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Thread: Jim Thomas Live - March 20

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    Jim Thomas Live - March 20

    Jim Thomas Live

    Rams writer Jim Thomas goes one-on-one with readers at 1 p.m. Tuesday in a live chat.
    Tuesday, March 20, 2012

    comments & answers

    Cromwell21: Good morning Mr. Thomas:
    1-Any news on what the ***** ended up paying Manningham and what the Rams offered? 2-Were you shocked the Rams gave Kendall Langford four years and Jason Jones got one-my impression were both were sought after-was Langford that much better?

    Jim Thomas: 1.) Haven't seen anything on the Manningham numbers yet.
    2.) I'm told Jones only wanted to do a one-year deal; but there also were some knee issues involved here.


    nick49: Hey Jim:
    1)Why not take a chance on Braylon Edwards as your sideline receiver? He has speed and he should come cheap.
    2)Have you heard of any receivers that they are intersted in?
    3)Were you pleased with Kendall Langford at the expense of Jason Jones?

    Dont you just love free agency and a 10 year labor free contract!

    Thank you!

    Jim Thomas: 1.) Might be worth a look.
    2.) You mean besides all the ones that got away? I guess they still have some interest in Steve Smith. There's not much out there.
    3.) Langford was not at the expense of Jones; the Rams wanted to sign both.


    Encino: Assume the Rams will not do anything major between now and the draft. Keeping in mind Manning's Denver decision and it's probable ripple effects, what is your best guess as to who will be available at #6?

    Jim Thomas: Nothing's changed. Unless Cleveland panics and takes Tannehill at No. 4, it will either be Kalil, Blackmon, Claiborn, or Richardson.


    David: Hi, Jim. I am so far pleased with what the Rams have been doing this offseason. One position that is worring me, however, is ourside linebacker. Other than Josh Hull & Justin Hull (both of whom are actually special teamers) we don't have any OLBs. FA Chamberlain may be headed to the Saints and Poppinga may have bad mouthed Gregg Williams enough on the radio to guarantee he won't be back. Who is still out there in free agency (of quality) that may fit our new defense? Who might specifically be on our draft board? Thanks.

    Jim Thomas: There's only one Hull on the roster. Chamberlain indeed may be heading elsewhere. Don't you think one of the reasons Poppinga bad-mouthed Williams is because the Rams don't want him back? (Poppinga wasn't going to be back, bad mouth or not.) Very few linebacker have moved in free agency so far. But most of the top guys are inside linebackers. One possibility is Erin Henderson of Minnesota.


    Reggie: 1. Any idea about what free agents Rams are looking to sign or bring in for a visit next?

    2. Is trading for WR Mike Wallace a remote possibility?

    3. Now that the Dolphins cant sign Flynn or Manning, do you think they will try to trade up with us to get Tannenhill?

    4. CB Tracey Porter is supposed come in for a visit. Will the Rams release Fletcher or Murphy if he signs?

    5. The Rams seem to ignored the LB position during free agency. Do you know of any players they might be looking at since we need to starters at both OLB spots?

    6. Do you see the Rams drafting Morris Claiborne at #6 even though we already have Finnegan, Fletcher, and Murphy?

    Jim Thomas: 1.) The first wave is over. Most of the top guys are gone.
    2.) He has a first-round tender. And you can only use your original first-round pick as compensation. The Rams no longer have their original first-round pick after trading down with Washington. So they can't acquire Wallace through the regular process of restricted free agency. Now, the Rams could always offer less in a sign-and-trade situation. But why would the Steelers want less than a first-rounder? They put the tender on him in an attempt to keep him.
    3.) I guess it's possible, not that the Dolphins are eager to do much business with the Rams after the Jeff Fisher tug-of-war.
    4.) Don't believe everything you read or hear. There is no visit set up with Porter at this time. I'm not sure if they're still interested after signing Finnegan.


    William SoCal: Have u heard anything about the Rams looking at manny Lawson for OLB or aubrayo Franklin at DT? Both guys had off years last year and we can probably get them at a good price and get a few good yrs from them.

    I know are defense is getting younger and we seem to be cutting the older guys, but I think its always good to have some vetran leadership to help/teach the younger guys.


    Jim Thomas: I have not. Franklin is getting up there. He'll be 32 in August. I guess Lawson could be a possibility.


    Roger Cromwell: Hi JT,
    I know it would be a long shot, but do you think the Rams could benifit going after Tebow if he becomes available? He could have a an impact by implementing a special third down package, plus give relief for SJ, and it could give us an instant fan lift to sell seats. Look what he did as a backup last year! I personally would love to see it.

    Jim Thomas: Don't see it happening.


    William SoCal: have the rams checked out LaMicheal James from Oregon as a change of pace back & if Jackson misses some games? could be a good pick up if we dont go RB at #6

    Jim Thomas: I'm sure the Rams are evaluating him.


    ramfanbak: Jim who will be the backup qb? With over half the team gone, will the rams be able to draft,fa,trade enough good players to assemble a competive team? thanks

    Jim Thomas: I guess at the end of the day, the Rams could go back to either Clemens or Feeley. Otherwise, about the last guy out there with a pulse is Josh Johnson.


    Dan Lum: 1) Draftniks always argue "Best Player Available" vs. "Draft for Need(s)". I lean heavily towards the latter. What's wrong with "Best Player Available at Need Position"?

    2) Do you think Rams get a decent LT this offseason (FA or draft), and what if not? Is Bradford due for another brutal 16 week butt whipping? Blackmon would be worthless if Sam's getting planted every pass play. When will the Rams get DEAD serious about their offensive line?

    Jim Thomas: 1.) The higher you are in the draft, the less you should reach for need.
    2.) So far it looks like they're going w/Rodger Saffold at LT.


    canucks win blues lose: Hi Jim, I seem to recall this pause in free agency from years past. Are we seeing the calm before the Class B free agents start to sign on with teams or an even better term is the positions that no longer hold as much value start to line up for the next round with smaller and smaller contracts? Do you see the Rams nailing down some of these less valued positions in a financial and market sense (LB, Run stuffing DTs, Blocking TEs, older RBs) in the coming week or two?

    Jim Thomas: Yeah, with few exceptions we're definitely into the second wave. And I'm sure the Rams will try to fill some roster holes w/cheaper free agents in the coming weeks. It may take a while, but keep in mind, we're only one week into free agency.


    Nymand: Hey Jim

    Given the free agent signings how do you see the Rams biggest need going into the draft and their opportunities?

    Is the ideal fit Blackmon in the absence of no WR signings in the free agency?

    And with the signing of Finnegan is Claiborne still an opportunity at no 6?

    Then what possibilities do you see with the two picks in the start of the second?

    Jim Thomas: The Rams need two starting wide receivers, not just one.
    Sure Claiborne is a possibility at No. 6 even with Finnegan. Fletcher is still a question mark with his knee surgery, and we don't know what Murphy is yet.
    If the Rams don't get Blackmon at No. 6, you'd think they'd almost have to use one or both of their second-round picks on a wide receiver.


    James D.: Jim, as always, thanks for the chats. The Rams have yet to find a back-up QB. Would you give up a 3rd or 4th rounder for Tim Tebow? Would you want Tim Tebow as a back-up QB in St. Louis? Thanks again.

    Jim Thomas: No way.


    Bull: Jim,

    It's looking more and more like Tannehill will be selected by the Browns at #4, which in turn makes it look like Blackmon will be available for the Rams at #6. Getting a #1 type receiver is vital for the Rams.

    I have 3 questions. 1) If the Rams cannot get Blackmon at #6, what would you do if you were the Rams (take Richardson, Claiborne, trade back)? 2) Assuming they get Blackmon, would you still draft another receiver (say Adams receiver/returner from Arkansas or someone of his ilk)? 3) After the FA signings rank the Rams needs by priority.


    Jim Thomas: 1.) Sure I'd take Claiborne or Richardson.
    2.) Yes. The Rams need two starting wide receivers.
    3.) Roster needs right now. No. 1, wide receiver. No. 2, wide receiver. No. 3, defensive tackle. No. 4 outside linebacker.


    tom: seems like the d and o-line is shoring up somewhat although im not convinced quinn is ready to be a full time starter and we still have a question mark at tackle. still no wide out or o linebacker help. jeez are we going to be rebuilding forever?

    Jim Thomas: It does seem like the Rams have been on that treadmill for a while.


    Dave: Thanks for taking my question. Really curious why would Jason Jones leave St. Louis and go sign a one year deal with Seattle? Also curious with Jason Jones rated highly as a FA by many independent FA rankings why would he be sign a one year deal anywhere? Question of the Universe......Whats your thoughts on what in the world the Rams are going to do for GOOD WRs? Are you surprised the Rams have made no moves to acquire any LBs up to this point? Do the Rams have 20 additional picks in the draft that nobody is aware of?

    Jim Thomas: Apparently Jones wanted to sign a 1-year deal. And the Rams weren't willing to pay that much on a 1-year deal. (Jones could get up to $5 million from the Seahawks.) Also there are some knee issues with Jones.
    Wide receiver, eh? That is the question, isn't it They better find a good one or two in the draft.
    Yeah, I'm a little surprised at the lack of activity at LB. I thought Chamberlain would be re-signed by now.


    joe: Do you think the Rams will try to keep DX? I'm a big fan and I think he has showed big game potential. Thanks.

    Jim Thomas: He's got to stay on the field and make something happen in training camp.


    Cousin Vinny: JT,

    Do you think some of the FA's that the Rams were looking at that signed on with other teams were afraid to commit because of the consistency of losing that has blanketed the Rams in the past or was it all about the benjamins??

    Jim Thomas: After signing Finnegan, Wells, and Langford to contracts that total $98 million, I think the Rams had to be a little more discriminating in terms of what they were willing to spend because of their dwindling cap space.
    So for example, Shaun Hill took a better offer to stay with Detroit.
    I think the Rams interest may have dwindled in guards Wharton and Livings once they signed Wells. They canceled on tackle Eric Winston.
    And I'm sure in some cases the opportunity to play for a contender was a factor.


    virginiatom: If Richardson is available at 6, I think his selection will say all you need to know about Jeff Fisher and this new regime. Richardson would be by far the best player available at that position, and while the Rams still have Steven Jackson, it would send three messages: One, that they are looking to put the best players on the field at every position, regardless of who currently is there, two, the Rams are building for the future and realize that Jackson's days are limited, and three, the days of drafting for need over pro-bowl elite best players available regardless of position, are over. I have faith so far in this regime.

    Jim Thomas: It will be interesting to see what happens at No. 6 if Richardson is there, and Claiborne, Blackmon, and Kalil are gone.


    Loren: Wide Receiver is getting all the press but we better have better play out of our Tackle position or it may not even matter. Do you have any idea how the Rams are looking to address that ?

    Jim Thomas: As I mentioned earlier, I think Saffold is one of the tackles, and the other could be Jason Smith _ or it could not.


    Danny Goldberg: HEY JIM!

    Since Fisher hasn't officially announced his staff- is it possible that the team, specifically Bradford, could meet with individuals from the future coaching staff to work on things before the official time to meet with coaches?


    Jim Thomas: Uh, no. They may not have been officially announced. But trust me, they are officially working.


    Dan Nygaard: Assume the draft plays out as widely anticipated, do the Rams select whichever of the "next three" (Richardson, Clabourne, Blackmon) remains at #6? Or, if Blackmon is gone do they shop the pick to trade down?

    Jim Thomas: I think the Rams remain open to trading down.


    Sid: Hey Jim, Now since the Browns lost out on the RG3 bidding for our draft pick and then lost their top rusher, what do you think of the posibility of them drafting Richardson instead of Blackmon?

    Jim Thomas: Sure, it's possible. And some of the mocks do have them trading Richardson. But Pat Shurmur is a pass-oriented head coach, and so is his boss, Mike Holmgren.


    rtcreden: Jim,
    Last year, the OL gave up 55 sacks. The Patriots' OL gave up 32 sacks and the Giants' OL gave up 28. Even Schottenheimer's Jets OL gave up only 40.

    For the Rams to move forward on offense, Bradford has to be protected. Do you have any feel as to how Sneed and Fisher plan to resolve this issue? I know for sure that Blackmon, Richardson, and Claiborne cannot help.

    With Kalil likely gone at #6, who is the next best lineman? I believe it is DeCastro, and I think this is the correct pick regardless of the conventional wisdom that you do not draft a OG that high...

    How would you keep Sam upright?

    Thanks, RTC

    Jim Thomas: Well, one way to keep Bradford upright is to have receivers who can get open and have fewer seven-step drops.


    paceram: Jim, As always, thanks for taking time to answer all these Rams questions! I have just a few I would like to get your opinion on:
    1) In what order would you rate your top 4 players (Kalil, Blackmon,
    Claiborne, Richardson, etc)for the Rams top pick?
    2) Do you think the Rams will be restructuring any of their current
    players (Chris Long, Jason Smith, etc)contracts to add cap space?
    3) Any ideas/rumors on any Free Agents coming to visit the Rams in the
    near future?
    4) Any ideas on when the League will make their BOUNTYGATE decision public
    and if they come down hard on Gregg Williams will the Rams hire anotehr
    DC or will they keep who they have and just promote from within?

    Jim Thomas: 1.) My order would be Blackmon, Richardson, Claiborne, Kalil.
    2.) Don't know.
    3.) The pace will slow down.
    4.) I actually thought we'd find out late last week. (I believe the Rams will have Dave McGinnis run the offense during any Williams suspension.)


    NewYorkCityRams: Great chats, Jim. Glad you're out there!

    Something I've always wondered: when new people like Fisher and Snead come in to an organization, how do they evaluate the the roster? In other words, how do they know to cut Jason Brown, let a Chris Chamberlain test the market but tender an Amendola, etc., etc.?

    Do they rely on Demoff? Scouts? Would they confer with the previous coaching staff (seems unlikely)? Or rely on tape exclusively??

    My thanks!

    Jim Thomas: They look at a lot of tape of past Rams games.


    Rob: JT: Well like a lot of folks I see an awful lot of holes still on the Rams roster. There's only so much you can do with what 8 draft picks considering they all won't make the team. Who are the potential front runners still available in free agency at QB, RB, OT, G, WR, DE, OLB, CB?
    Thanks and love the chats every week.

    Jim Thomas: The QB list is pretty barren. Unless Josh Johnson is available (I'm told he's waiting to see what happens in San Francisco), there's next to nothing left out there. The Rams best option might be Feeley or Clemens.
    At running back, the Rams just might sit out free agency becuase they could be staring at Richardson at No. 6 overall.
    There's not much out there at tackle or guard that grabs me. Maybe Cincy OT Anthony Collins.
    Wide receiver, you're down to Early Doucet, or maybe taking a chance on Steve Smith or Braylon Edwards, or going older with someone like Deion Branch. There aren't a ton of options left.
    DE _ not really an area of need except for a a third DE.
    OLB, Manny Lawson, Erin Hnederson.
    CB, Maybe Tracy Porter if the price is right.


    Mike: Hey Jim,

    Can the Rams trade their first pick in 2nd round to the Giants for their first pick - last pick in round 1(trading places= 1 spot in draft. throw in a 7th rounder). Then use that 1st round selection for Mike Wallace compensation? The steelers are up against cap and we could possibly land Wallace and Blackmon. Receiver situation instantly fixed. What do you think?

    Jim Thomas: Again, you can only use your original draft pick in a round as compensation for a restricted free agent. And the Rams no longer have their original first-rounder.


    Ryan Williams: With the vikings suggesting that they would pass on the LT from USC if he is there do you see the rams taking him or even Trent Richardson?

    Jim Thomas: I get the sense the Rams would rather not use such a high pick for Kalil.


    Dave From Philly: Hey Jim,

    Are the Rams showing any interest in Plaxico Burress? Would be a nice red zone weapon!!

    Jim Thomas: Plaxico will be 35 in August and I don't think things ended on a good note with him and Schottenheimer last season with the Jets.


    garrett1442: hey jim, a few questions.

    1) With the backup quarterbacks we brought in, and none signed, is there a big chance that Kellen Clemens will be back now?
    2) If Santana Moss were to be released by the 'Skins, should the Rams go after him? If not, is there a great chance we draft a wideout?
    3) Have the Rams talked about bringing Chris Chamberlain back or no? Did they tender Darian Stewart?
    4) Would the Rams be interested in bringing back London Fletcher or OJ Atogwe?
    5) James Hall had 2 straight solid seasons here, is there a chance that he can come back at a veteran minimum sort of deal?

    As always thanks!

    Jim Thomas: 1.) It could get back to that.
    2.) I think you've got to consider Moss if he's out there, even thought he's getting up there.
    3.) They've made chamberlain an offer; Stewart has been tendered.
    4.) Don't think that's happening in either case (Fletcher/Atogwe).
    5.) As regards to Hall, that makes sense to me.


    Tim: I have posed this question for each of the last 4 weeks and am hoping week 5 is the week for an answer.

    2012 marks the 75th anniversary of the Rams franchise. Only 6 teams have been in the NFL longer yet I have heard not one peep about next season and this tremendous milestone. Even the Texans are making waves about their 10th anniversary next season. Can you kindly find out what they are planning to do, if anything?

    I have been a fan since 1968 and I find the continued lack of acknowledgement (especially by the team itself) of their long, great standing in the history of this league to be very frustrating. While their record in the past decade leaves a lot to be desired in the long history of this league they are one of the most important and significant franchises in NFL history.

    Can you imagine how much we will all hear about the Patriots or Cowboys when they hit their 75th?

    Step up, Rams front office. Celebrate our glorious history in a fashion befitting 75 years!

    Jim Thomas: I could've sworn I answered this a couple of weeks ago. Kevin Demoff says, yes, the Rams are looking at ways to commemorate the 75th anniversary. But surely you can understand that it's not exactly front burner at this point.


    giuses: rams fan from italy...why not adding a lb from the free agency...the lbs corp is awful in recent years and aside from laurinaitis depth at the position is a a major issue...
    thanks GO RAMS

    Jim Thomas: We're only a week into free agency. It could still happen.


    Jeff in Iowa: JT, love your insight and chats on all things Rams. For a little fun...your thoughts on which is the most over used phrase in the NFL : "We're going in a different direction" or "..and we move forward from here" ?

    Jim Thomas: Oh, it's definitely, "We're going in a different direction."


    stlouieram41: Jim,
    I know the rams have allot of holes to fill and I like the signings they have up to this point, BUT did you imagine in your wildest dreams they would not have signed ONE of those free agent WR's???

    Jim Thomas: No, i did not. It was one of the deepest wide receiver pools in the history of free agency. I thought the Rams would've gotten somebody out of the group.


    londondave: The addition of Wells gives the Rams the start of a good O- Line with Wells, Dahl and Saffold and Goldberg as a fill in. Still need another guard and another tackle. Your thoughts. Please don't suggest Jason Smith.

    Jim Thomas: I don't think there's much interest among the Rams in bringing Goldberg back at this point.


    UCityDave: Jim - Thanks for taking my questions.

    1.) What are the odds that Gregg Williams gets a hellacious fine (say, $250-500k) in lieu of a suspension? That would be a way to punish Williams without punishing the blameless Rams.

    2.) I still think the Rams need playmakers in the passing game. Trent Richardson doesn't make sense to me. And the Rams' history with small DB's is mostly bad, from Super Bowl XIV to Tye Hill. Dre Bly was a notable exception, but he wasn't a #6 overall pick. How likely do you think it is that Justin Blackmon will fall to the Rams at pick 6?

    Jim Thomas: 1.) Zero. He's going to get suspended for some games.
    2.) Again, it all depends on Cleveland.


    nick: jim
    lets say the draft goes luck rg kalil blackmon claiborne I dont think its a bad idea for rams to take richardson, just imagine how scary that backfield can be with sj and rich it could be a really good forumla thoughts?

    Jim Thomas: Agreed.


    AbiRam: Jim, this is just a follow-up to my question regarding Wallace. I realize that the Rams would have to trade their original pick (which they cannot do now) so my scenario really involved a sign and trade. The Rams would get Wallace and Steelers #24 pick whereas the Steelers would get our #6 pick. It would benefit both teams since the Steelers need to clear up cap space. The Rams could use the new #24 pick to get a big WR to pair him with Wallace. Dream scenario in my opinion. Any chance this could happen?

    Jim Thomas: I just don't think the Steelers want to move Wallace. I think they tendered him with a first to keep him.


    sciipo: Hello Jim,
    I know this might sound crazy, but could it be that the reason the Cleveland Browns didn't make a real play for the Ram's #2 pick was that they thought they already have an RGIII0-type QB on the bench in Lewis (former Rams Backup QB)?

    Jim Thomas: It sounds crazy.


    B.R. K: Hi Jim,
    Are Rams going to receive any compensatory pick(s) this year?

    B.R. K

    Jim Thomas: We usually find out at the owners meetings which are coming up next week. I don't think they get any except maybe a leftover pick at the end of the seventh.


    ilramsfan: Jim, thanks for the chats. Have you done the draft with the other beat writers yet?

    Jim Thomas: The beat writers draft is the one we use right before the draft. I think what you're talking about are the mocks we ran a few times before the draft last year. You're not the first to mention it. I'll try to bring it up with my editors.


    hp: Should we be concerned that the Rams are going to convert Langford from DE to DT? We haven't had good luck with FA position changes in the past.

    Jim Thomas: I'm thinking more of trying to turn Carriker into a DT from a 3-4 college end. But yeah, even though Langford stated yesterday the switch shouldn't be a problem, I think you have to wonder at least a little.


    KERRY LEWIS: Hi Jim,
    Seriously, Les Snead should have told Washington, look, we made an error here, Cleveland is also offering three ones and a two, two ones and a two this year and all higher than yours. Next years one who knows but its better than waiting until 2014. Even tossing in a three by the skins wouldn't make their deal better. We are at 6 instead of 4 and 39 rather than 22 plus the second rounder from Cleveland this year.
    Here is that 4 pillar stuff raising its ugly head.All the praise being given to Snead is misguided. This was a franchise saving move as identified by all up front and Snead dropped the football at the one yard on fourth and goal.
    Your thoughts?

    Kerry Lewis/Hawaii

    Jim Thomas: I think it's just sour grapes by Holmgren. The Browns should've been more aggressive.


    sofa king wee todd did: Jim, has "iron" Mike's health progressed, or will he be on the sidelines ironing most of the season again?

    Jim Thomas: Funny you should mention that. I tweeted before the start of this chat (I'm @jthom1) that Hoomanawawnui began running today for the first time since the injury. So I guess the rehab is going well.


    Fletcher: It certainly seemed that Brandon Lloyd was by far our best receiver last year...BY FAR. Couldn't we have paid him $5 or $6 mil per year and grabbed him from the Patriots? That's compatible or less than what some of the other equal or lesser-skilled receivers (Garcon, Manningham, etc.) were getting. Was there something wrong with Lloyd : bad team player, didn't run correct routes? I heard he didn't get much YAC, but with the Ram's existing receiver talent level, don't you think he was worth signing?

    Jim Thomas: He wanted to play for McDaniels. I first reported that in late December. And McDaniels is now in New England. Simple as that. and if you look at Lloyd's numbers with and without McDaniels, I think it's easy enough to figure out why Lloyd felt that way.


    CardsRamsBlues: You are the GM and on the clock at #6, your choices are: Claiborne, Richardson, or a trade back to another top 15 pick. What are you going to do as the Rams GM. Thanks!

    Jim Thomas: Geez, tough call between Claiborne and Richardson. I think I take Richardson.


    Aaron: When will we hear more about whether or not the Rams will let Amendola walk for NE's 2nd round pick and can you see us picking Richardson then trading Jackson for a late first or mid second?

    Jim Thomas: I wonder if New England is interested in Amendola after signing Lloyd, Stallworth, Gonzalez.


    Robert Wildwood: Hi Jim -
    Two part question....
    1. Do the Rams have any interest in the Raiders' released OLB Kameron Wimbley, or should they?
    2. What happened that Oakland released him after only one year into a big contract?

    Jim Thomas: Wimbley just signed with Tennessee.


    RamsinLA: Jim,

    Any idea on what type of punishment we can expect, as to Greg Williams and the bounty fiasco?

    Jim Thomas: Hopefully, we'll find out soon. As I wrote earlier, I think the Rams are bracing for something in the range of 8 games. But his is definitely uncharted territory for the NFL, so we'll see.


    Paul: Hello Jim, if Mike Martz was still here, he would trade for Tebow and turn him into a safety.

    Jim Thomas: Nice.


    ramboy21: hey jim why don't the rams look at ted ginn ,i hope they really look at brian quick.

    Jim Thomas: I think it makes a lot of sense. But this is one I haven't been able to get a bead on.


    Bob: Do you see the Rams looking at David Wilson, Lamar Miller, or Doug Martin in the second round if they dont draft Richardson at 6?

    Jim Thomas: Certainly, or even at the top of the third.


    Justin: JT, 1.So many qb's are gone so do you think they might have to be stuck with drafting a qb?
    2.If the rams get tracy porter would you think that it would help secondary issues tremendously?
    3. Any chance the rams will get Early Doucet?
    4. With not a lot of rb's gone in free agency will the rams be willing to get a guy like ryan grant or ben jarvus green ellis as a backup for steven jackson at a good price?

    Jim Thomas: 1.) They may end up drafting one in late rounds anyway as kind of a developmental guy.
    2.) It couldn't hurt.
    3.) So far, Rams haven't shown any interest in Doucet.
    4.) Then what do you do with Green-Ellis and Ryan Grant if you draft Richardson? They could be relative high-priced third-teamers.


    Football Genius: JT, Any news on Jason Smith's contract restructuring? Are Rams interested in trying to resign Chamberlain, Jones or Bell?

    Jim Thomas: I'm not sure if the Rams have totally decided to bring Jason Smith back. Fisher and Snead gave kind of a lukewarm endorsement of him at the combine. So you don't even think about restructuring unless you know for sure you want the guy back.
    As I've mentioned a couple of times in print, the Rams have interest in re-signing all three, but the price has to be right.


    jhaddadi: Are the new rams staff taking Amendola as a serious option at WR? Havent heard much on contract talks.

    Jim Thomas: He has been tendered at the second-round level as a restricted free agent. There are no contract talks. Unless Amendola gets an offer sheet from another team, and the Rams decided not to match, he's a Ram.


    So Cal Rams Fan: JT - Thanks for all your tweet's. Do you think the Rams could offer Bowe from KC a contract? I have heard that Wallace wants only to be moved to a contender. What do you think?

    Jim Thomas: Remember now, Bowe is a franchise player. Unless you agree to negotiate another deal, it costs you two first-rounders.


    Richard: How much salary cap do the rams have left?

    Jim Thomas: W/the three big signings (Finnegan, Wells, and Langford), plus the exclusive rights and restricted free agent tenders, the Rams are under $10 million.


    Denise Koehr Coursen: Hey old friend! How are you?

    Jim Thomas: What is going on? Since when are you a sports chat person?


    daveok: I saw where Laurent Robinson got a nice new contract from Jacksonville ($32.5 million!). Why does it seem that so many Rams players struggle here yet thrive somewhere else?

    Jim Thomas: I sure wouldn't have paid $32.5 million for him based on one season. He must have a heck of an agent!
    That's all for this week. Not sure if we'll be chatting on Tuesday next week or not since I'll be at the NFL owners meetings. So stay tuned.

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    Re: Jim Thomas Live - March 20

    The more i read these chat things with Jim Thomas, the more I realise how little he actually knows. I could have answered these questions mostly with common sense

    Encino: Assume the Rams will not do anything major between now and the draft. Keeping in mind Manning's Denver decision and it's probable ripple effects, what is your best guess as to who will be available at #6?

    Jim Thomas: Nothing's changed. Unless Cleveland panics and takes Tannehill at No. 4, it will either be Kalil, Blackmon, Claiborn, or Richardson.
    REALLY! Way to narrow it down Jim.

    Don't believe everything you read or hear. There is no visit set up with Porter at this time. I'm not sure if they're still interested after signing Finnegan.
    This would be the only interesting thing to come out of this question session. However, Thomas isn't exactly a trustworthy source of when and if players are visiting after the Mario Manningham incident.

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    Re: Jim Thomas Live - March 20


    I have said before, JT can waffle on for ages without actually telling us anything. . .

    I think most of the old timers here at CR can yield more information about the team. Perhaps they should be attending the NFL owners meetings instead of JT?!
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    Re: Jim Thomas Live - March 20

    Blah Blah Blah!

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    Re: Jim Thomas Live - March 20

    "Jim, what do you think the Rams focus will be in the draft?"

    "Well, I think they're going to look for good players who fit their system and avoid those players they don't think are very good and who don't fit their system."

    "Uh... thanks."

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    Re: Jim Thomas Live - March 20

    Here's another classic, (emphasis mine).

    Jim Thomas: As I mentioned earlier, I THINK Saffold is one of the tackles, and the other COULD be Jason Smith _ or it could NOT.

    Wow - didn't know that.

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