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    Jim Thomas Live

    By Jim Thomas
    Tuesday, April 22, 2008 01:00 PM CDT

    Armen Dacity (Winter Park, FL): Jim,
    Do you think the Rams might start negotiating with their two two choices (who I assume are C.Long and Dorsey) and use K demands as part of the equation, or do you think they keep quiet to potentially entice another team to trade up?

    Jim Thomas: I'm checking on this right now with the league. I think the NFL has to be officially notified by Miami that they have signed J. Long before the Rams are officially on the clock. Assuming all the paperwork is order, I think that could be done by the end of the day.
    I would think the Rams could kick the tires a little bit on Dorsey or C. Long, while entertaining any trade talks. But obviously, I don't know for sure.


    dm: Is there any chance that the Rams target at QB in rds 3-5 if a Henne or Flacco are there? With Bulger not getting any younger and getting hit more than ever, do the Rams look to find someone who might learn from Bulger/Green and be ready to step in by 2011?

    Jim Thomas: I could be wrong, but I think if either Flacco or Henne are there in Round 4, the Rams would jump on it.


    Chuck Bensinger: Jim, first off, enjoy the chats... Secondly, would you have taken the (reported) deal of Washington's #1 this year and their #3 (possibly upgrading to a #1) next year for Chad Johnson?

    Jim Thomas: No. Dick Vermeil used to call the process of removing malcontents, bad character guys, etc., from his roster "pulling weeds." Johnson is a weed.


    Jeremy (Denver): Jim,
    Really appreciate the chats...any chance you'd do a special draft one this Friday?

    Jim Thomas: Only if you put together the mock draft for our paper.


    Curt, CA: Dear Jim,

    Do the Rams REALLY expect Chavous to play at any kind of competitive level for them this year? With CB Brown available for the whole year, why wouldn't they move Bartell to Safety, paired with Atogwe?

    Jim Thomas: Every indication I've been given is that the answer to your first question is yes. As for Bartell at safety, I'm not sure he's big enough or physical enough to play there full time, particularly at the strong side.


    Tim Earle: Hi Jim,
    Thanks for taking your time to chat. I enjoy your responses. My question: If we end up drafting Dorsey at #2 or trade down and get Ellis as some say we will, Can we slide Carriker out to the end position? I have heard this move being made without ever questioning if Carriker can play DE and this level. Is he quick enough to provide pressure on a QB or will be be more of a Grant Wistrom type ie: great motor ,great character but just an average player or maybe a little above average. Your thoughts?

    Jim Thomas: Tim--I've mentioned this a few times. If it's Dorsey, Dorsey and Carriker became the starters in the base defense, with Glover and Ryan rotating in off the bench. Carriker would move to end in certain situations. (Run downs, short-yardage, goal-line). He actually played a lot of end over the second half of the season. One reason why the Rams drafted Carriker is his versality. This would be the chance to use that versatility. Although Carriker isn't what you'd call the ideal pass rusher at end.


    Jeremy (Denver): Jim,
    Lots of trade rumors flying around. Regarding our top pick, there are rumors of moving down to 3, 10, etc. What are you hearing?

    Jim Thomas: As of yesterday afternoon, only two teams had contacted the Rams. (And as you suggest, I believe it was Atlanta and New Orleans). But nothing concrete. But now that Jake Long is a Dolphin, things may have intensified on the phone lines.


    nomadic herdsman: Jim
    If you see Fakhir anytime soon could you please ask him to contact me...I need some pointers in my upcoming speeding case. Thanking you in advance.

    Jim Thomas: It pays to have good attorneys.


    Mark Adams: Hey Jim, thanks for taking my question.

    So I keep hearing that Darren McFadden is rated higher on the Rams board than Chris Long. The last time was just yesterday, per Adam Schefter.

    Could the Rams really be considering taking McFadden, and if so, what does that mean for Steven Jackson?

    Jim Thomas: There is at least one Rams official who seems to like McFadden. I'm not going to say who. But I don't think it happens. (That is, the Rams taking McFadden.)


    Dejan Prole: Hi Jim,
    Now when Brown is being cleared, when he managed to avid suspension how will Rams draft in second round?
    And how does drafting Dorsey makes more sense then draftin DE (Gholston or Long)?
    I don't understand how come Miami thinks so highly of Gholston at #1 and we don't, he fits Rams draft plans only if we trade down couple of picks?
    Big thanks from Serbia!

    Jim Thomas: Hello out there in Serbia.
    With Jake Long now a Dolphin, and Fakhir Brown in the clear, it seems apparent the Rams will go d-line in the first round. Which I think makes them more likely to go with offense (WR or OT) in Round 2. We'll see.
    And since the Dolphins took Long, they obviously don't like Gholston all that much. But you know how it is in the draft. Different teams have different players rated differently.


    Norm: The Rams biggest need is for a dominant pass rusher and Vernon Gholston fits that profile. How much consideration have the Rams given to drafting him and who do you feel they will pick?

    Jim Thomas: He's still very much in the mix. The Rams like him a lot. But I still think he's bronze medalits behind Dorsey and C. Long, now that J. Long is gone.


    Rams: Hey jim,

    with brown's non-suspension that surely takes us out of the lito shepperd race as well as a CB in the first 3 rounds.

    Where on the needs list is CB now. Also, does this make it more likely we take a future safety in that spot instead, like the SS tyrell johnson i think it was, that was here for workouts....this would boost depth in the secondary and fill a bigger need now than CB

    Jim Thomas: Tyrell Johnson's stock seems to be rising so fast he could be a second-rounder. If he's there at the top of the third, I would think the Rams would have to give him strong consideration.


    Tom: Jim, what's happening with "spygate"?

    Jim Thomas: Still waiting on Mr. Walsh to put up or shutup.


    Tom: Jim, does last weeks announcement that Edward P. Roski Jr. has made a commitment to build a 75k seat stadium in LA create an opportunity for the Rams to move back to LA. They were not listed as one of the interested teams, but surely with their prior connection to LA and the new owner living there, is there not a strong possibility they could move back. Financially alone it could bring the team back up to the top third in the league in earnings.

    Jim Thomas: If you've read any of the Chip Rosenbloom quotes _ he is no fan of L.A. because of the way he felt his mother was treated there. He seems like the nicest guy in the world, but a mere mention of LA Rams fans brings the hair up on the back of his neck.
    I'd say no way _ not as long as Rosenbloom owns the team.


    Mark: Jim,
    As always, thank you for taking the time. Do you think the Rams might take a shot at a safety? I know it is suppose to be a weak draft at that position, but all it takes is a good kid to learn and hopefully replace Chavous in '09. I think he is a real weak link, and I guess Haslett and Co. think he is not the culprit. I was thinking about the kid from LSU in the third or fourth round, Craig Stetz. I know you wouldn't know for sure, but aren't they at least alarmed by how weak they are at safety? Also, LB's are weak after the starters, but I digress. Your thoughts....

    Jim Thomas: I do think the Rams are at least considering a safety, but not early in the draft. I believe they're set with Chavous for this year, but want to start thinking about grooming a possible replacement. But you never know how those middle to late rounds of the draft shake out.


    jr: hey jim,i was wondering if the rams a lot of intrest in adam casper linebacker from semo. i know they were at his workout and has talked to him even before that. thanks

    Jim Thomas: At face value, this sounds to me like a player they might be considering as a rookie free agent.


    Col. Lawrence N. Reiman Jr.: I would like to make a comment. My daughter just graduated from UVA, so I had the opportunity to see Chris Long play there for four years. He is not only a fantastic football player, but also a fine person. He can absolutely dominate a football game, and really get's the fans behind him. I think that if the Rams are fortunate enough to have the opportunity to select him, he will be an All- Pro in a very short time. Please tell them not to blow this chance to get a great player who will be an anchor for not only the defense but the whole team.

    Jim Thomas: I think this is all a reason why the Rams are in a no-lose position if they stay at No. 2 overall. Chris Long (and Glenn Dorsey) are both high character individuals whou will bring a lot to any team on the field and off.


    Eric Dickerson: What are the chances we trade for Lito Sheppard? I keep hearing the Rams being mentioned as one of the teams still after him. I think giving up our #2 is too high of a price to pay for Sheppard since it's pretty much almost a first round pick. I'd give up a 3rd for him though. So what are the odds he's a Ram during or after the draft?
    Thanks Jim.

    Jim Thomas: Seeing that the Rams pick at the top of each round, I wouldn't go any higher than Round 4. The Rams are skeptical on this one. Why are the Eagles so willing to dump Sheppard? And although there is still some concern about Fakhir Brown's long-term availability, I think his successful appeal somewhat lessens the need for a CB.


    Dochal: Jim,

    Now that the cat is pretty much, albeit still somewhat vaguely, out of the Fakhir Brown bag, can you please explain what all the mystery was about? That is, why were you unable to provide more information in your role as a journalist about the situation in order to enlighten your very interested readers? I am a psychologist, so I understand the principle of confidentiality, but I have to admit that I scratched my head many times trying to figure out why you couldn't disclose anything on this topic.

    Jim Thomas: Because information about failed drug tests is CONFIDENTIAL. Would you have been willing to pay my legal expenses if I had wrong information and was sued for libel? I just didn't feel strong enough about the sources to report it directly. Plain and simple.


    TRENT: i cant understand how trading steven jackson does not make sense. everyone keeps talking about how great he is, but this team went 3-13 last year with steven jackson and hes greatness. so why not trade jackson in his contract year and pick up multiple picks to help fill our multiple holes? in all reality the rams will be no where near the playoffs next year with or without him so why not turn one player into multiple players? we need to draft well and often to turn the team around, jackson wont turn the team around.

    Jim Thomas: So who do you trade jackson for? And are you convinced that Darren McFadden _ with all his off-field issues _ is the answer at running back. Those are Big ifs.


    Bob Lowe: What is the latest on Orlando Pace and his health?

    Methinks the Rams need to address the OL in a big way as he probably won't last much longer. But the Rams have so many needs, but you can always go OL later in the draft.

    And, is Jake Long really worthy of the #1 overall?

    Jim Thomas: As colleague Bill Coats reported on in Sunday's paper, Pace is moving along well in his rehab. He has a hunger to play, and hopes to be ready for camp.
    As for your last question on J. Long, the Dolphins obviously thinks so to the tune of $57 million.


    Damon: Hey Jim! It is getting close now! Recent reports have said that the Saints are interested in trading up with us. I think that would be a bad move on our part. If we allow them to take Dorsey we would be missing out on the BPA in this draft. I also don't think we could get an impact guy at number ten. The Saints would probably give us two first rounders and a second rounder, but I bet that next year they will be picking late in the first (especially if they get Dorsey). With Dorsey the Rams would get: a pass rush from the inside, a leader on defense, a strong force against the run, and a player who loves the game... this should not be a hard choice for the Rams. Hopefully Miami signs Jake so the Rams can't mess this up.

    Jim Thomas: Miami's taken OT out of the equation.
    I think N.O. is a bit too low for a Rams tradedown.


    CDG: Jim,

    Do you think Nick Hill (Southern Illinois) will get drafted? Think he would be a good fit (drafted or free agent) as a development QB for the Rams? Don't know if you ever saw him play, but I did and he can play!


    Jim Thomas: From everything I can tell, I think Hill's right on that edge of being drafted or signed as a rookie free agent. SIU's reputation now is such that NFL scouts know about their players. I don't think I've seen him play except for maybe a few downs on TV. I really don't know what the Rams think of him, or if he's even on their radar.


    Faris Chehabi: I am sure you have heard of the potential trade with New Orleans for their 10th pick so they can move up and grab Dorsey. If we do that, first off what do you think we will give up? And who do you think are our possibilities to draft? Please let me know everyone who we will consider drafting. Thanks.

    Jim Thomas: I'm not sure the Rams want to trade down that far. I think No. 10 is on the outer edge of how far they would be willing to trade down. At No. 10, you could be talking about Boise State OT Ryan Clady. Maybe Florida DE Derrick Harvey.


    Jordan: If cornerback Antoine Cason is still on the board at #33, do you think we take him even though Fakhir Brown won his appeal? He would have tremendous value at that spot..

    Jim Thomas: The Rams like Cason a lot. But there are some concerns about his speed.


    Ryan C.: Hey Jim! Your chats are the best!
    The Rams "NEED" Chris Long or Glen Dorsey. They also need a WR. Who do you think would be a better fit Dorsey or Long? I'm going back and forth. Also, who do you think would be the best receiver for the Rams? Your opinion.

    Jim Thomas: I too am going back and forth. Either way, I don't think the Rams lose. But I give a slight edge to Dorsey.


    Faris Chehabi: I don't understand the point of drafting Dorsey at all! We have Glover, Carriker, Ryan, and Wroten. Glover- He can give you atleast one more productive year. Carriker- Great against the run and had a solid season last season. Ryan- The time he was in last season he tore it up! Why give up on him when you see potential? Wroten- He admits this is his make or break year and is working hard to be a great player. Give him one chance to see if he is? At defensive end we have Little, Hall, Adeyanju, and Moore. Moore has done nothing and Adeyanju has proved to be just special teams. In St. Louis, we need a motor that never runs out, and someone we know is going to work his tail off and try his hardest. That is Chris Long. I think Gholston is a bust waiting to happen. He gives up on running plays, and those kind of players usually end up out of the NFL pretty soon. Just take Long, or look for a trade like the Jared Allen one. Just dont take Dorsey or Gholston, that will be a mistake. What do you think?

    Jim Thomas: Wroten looks like a bust. And remember, he missed 4 games last year with a positive test. That means his next positive test in all likelihood costs him a year (unless he has Fakhir Brown's attorney).
    Glover turns 34 on the 4th of July and is in the last year of his contract. This almost certainly is his last year with the team. The Rams think he will be more effective playing fewer snaps.
    So where's all this depth at tackle you're talking about.
    With Dorsey, the base DTs are Dorsey and Carriker. Ryan and Glover are rotated in. Carriker plays end on goal-line, short-yardage and some run downs.


    Faris Chehabi: Do Rams players, management, coaches read the stuff that we write to get ideas or no?

    Jim Thomas: Nothing personal. But I think they have better things to do.


    Gabriel to Snow: Just saw the news on Fakir. This is huge, mainly because he can play the position at a high level. I watched closely when he returned after his suspension last year. I was amazed that he played at such a high level from the first snap. I expected him to be out of shape & rusty, but he played well. With our front 7 seldom pressuring the opponents QB, Hill & Brown did pretty darn well & I never heard either complain about our absent pass rush that makes their job so difficult. With so many needs, I was afraid this would be an Achilles heel, that we either couldn't address satisfactorily, or would force us to pay a premium in dollars & draft picks to find a veteran. Now, assuming the Rams are convinced Fakir is past his behavioral problems, they don't have a glaring need at CB, they can use the draft to fill other holes & not feel so compelled to pull the trigger on a costly trade. All in all great news as I see it. What's your take Jim?

    Jim Thomas: The Rams are undoubtedly relieved, but as one high-ranking club official told me yesterday, it's a long way between now and training camp. Brown has had two positive tests in the past 10 months. What's to say it doesn't happen again?


    Denny O: If the Rams take Jake Long would Alex Barron be a viable guard?

    Jim Thomas: Doesn't matter now, does it? I'm sure Barron is sighing in relief now that Jake Long is a Dolphin.


    Dylan A in Canton Il: I don't understand why the Rams don't try trading for Chad Johnson....>
    I was just wondering if you felt like this would be a good trade for the rams:
    The rams trade Steven Jackson (and his huge upcoming contract next year!) for unhappy Chad Johnson and the Bengals 1st round draft pick. Chad Johnson would be paired with Torry Holt, easily becoming one of the best, if not the best tandom in the league. The rams then draft who the scouts say is so good in Darren McFadden. He would replace Jackson & the rams would have another 1st rounder to draft either Ryan Clady, Brandon Albert, or Sedrick ellis. this would also eliminate the rams immediate need at WR with Holt, Johnson, Bennett, and Caldwell. That would leave us:
    Bulger at QB
    Mcfadden at RB
    Holt and Johnson at WR with McMichael at TE
    and Genius AlSaunders as the OC!
    I believe that this would be a fantastic trade for both teams.......Your output?

    Jim Thomas: What exactly has Chad Johnson won in his NFL career???
    Just what the Rams need. A "Me-Me-Me" malcontent.


    Dominic: Hey Jim!
    Its getting exciting since the draft is about here....yes!! My question to you are: Why not move Richie Incognito to right tackle since he played it in college and was highly rated at that position before he was drafted? And if New Orleans is truly serious about moving up,would you take their number 1 and Will Smith to play defensive end? As of today the 21st,what does your gut tell you who the Rams draft? Cant wait to read your analysis after the draft!

    Jim Thomas: Incognito doesn't move laterally well enough to be a full time tackle. I would take Will Smith and the Saints' first-round pick for the Rams' No. 2 overall pick in a second.
    With Jake Long gone, I think it's either Dorsey or Chris Long. I think I'd take Dorsey in a close one over C. Long. But I think C. Long would be a very good addition as well.


    Jordan: First off, thank you for taking time out of your day to do chats like these. They are really a good idea..

    Anyway, what is your take on the most ideal trade for the Rams' situation? I think a trade down with the Ravens at #8 so they could pick up Matt Ryan at #2 would work out pretty well. Then we could pick up Gholston considering the fact that we need a pass rush one way or another..

    Your thoughts?

    Jim Thomas: I don't think Gholston gets past the Raiders at No. 4.


    Jeremy (Denver): Jim,
    At the following positions, who do you think the Rams would hope to fall to them in Round 2?
    DE -
    WR -
    OT -
    CB -

    Jim Thomas: DE__ Calais Cambbell (Miami); Quentin Groves (Auburn), Lawrence Jackson (Southern Cal) and DE/DT Trevor Laws of Notre Dame could all be available at No. 33 overall. The Rams brought Laws in for a visit; not sure about the others.

    WR _ Andre Caldwell (Florida), Early Doucet (LSU), James Hardy (Indiana), Limas Sweed (Texas), DeSean Jackson (Cal), could all be available. I've been told the Rams like Jackson, but all of the players above except for Doucet came in for pre-draft visits.

    OT _ Sam Baker (USC), Gosder Cherilus (Boston College), Anthony Collins (KU), and Duane Brown (Va. Tech) could all be available. I'm not sure how the Rams feel about any of these guys.

    CB _ Antoine Cason (Arizona), Aqib Talib (Kansas), Brandon Flowers (Va. Tech), and Justin King (Penn State) are all possibilities. Cason may be the best all-around corner in the draft _ and the Rams like him _ but there are concerns about his speed.


    Ray R.: Jim,
    If the rams stay at #2, i think the pick should be Dorsey.

    However, what are your thoughts on trading down to Balt. at #8? We could get Ghoulston, or Ellis, plus an extra second round pick.

    I also just thought of another interesting scenario. If Minnesota were to trade its 1st and 2nd for Jared Allen, how about offering our #2 and #32 for KC #5 and #17?

    Thanks for your time.

    Jim Thomas: I'm not sure either Gholston or Ellis will be there at No. 8. I think it's all but a certainty that Gholston will be gone.


    Aaron: I need your honest opinion, would you rather the Rams continue to get gouged against the run and have a good 4 man pass rush? Or no pass rush but a force against the run? Which lineman do we need then?

    Jim Thomas: Well, with Jake Long now officially at Dolphins, you have hit upon THE QUESTION, Aaron.

    Dorsey or Chris Long/Vernon Gholston?

    If the Rams are convinced medically, I say take Dorsey. He will get some sacks in the middle. You can use Little and Witherspoon on the edge.
    But as I sit here typing at Rams Park, I must remind yot that I don't get a vote.


    Gabriel to Snow: Jared Allen is only 26yrs old, a very proven NFL commodity. I assume he would be the 1st overall pick if he were in the draft. So why don't the Rams offer the 2nd overall pick? Money would be similar & the potential for a "bust" is all but removed. Thoughts?

    Jim Thomas: Two DUIs.


    Gabriel to Snow: Hello Jim, do you have any idea if the Rams have interest in Trevor Laws & Jordy Nelson? Have they made any indication of who they are looking at for a developmental QB? I assume it's along the lines of a Smith, O'Connel or Ainge. Thanks

    P.S.- I understand you have a son at West Point. I never had the honor of seving, but I don't take my freedom for granted. Every person who has honorably served has my most sincere thanks, admiration & deepest gratitude. Every single day I offer a silent "thank you" to all who gave me this gift & those that preserve it. It's good to be able to offer these sentiments directly when I can. So, my warmest wishes & heartfelt thanks to your son, & your family. Thanks for everything.

    Jim Thomas: The Rams obviously have an interest in Trevor Laws. They brought him in for a pre-draft visit. Don't know about Nelson or the developmental QB. As you may know, the Rams brought in Michigan's Henne and Delaware's Flacco, but both could be gone in Round 2.
    Regarding the West Pointer in the family, thanks for the kinds words.


    Jeremy (Denver): Jim,
    Thanks for the chat. How do you think the first 5 players are stacked on the Rams board?

    Jim Thomas: This is a wild stab:

    1.) Dorsey
    2.) McFadden
    3.) Jake Long
    4.) Chris Long
    5.) Gholston


    Tackleberry: Any chance the scheduling for 2008 reflects a sour taste left in the mouth of the NFL by the drawn out situation of Spygate? Total conspiracy theory, I know, but Goodell's reputation took a stinger on this mess. He was the new sheriff in town who was cleaning up the streets (literally) and now this is a smudge on his sparkling resume. I hope not because it has been mostly former players who have discussed the situation in the media.

    Jim Thomas: I don't really think there's any kind of conspiracy theory, but it does seem like the schedule-maker made it just about as difficult as possible on the Rams in the first seven weeks.


    Richard Spittlehouse: Hi Jim,

    1) It would APPEAR that the Dolphins are going to pick Jake Long with the first pick, which i think will leave us the choice of Chris Long or Glen Dorsey. I believe Atlanta are so high on Dorsey that they may be willing to swap picks with us, in exchange for one of their three second round picks. This would allow us to pick up an OT and WR with two early second round picks. Have you heard anything about a possible trade with the Falcons?

    2) Also, i am still more than concerned by our lack of LBs currently on the roster. However, we only appear to have had Curtis Lofton and Jerod Mayo attend visits, and they will be long gone by the time we decide to pick a LB. Any thoughts of where we are heading with this position? Any other names you think we have an interest in on draft day?

    3) Finally, where do you stand on our WR pick this year? Gordo seems to think that by drafting a big receiver we are giving up on Drew Bennett. What do you think? I would love to see a James Hardy or Limas Sweed taken with our second round pick, although i think we have more interest in DeSean Jackson or Andre Caldwell.

    Thanks for your time, and here's hoping Linehan & Co have a great weekend!!

    Jim Thomas: 1.) Unless the Rams feel they absolutely, positively have to have Dorsey, then I would trade down with Atlanta (for Atlanta's first of their multiple second-round picks), and take Chris Long.

    2.) I think the Rams will try to target an LB in Round 4 (maybe even in round 3). They need at least one more body (not counting any rookie free agents) in the mix at LB.

    3.) It's a tough call at WR. Sweed has a troublesome wrist injury; Hardy has off the field problems. DeSean Jackson is small.


    RJ: Jim: Love the Q & A sessions. What is the latest on what Miami is going to do? Did last week's faux pas make people in the nfl re-think what they were oging to do or is it still J Long. How are those negotiations with Long and Miama going, any word?

    Jim Thomas: As you may have heard, Jake Long has just signed with Miami. The Rams are on the clock!!!


    Thomas Turniawan: Hey Jim;
    I've kinda formulated my own reasons for this not happening, but I was wondering if the Rams would ever consider trading the #2 for Jared Allen and say a 2nd rounder? 1) The Rams need a pass-rusher, and 2) they are going to have to shell out a lot of money either way. Why not spend it on a proven player who does what we need most? (PS The DUI situation is what scares me the most).

    Jim Thomas: The DUI situation I think is precisely the reason why the Rams don't seem to be interested. Especially after everything that happened with Leonard Little.


    Mike - Colorado Springs: From everything I've read, the Falcons are really high on Dorsey. They should put out the word that they're high on Dorsey and maybe the Falcons will give up a pick to get him at number 2. I've heard that maybe the Raiders are interested in Gholston. Maybe they're willing to trade up to 2 to get him. It seems the Rams are in a position of leverage but aren't using it. The more picks the better. What is the compensation for the Rams trading down one or two positions? Personally, I like Dorsey best but DE is a greater need. Considering all the needs the Rams have, I would think picking up extra draft picks would be the best scenario, provided they don't drop too far in the 1st round.

    Jim Thomas: Mike--Extra picks are fine. But do you trade out of a spot (No. 2) where you (in theory) can pick up a difference maker for just a bunch of guys? That's the danger of trading down. Or trading down too far.


    pete: Jim, any idea what the rams have planned for the draft day party at the dome for season ticket holders? Also, any idea what players are going to be there?

    Jim Thomas: The party is from 1-5 p.m. All season tickets were invited. Those interested in purchasing season tickets are invited (I'm told they should contact the ticket office beforehand.)
    There will be live music from 1-2 p.m.
    Once the draft starts, the NFL Network's coverage will be shown on the Jumbotron and other hookups.
    There will be free popcorn, water, and soda.
    All other concession stand items at the dome will be offered at a "deeply discounted" price.
    There will be a Kids Zone.
    Free Rams items will be given out throughout the day.
    The 2008 Rams cheerleading squad will be introduced, and will perform.
    Players scheduled to appear: Oshiomogho "O.J." Atogwe; Ron Bartell; Chris Draft; Adam Goldberg; Tye Hill; Brian Leonard; Dane Looker; Brett Romberg; Clifton Ryan; Jonathan Wade.

    That's all for this week. I've got to start working the phones. See you next Tuesday.

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    Re: Jim Thomas Live

    Tom: Jim, does last weeks announcement that Edward P. Roski Jr. has made a commitment to build a 75k seat stadium in LA create an opportunity for the Rams to move back to LA. They were not listed as one of the interested teams, but surely with their prior connection to LA and the new owner living there, is there not a strong possibility they could move back. Financially alone it could bring the team back up to the top third in the league in earnings.

    Jim Thomas: If you've read any of the Chip Rosenbloom quotes _ he is no fan of L.A. because of the way he felt his mother was treated there. He seems like the nicest guy in the world, but a mere mention of LA Rams fans brings the hair up on the back of his neck.
    I'd say no way _ not as long as Rosenbloom owns the team.
    Well, that really sucks for our LA friends.

    Won't stop all the LA speculation, but sucks for them still the same.

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    Re: Jim Thomas Live

    Quote Originally Posted by RamWraith View Post
    Jim Thomas:
    I would take Will Smith and the Saints' first-round pick for the Rams' No. 2 overall pick in a second.
    That would be an interesting scenario the #10 pick in the draft and a starting DE that is 26 years old and averages slightly better then 8 sacks a year. I doubt they would give up a proven player and the #10 pick in the draft to move up and take one of the bigger names. They could still get a good player at #10 and keep their proven player.
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    Re: Jim Thomas Live

    Quote Originally Posted by HUbison View Post
    Well, that really sucks for our LA friends.

    Won't stop all the LA speculation, but sucks for them still the same.
    At first, I didn't like the move to St. Louis but I'm still a Rams fan wherever they go. I don't blame Rosenbloom for not liking LA people. The last time I was there, it was A-hole Central. It makes NorCal a little easier to take.

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    Re: Jim Thomas Live

    ...but it might be good to know your fans have attitudes like raging bulls, better for the rams and not so good for opposing teams..

    i would definitely like to see a move to LA! dammit Chip

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    Re: Jim Thomas Live

    Will Smith ? Yep, bring him on. He did save the world ya know. Just saying.

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