me a reason why a Cowher, Schottenheimer, or any other genius would want to come to this organization. I believe if Scotty is fired, we will get another low level guy because of the ownership/relocation issues that could come to play. Here's to a home opener victory!!
    Jim Thomas: Rams 24-23, huh? You are an optimist. I don't know who was responsible for Bennett. I know Linehan wanted a bigger receiver. And I know once it became apparent Curtis was leaving, that Bennett was the best alternative _ on paper _ out there.
    I think Schottenheimer would come here. I think Cowher's a different matter. He can afford to be very choosy.
    jlaue: comment, no need for a question: nice to see holt and jackson yucking it up after the game. they just got their butts handed to them and they're out there just smiling and having a good ole time. long was the only guy who looked like he gave it his all on every play. jackson played hard, but his demeanor after the game changed my view.
    Jim Thomas: I don't get too carried away by what happens after a game when players meet at midfield. Maybe they shouldn't kneel down in prayer with the other team either. Just because Holt and Jackson smiled do you really think that's an indication that they don't care? Or that they were happy about the loss?
    normrams: It looks like the personnel department blew it again. Sean Jackson and Eddie Royal shining brilliantly in their debut and we passed on them for Donnie Avery...injured twice he going to be injury prone while the others we could have had shine weekly receiving and returning just had the feeling that anytime now Jackson was going to return one for a score and stick it to the Rams. What are your thoughts?
    Jim Thomas: Obviously, one week is WAY too early to pass judgment. But I would have taken Jackson. (It's DeSean by the way; not Sean.) This isn't just a knee-jerk reaction. I felt that way weeks before the draft. I know he's small; I know some think he has some turd tendencies. But he has dynamic play-making potential. Those guys don't grow on trees.
    steve.leipziger: What do you have to say for your secondary? Goodluck the rest of way.
    Jim Thomas: Brutal. Absolutely brutal.
    James Arnold: Jim:

    It appears that indeed the Rams are done for this season. Can you assess the draft selection choices out there? If the Rams have the number 1, do we draft Tim Tebow?! who else is out there? Secondly, when do you anticipate Linehan being fired this season?
    Jim Thomas: I don't even begin to think about the draft until December.
    Ben Spann: Jim,
    What happened in Philly on Sunday was really ugly. The games during the preseason weren't that great either. The one game that we looked like we had life and wanted to compete and brought energy was the third game against the Ravens. In that game we had the Rookies Burton and Avery in the game and they were the main reason for the excitement. I believe we need to go with Holt, Burton, Avery (slot) & Looker at receivers to bring that excitement. This group eerily resembles another exciting group back in 99 Bruce, Holt, Hakim (slot) & Prohel. Would you agree that they would bring some excitement to the offense?
    Jim Thomas: The Rams desperately need fresh legs to put pressure on secondaries. Avery might not be ready to go this week because of his knee, but I say get Burton going. Get Avery going, and work in Looker.
    jeff h: JT:
    I have to say as a lifeling rams fan, this week does not look good for the rams. With Brandon Jacobs and the G-men coming to town, I think the rams are going to get steamrolled, bad. Do you think that we will see some heads roll if it is another blowout?
    Jim Thomas: Listen, I don't think many of us expected the Rams to win in Philly; I don't think many of us expect them to beat the Giants. As I said last week about the Eagles game; possible? yes. probable? no.
    But there are ways to lose. Go down fighting like the Chiefs apparently did to New England, 17-10. Or 38-3, and getting dominated on offense, defense, and special teams. As I mentioned, it's not Shaw's M.O. to make changes in the middle of the season. But another listless performance, and I think you have to wonder.
    rams26: Hello Jim.

    Thank you for these chats. I'm just as angry as everyone else on this board for what happened on Sunday. I have a question. You have been around this team since training camp in terms of this season. Bernie hinted in his article yesterday that they players may have quit on Linehan. Do you believe that considering your time around the team? I don't think so. Let me tell you why. Torry as well as others have claimed to be excited about the upcoming season. Why would Torry for example say he is excited about the season if he has quit? That doesn't make any sense. I put Sunday's loss on the defense and giving up those big plays. If that doesn't happen, it changes the game. Saunders is a good coach that will get the offense going in the right direction. Remember 1999? We would jump all over everyone we played. Opposing teams would have to play catch up from the start. That is the reason our defense was so good that year. All is not lost; this is the NFL where stranger things have happened.

    What are your thoughts??

    As always...............GO RAMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thank you!
    Jim Thomas: I too was extremely disappointed in the defense. I don't think anybody has quite. I certainly don't think that's the case with Holt. What I do wonder is if anybody is inspired. There's a difference between effort and intensity. I see effort; I don't necessarily see passion and intensity.
    Rampage88: Hey Jim! This team has so many holes that I almost don't even know where to begin anymore. I guess I will just ask about a couple of players who I think rank highest on the list of underachievers. First, obviously, would be Alex Barron. I think you have to bench this guy. How many years will we have to watch his false start penalties? I doubt any other coach in the league would put up with that. Goldberg would be just as good, if not better. After that I would have to say Tye Hill. Is he a bust or what? Time after time he gets burned in coverage. I mean, it wasn’t like he was covering T.O. either. So many wasted draft picks.. We really need Carriker to step up his game. Maybe the Rams can turn it around like the Giants did a year ago, but I wouldn’t bet on it. This team looks even WORSE than last year.. didn’t think that was possible.
    Jim Thomas: In the case of Hill and Barron, this is his third year. By now, you don't worry about whether a guy is a first round pick or a street free agent. It's whether they can get the job done. While I don't think you give up on Hill, you do have an alternative in Ricky Manning Jr. Why not give him a shot for a week and see how it turns out?
    As for Barron, I'll get a better feel for how he played when I look at the game tape. But my early read is that the right side of the line had more trouble than the left against Philly.
    EmbarassedRamFan: With the horrible showing on Sunday and the prospects of it not getting any better, do you think it is possible to sustain respect for the fanchise?
    Jim Thomas: The Rams didn't do much on Sunday to earn any respect, did they?
    Stacey P. Ward: I do not dislike coach Scott Linehan but it is clear that he is not the man to lead the Rams. His demeanor is low key and he seems to have no ability to motivate or inspire the players under his watch. I believe Scott Linehan is one of those nice men who does well as a coordinator under other head coaches but is not suited to be a head coach himself. This is not a slur again Scott Linehan. I hope he enjoys a lone and successful carereer in the NFl, he just doesn't have the kind of temperment, personality nor fire to motivate at the head coach position.

    Thank you,

    Stacey P. Ward
    Jim Thomas: Very well put Stacey. Maybe things will change this week or over the course of the year. But as we sit here right now, it's hard to argue with anything that you've written here.
    cardsnumber7: Hi Jim,
    With this line it needs to be a 3 step drop and fire?
    I saw some of this in the Ravens Rams preseason game and it worked pretty good IMO.

    What do you think?

    Todd W.
    Jim Thomas: Couldn't agree more. And when the secondary start cheating up on the short stuff, work in a couple pump-and-gos, or double moves.
    ROCKLINRAMFAN: RocklinRamFan:
    Jim, First off I hope your son is doing well and thank him for us for his service. I know it must be hard for you to be the go between for the fans and the team, so Thank You for this form. My main question; who's calling these plays? The Eagles put 8 men in the box every play, yet the Rams called no screens, slants or quick outs. It seemed every time Bulger dropped back for a pass it was a 5 step drop, no wonder the guy was and is scared. It's a well known fact the front office made a mistake keeping Scott as a head coach, how long do you see the team living with this mistake playing like this? Thanks.
    Jim Thomas: The one screen that I can remember being called was dropped by Jackson. I too would've liked to have seen more emphasis on the quick passing game. Saunders is calling the plays.
    Bill Fleming: Hi Jim,
    The coaching staff gets “most” of the blame for this mess, but not all of it.

    Why does Haslett continue to use the blitz so much? Granted we do NOT have strong enough defenders but how much better would it be to just play vanilla defense? At least we would not get beat by the big plays and maybe forcing enough offensive plays would give us an occasional fumble or defensive stop.

    Early in the second half the games was out of reach for an offensively challenged RAMS team. Why not use the last quarter and a half to work the running game. Develop some consistency with the O line. Make Jackson get his preseason reps. Help Bulger settle down and not take such a beating. Build some consistency and maybe a little confidence.

    Continuing to throw against a swarming Eagles defense was foolhardy and reckless. Blame Saunders for calling it and Linehan for
    letting it continue.

    I could not believe the smiling RAMS after the game was over. The Eagles kicked their butts. Where is the PRIDE?

    The scouting and drafting department……We are still paying for their mistakes!

    Thanks for letting us vent Jim.
    Jim Thomas: Saunders did indicate both publicly and privately that he should have stuck with the run more.
    Mark: Hi Jim,

    Who do you blame for the past Rams Drafting? Is it the owner, front office, pro personnel, coaching staff or is it someone else? It is showing in the personnel they have on the field.
    Jim Thomas: I think it's all of the above.
    McSnipes: If you had to guess, do you think the Rams will respond next week against the Giants and play better, or will this just be another lousy season?

    And if it's the latter, how many games will the Rams go until Linehan gets fired, in your opinion?
    Jim Thomas: I'm not saying I expect the Rams to win, but I think they will play better against the Giants.
    As for Linehan, it would be very out of character for Shaw to pull the plug before the end of the season.
    ram4life: If the Rams come out this sunday and upset the Giants in good fashion. I mean beat them by 10 points or more, how would you, being an insider, rate this team? I know it's a bit off and right now noone believes they will win,but, this is just a scenario im looking at.
    Jim Thomas: Rams over the Giants? After what happened in Philly, I'd have to see it to believe it.
    McSnipes: Hey Jim.

    What changes do you think the Rams will make before next week's game against the Giants?

    Will they bring in another WR?
    Will they bench Tye Hill and start Manning? (I hope so)

    Any info is appreciated.
    Jim Thomas: Before the end of the day, Eddie Kennison will be signed at WR, and David Vobora will be released.
    I'd love to see Manning get a chance. But won't know on that until later in the week.
    uffda31131: Hi Jim.
    Thanks for giving us your insight. I'm sure the mail's not pretty today, but keeping the mindset of it just being one game, what facets of the game do you think need the most attention in order to get on track? Obviously there is work to be done, but is it possible that Philly is just really good?
    However disheartening, I watched every single moment because it's football (I love it!) and I did manage to take away some positives. No picks (I know, some luck there), a great leg on Jones (is there an injury update?) and some fairly decent work from the new Special Teams guy, Tight End and fill-in D-end.
    Instead of venting, I'd like to hear what you think can be done to get the Rams competitive. After watching 3 of 4 teams falter, it seems the West is up for grabs unless the Cards get on a roll.

    I appreciate your time
    Jim Thomas: No. 1. Don't beat yourself. You could watch 100 NFL games and not see receivers as wide open as Hank Baskett was and Greg Lewis. If the Rams had just executed their basic coverage assignments neither play would have been there. Six false starts!!! You've got to be kidding me. And on special teams, could a gunner, just once, prevent a team's punt coverage unit from getting downfield. Not once, but twice that helped result in balls being downed inside the 5.
    tim: The Rams need to get rid of the Dome and get an outdoor satdium. the dome is terrible football atmosphere. Do you agree?
    Jim Thomas: Do you have $600 million?
    Youngbloods Rampage: Hey Jim,

    Does this organization really understand the level of discontent many of their fan base feels right now? For many of us we actually don't really care anymore because of the continuous examples like Bernie M. witnessed in the locker room after the game on Sunday. And this is coming from 25-30 year fans. But no one within the organization appears willing to address it or hold anyone accountable.

    Also someone really needs to take a serious look at the tunure of Jim Haslett since he arrived. His lack of respect for Linehan is extensive and has been this way for quite some time. No one can tell me that this hasn't had a effect on this organization. Its there whether folks want to acknowledge it or not.
    Jim Thomas: I was in the locker room, too, and saw plenty of despondent players.
    tim: here are some things I think the Rams need to do if they have any chance on rebuilding this team, keeping fans, and staying in St.Louis. What do you think? Its alot(Go Figure)sorry but I hope you find it useful

    1. Get rid of jackson He holds out all of training camp and picks up 40 yards on the ground and cared less that they lost

    2. Fire Linehan he cant get his players fired up and canr call plays hes just not a head coach

    3. Lose Pace and Barron. Pace had a good run I just dont think he has it in him anymore. Barron has been givin way to many chances. (Mabye Grecco ans Schuening at OT) Hes a lost cause and he doesnt want to be out there Keep Bell and Incognito because their the ones that actually show they want to be out there on that line

    4.Sign Bently for this year. See if hes got anything left in him and see if he can play center for you in the future

    5. Figure out what you can get in Bulger. Hes not the same and is a whiny little girl. Yeah his line cant block but good quarterbacks get their offense fired up and focused on the next play not walk around with a whiny face on them

    6. See What Chavous Lttle Tnoisamoa and Glover have left or replace them with younger guys in the Draft over the next couple of years.

    7. Start getting your WR Set Bennets injured again Holt caught 1 Pass( i'll say it if your not gonna use him get rid of him) Avery and Burton Have upside but who knows And Looker is just a holder now

    Theres plenty more they can do and im not saying this will all happen next year because it wont But build over the next few year, get younger and ALOT meaner and passionate for the game and we'll have a good team. Just look at what Its doing for the Cards and Blues right now. They're both on the verge of becoming very good teams and yearly playoff teams.
    Jim Thomas: 1.) How do you know Jackson cared less that they lost? Did you talk to him? Did you see him in the locker room? Where you over at his house Sunday night?

    2.) Believe me, you'll get your wish on this one if there isn't dramatic improvement between now and the end of the season.
    3.) Pace can still be an effective player. Jury's still out on Barron. Schuening is strictly a guard. I'd like to see Greco tried at tackle.
    4.) Bentley's knee is shot.

    ram4life: Hi Jim, Im trying to be an optimist right now. I once heard John Madden say, "If you win in week one, you still have 15 more to play. If you lose in week one, you still have 15 more to play." I sat at a sportsbar Sunday and was the only one in a Rams jersey and needless to say i was the laughing stock. The way you lose matters more than losing. Scott Linehan needs to stop with the condescending attitude in his press conferences and tell the truth. Everytime he talks, i think im listening to a politician with noone to blame his shortcomings on. Its not just him though. We had the perfect offensive mind as a coach, we just shouldnt have let him play GM. Drew Bennett is another classic example of how a player leaves the Titans and bombs elsewhere. An older Isaac Bruce is still better than a young Drew Bennett. Not addressing the linebacker and safety issues in the draft or free agency is ludicrous. Is it just me or does it seem like Haslett may be sabotaging Linehan's authority with poor defensive gameplanning. I want to hear your opinion so fire away.
    Jim Thomas: I feel your frustration but. . . .
    Linehan may or may not be a lot of things, he is not condescending.
    Isaac Bruce had zero catches for the ***** Sunday.
    Why would Haslett want to sabotage Linehan? That would mean that Haslett wants to get himself fired, too. The surest way for Haslett to get the head-coaching job he wants is to have a great defensive season.
    Istvan: Jim, do you really think that the players don't like Scott Linehan and have given up on him as so many readers and blogs suggest?
    I just don't think I have ever seen a team on opening day come out so flat and clueless as they did...I mean Football 101 just block and tackle! That ssemed like a stretch!!!
    I hope the locker room was despondant afterwards and players and coaches know they have to fight to keep their jobs!
    The Edward Jones Dome is going to be empty on Sundays pretty soon!
    Jim Thomas: A lot of players _ Steven Jackson among them _ really like Linehan. But what he has to show is that he can motivate a team, lead them out of tough times, and have them ready to play. Obviously, 2008 represents his last chance to show he can do that.
    Nolan Cromwell: What trade value does Torry Holt have? I agree with Bernie, Isaac Bruce was the class of the WR corps. I think it's clear Holt really doesn't want to be in St. Louis and even the best WR in the league couldn't get this team to the playoffs. Let's get what we can for him and move on.
    Jim Thomas: Torry Holt wants to win. And he wants to win know. The only thing Torry said after the game was that he didn't have anything good to say, so he didn't feel like talking. Does that make Holt classless? Isaac Bruce was notorious for leaving the locker room as soon as the game ended, win, lose, or draw. So what's the big deal? I caught up with Holt at Rams Park on Monday afternoon and will have a story on him for Tuesday's paper.
    Leroy Irvin: Is Tye Hill really a former first round draft pick entering his third season? This guy is totally clueless. He got schooled by 2nd teamers. He got schooled by a rookie. Can we finally label him a bust? I count 8 first round draft picks spent on defense this decade and this defense is atrocious. I hear Sheppard wants out of Philly but I'm sure he'd veto a trade to this team if he could in lieu of riding the bench in Philly this season. I don't think any quality free agent will come to this this mess no matter how much they're offered. This franchise is doomed. Yet I'll still watch every game from start to finish just as I did throughout the '90s, '81, and '82. Loyal fans deserve better than this.
    Jim Thomas: Hill has a lot of talent. But breakdowns in technique and inconsistencies in plya continue to haunt him. And in the case of DeSean Jackson's first catch, I think it comes down to who wants the ball more. Hill was in pretty good position to make a play on that one _ and we all saw what happened.
    midnighter67: I'm sure you have been inundated with angry emails by now so I won't go overboard with insults of the players, coaches, and front office people. Just put my name on the long list of angry and frustrated Rams fans. I've been a fan since '78 and this is the worst state I've seen this team in. I can't put my finger on a single cause; it seems the blame can be spread evenly throughout the organization. The woeful seasons of the 90s weren't as painful to watch as last year's failures and yesterday's debacle. I actually thought, after 1999's improbable finish, that the worst was behind us but, clearly, that isn't the case. How could it come to this again? It's obvious that the only truly good thing that's happened to this franchise since 1989 is Dick Vermeil. Along with him came some good players via the draft and free agency but, like Vermeil, most of those players are long gone. What can possibly be done to turn this mess around? I feel totally frustrated and helpless. I live in Colorado so boycotting games or booing loudly at the sloppy play we've been "treated" to is not an option for me. Maybe the organization can find a new direction through new ownership in the coming months but, honestly, who wants to spend hundreds of millions of dollars on this garbage? I wouldn't care if they turned over the entire coaching staff and the entire roster with undrafted free agents if it meant we could see some inspired play on the field. What we saw yesterday was absolutely apalling and a slap in the face to the true fans who have stuck with this team through all the lean years. You know more about this team than any of us so what's the solution, Jim?
    Jim Thomas: Well, I wish I had an easy answer for you as well. The Rams basically were dominated in every phase of the game. And given the strength of their schedule early in the season, I'm not sure how it gets better. I just can't believe the talent level is as bad as what it looked like on the field. You can't tell me there isn't 8-8 talent on this team. So I don't know what's missing.
    RamsFanInKnoxville: Hi Jim – Thanks for this forum.

    As a life long Rams fan I’ve looked forward to sharing the fun of the NFL and more specifically the fun of being Rams fans and being Rams buddies together with my young son, and we’ve had a couple good years of doing just that. But, now he’s six years old and really getting into the NFL and it’s getting REAL hard to get him excited about the Rams. What kid doesn’t want to be fans of a winner and I’m losing him as Rams fan. He’s asked for Romo jersey and doesn’t want to wear the Steven Jackson or Marc Bulger jerseys I bought him and he’s worn proudly in the past. But, now he’s figuring it out that the Rams don’t win very much.

    The reason for this post is to ask you please forward this on to the upper management at Rams Park and to Chip R. in L.A. and let them know they are losing a whole generation of future Rams fans through these down years. They need to fix this, and fix it now! Kids are drawn to winners, and so are adults for that matter.

    Thank your again for this forum.

    P.S. - I’m going to buy my son that Romo jersey even though I HATE the Cowboys with every fiber of my being. But, I love my son more and want him to have fun being an NFL fan.
    Jim Thomas: I'll try to relay your thoughts to Chip.
    James: Hi Jim,

    What a way to start the season. The question I have is about Haslett's defense. I was never a fan of his team or his defense and still don't like being the D.C. They can't tackle, cover and they just seem to be out of place. I don't think his defense was ever in the top 12. If Tye Hill was his pick, he has speed but can't cover or tackle and same with Jonathan Wade. Still don't like Carriker being a DT and think he should be a DE, like he was in college. It's a tough transition. What do you think? It's going to be a very very long season.

    Thank You
    Jim Thomas: I guess of all the things that happened in the game, I'm most disappointed about the defense. Even with Leonard Little going down early in the game, I expected more out of the unit. The Rams have invested a lot of money and a lot of high draft picks in their front seven, and there just wasn't much there on Sunday. I expected that their might be some disjointed play in the secondary by Fakhir Brown and Oshiomogho Atogwe because they basically missed all of training camp and the preseason. What I did not expect is for Tye Hill and Corey Chavous to have such terrible plays. The Rams need to get Ricky Manning out there and see what he can do. He can't be any worse.

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    Re: Jim Thomas Chat

    I'm curious. Is this Q&A posted on a website somewhere? If so, can you provide a link? The formatting makes for hard reading.


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    moloch41 Guest

    Re: Jim Thomas Chat

    I like chatting with Gordo better...

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    Re: Jim Thomas Chat

    Makes me sick that these "Fans" are pulling the plug on Bulger. Had Tom Brady been behind that crap called a line, he would look like a college QB also. Bulger isn't this bad. I know it. He needs to get the protection and the WR's need to get open. Once that is accomplished, you're looking at a Probowl QB. He has the biggest heart on the team hands down.

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