Jim Thomas Live

Rams writer Jim Thomas goes one-on-one with readers at 2:30 p.m. Friday in a live chat.
Friday, March 26, 2010 02:30 PM CDT

virginiatom: If the Rams draft Bradford, he is going to probably sit for a year while he learns the system. If the Rams draft Tebow or McCoy in the second, they will also probably sit for a year as they learn the system. Is theer really that much of a difference between them when they are finally ready to play if they all can sit for a year and develop? In other words, will Tebow or McCoy be just as good as Bradford with a year on the bench learning the system?
Jim Thomas: Trust me, if the Rams draft Bradford, he won't sit for a year. As for McCoy and Tebow being on par with Bradford, I guess will find out in a year or two or three, won't we?

Fritz Gebhard: what is the status of Jason Smith? has he fully recovered from the concussion?
Jim Thomas: Just in general, Spagnuolo said at the NFC Coaches Breakfast in Orlando, Fla., on Wednesday that Smith was doing well and participating fully in the Rams' offseason conditioning program.

ramadama: Dear Jim, both Glenn Dorsey of the Chiefs & Adam Carriker of our Rams are miscast.Dorsey a 4-3 tackle playing end in a 3-4 & Carriker a 3-4 end playing tackle in a 4-3.Sounds like a logical trade that could benefit both teams ( and probably better than anything we'd get from the Redskins).
What do you think?Any chance??
Jim Thomas: Interesting thought. It might depend on their contract status. Remember you inherit the contract of the player you're trading for. And Dorsey would be more expensive since he was higher pick than Carriker in the first round.

Popeyee: Hi Jim,

Here goes and I'm sure I'll get a lot of static for this suggestion. I've followed the Rams since 1946 when they moved to LA! I say, take Suh at #1 and take Tebow at #33! Tebow is big, strong, fast, mobile and doesn't fumble. I think he could be another Steve Young type QB! What say you?
Jim Thomas: Popeye, the sense I get on this chat, week in and week out, is that more people or pro-Suh than pro-Bradford. Now I don't know how many of the chatters are from the St. Louis area, because I think it's obvious that in Big 12 country, most people seem to like Suh because he was so strong against Mizzou in that Thursday night game on ESPN, and obviously, so strong in the Big 12 title game. Tebow's assets and, I think, flaws are well-documented. He could end up being a great pro QB in my opinion. The problem is it will take time. He may be a guy that has to sit and learn for a year or two. In the Rams case, they don't feel they can wait on Tebow. Can you blame them?

Joel C: Jim, I have been watching the Rams lack of activity in free agency (yes, I know they have signed 3 guys) and I wonder what is the plan to upgrade personnel? Frankly, Spags and Devaney should know that they can't have another 1 win season and expect to keep their jobs. While I think it is good to use the draft to find the majority of your players, the draft is a calculated guessing game. For the Rams to become competitive in 2011, they would have to get 3 or 4 starters from each of the next 2 drafts.

What do you think the Rams are waiting for in regards to acquiring more free agents?
Jim Thomas: Let's see. The Rams have signed QB A.J. Feeley, DT Fred Robbins, C/G Hank Fraley, CB Kevin Dockery, TE Darcy Johnson from other teams in free agency. I don't think I'm missing anybody. I think it's safe to say that Robbins may be the only starter in that group (and that's not even for sure). So I think your point is valid. As I've stated before, I wish the Rams would've gone after an Aaron Kampman or Chester Taylor in free agency. Otherwise, there wasn't much out there. (There was going to be no way Peppers or Dansby were going to end up in St. Louis.)
The Rams are still working on some FAs such as Na'll Diggs, the LB from Carolina. And RB Willie Parker. But you're right, although some of these guys should help, they've failed to add any true difference-makers.

D-Nice: Hello Jim thanks for taking my questions, which are, has the possibility of a trade between the Rams and Chiefs for Carriker for Derrick Johnson been discussed or will be discussed at any time in the future. To former 1st rounders who have at sometime been underacheivers for the teams that drafted them. Maybe a change of scenery would benefit both players and at the same time help both teams. What do you think? Also after Bradford works out for the Rams do you think the Rams bosses will have a better assessment of what they want to accomplish with this draft going forward? Third and lastly does the possibility of moving down to draft Spiller from Clemson a remote chance?
Jim Thomas: Remember, Derrick Johnson is an RFA with a first-round tender. So the Chiefs would have to agree to take Carriker instead of a first-rounder. Would you make that deal? As for Bradford, sure it will help clarify things, but Spags made it pretty clear at the NFL owners meetings that the Rams probably will want to see Bradford throw again in the next couple of weeks, just to make sure they saw what they saw. Also as part of their due diligence, the Rams plan to attend the Jimmy Clausen and Colt McCoy workouts. As for Spiller, yeah, I'd say he might come into play in a trade-down scenario.

RAMBLE: 2 better Overtime options than the NFL's proposal:

1. Same as now, except no kickoff. Receiving team gets ball on the 20, or whatever yard line statistically gives each team a 50-50 chance, eg. maybe the 15 or 10, or whatever. Since the odds are equal, a great defense winning the coin toss may want to play defense first.

2. If/when receiving team (Team A) scores, Team B gets a chance to match or surpass. For example, Team A scores a TD, Team B has to match. If they match, OT continues. If they surpass what Team A did, game over. One caveat here, Team B cannot use 4th down, unless Team A did. Otherwise, it would be an advantage to be Team B.

The NFL's idea has issues with statistical fairness. What's your take?
Jim Thomas: Most of these overtime scenarios, including the one just passed for the league, seem too contrived to me. The fairest approach to me would be this: Each team gets at least one possession in overtime, plain and simple. That doesn't exactly make it sudden death, but I think it's the fairest approach.

rambart: Jim, Again Thanks for answering all these Questions..
If we take Bradford, in your opinion, do we have to take a DT or DE in the second???

Then if Gerhart is available in the 3rd would the Rams consider him??? thats as deep as I care to guess. thanks again ..
Jerry Bartels-- Elk Grove CA
Jim Thomas: DT or DE would sure make sense in the second round under that scenario, but it depends on who's there and how highly the Rams have him rated. For example, what if there's a stud outside linebacker there, an intriguing receiver or running back? I don't really know what the Rams think of Gerhart.

bfulton: I know you are a journalist, not a columnist, but you still provide pretty good analysis with your facts. In that vein, is the "Tweeting" thing, and it's short reports, killing the analysis in you, or jazzing the "get-it-first" journalist in you?
Jim Thomas: It really doesn't change the analysis. It's an instant news day we live in, and it's simply an attempt to get more things out first when possible. Hopefully, the tweets will entice readers to check out the Rams Report blogs for more info, and then into the newspaper accounts.

Bob: Thanks for doing these chats! Do you think the Rams are going overboard with signing former Giants and Eagles?
Jim Thomas: Perhaps. But really every Rams coach in St. Louis has done basically the same. And keep in mind, there's no guarantees that guys like Kevin Dockery and Darcy Johnson will even make the team.
Jeremy: Jim:

When do you expect the Rams to start negotiating with players for the number one pick? The Rams have a meeting scheduled for Bradford on the 12th, ten days before the draft, and do you see there being enough time for both sides to come to an agreement even if the pick is not Bradford?
Jim Thomas: Jeremy--I had a story in Thursday's Post-Dispatch on this very subject. The Rams have begun preliminary talks with several candidates for No. 1 overall, including Bradford.

Steve B.: Jim; as always thanks for these chats.
I wonder what your take is on Atogwe? I haven't seen that he's made any visits to other teams. Are the Rams still talking to him?
What is your sense as to whether he'll be on the Rams next season? He's one of the few Ram defenders that actually makes plays; it's hard to believe the Rams would let him go..
Jim Thomas: I'm a little confused by the whole thing. He seems to be exactly the type of player that Spags wants in his program. And although no one is saying he's Ronnie Lott, as you point out, he is one of the few Rams defenders that can create turnovers. Heck, he had two forced fumbles in the Dec. 6 game against Chicago (the game that he suffered the season ending shoulder injury). I'm a little surprised he hasn't drawn much interest. Then again, very few restricted FAs do switch teams. So far, RB Mike Bell is the only tendered RFA who has switched teams this offseason.

Tony: If we take Bradford at #1, no one drops way down to present a clear steal at our next pick, and the Bears will take our second rounder for Greg Olson, do you pull the trigger, and why or why not?
Jim Thomas: Without knowing Olsen's contract status (i.e., how many years he has left on his current deal, which the Rams would inherit), I'd say it would be tempting, very tempting.

snoopy2880: Do the Rams have any interest in Charles Grant? He seems to have the size and athletic ability to play multiple roles on Spags' d-line.
Jim Thomas: I have not sensed any interest in the Rams in Grant.

virginiatom: Word in Washington is that the Redskins want Bradford. Would you swap positions for their #1 (4th overall), their second (36th overall) and maybe a player like TE Chris Cooley? Is that adequate compensation for the first pick or would the Rams still want more? The Rams wouldn't get Bradford, but they could get Tebow or McCoy in the second, and still have the draft picks to address two additional positions and add a quality, pro-bowl pass catching tight end.
Jim Thomas: Actually, Washington has No. 37 overall in the second round. Under your scenario, I'm wondering who would you take at No. 4 if you're the Rams? I guess one of these three would still be there: Suh, Gerald McCoy, and Eric Berry.

paperlion: Thanks, Jim, for your time here and your reports.

Not a loaded question - If Bradford is the favorite at Rams Park right now, can you get any read on how the Rams will go the rest of the draft? Offensive heavy, Defensive heavy, 50/50, or BPA thereafter?

From the info you gleaned at Rams Park, are the Rams' approaching this draft with improving one side of the ball over the other for 2010?

And, same question if they're actually leaning toward Suh?

No suck up, you rock the Rams world, JT, DDS.
Jim Thomas: I do think they're actually leaning to Bradford at this point. But they have so many other needs _ on both sides of the ball _ it's impossible to predict where the rest of the draft will fall.

DanishRam: Hi Jim

How much insider info do you get during the days of the draft - like do you know who the Rams will pick before the card is turned in?

Also is there any chance that you will host a chat before the second day of the draft this year - I think many of us would love to pick our brain for answers early friday!
Jim Thomas: If you mean while the draft actually is going on, I'd say not a whole lot.

As for your second point, we'll see. We'll all have some time to kill. Maybe I can get on there for an hour.

NJ_RAM: Jim,
If you had to put a percentage on it, what do you think the odds are that the Rams are bluffing on taking Bradford with the number one overall pick? I think given the needs of this team, you take BPA, not to say Bradford won't be a good QB, but when you have so many needs to fill - why reach at all?
Jim Thomas: Devaney plays a pretty hand of poker. But I don't think they're bluffing on their interest in Bradford. I think it's real interest, and may be they do think he's the BPA.

knuckles: Understandably, Kroenke is weighing his options. But, I'm curious.....other than holding a big bag of money, and certainly his 40% stake has ballooned in the past 15 years, what role does Mr. Kroenke play in the operations or decision making process of the Rams' organization? Thanks for any insight you can provide.
Jim Thomas: To the best of my knowledge, although he is consulted on things, he really hasn't had much say over the years in terms of decision-making.

Buzz: Jim,
I read where Donnie Avery has bulked up to 200 lbs in an effort to avoid the minor injuries that have plagued him. So I ask you: Do you think he can carry the extra weight and retain his quickness and speed? Thanks.
Jim Thomas: We'll find out, eh?

Buzz: Jim,
In your opinion, did the Rams sign Darcy Johnson to perhaps be their starting TE, or is he more like competition for Daniel Fells to be the backup TE? He is athletic, probably faster than Fells, and has shown flashes of catching the ball down the field. Thanks.
Jim Thomas: He's a roster candidate, plain and simple.

Mike E.: Jim - In your opinion, is the following scenerio plausible or being explored... Mr. Kroenke exercises his right to match Mr. Khan's offer to purchase the additional 60% of the Rams and enters into an agreement to "swap" ownership with that of the Denver Broncos. This would give Mr. Kroenke ownership of the NFL, NHL, and NBA teams in a single market and thus would not violate the NFL cross ownership rules. I'm not sure what the value is of the Denver Broncos, but I assume it is more than the estimated 700-800M estimated for the Rams. Any rumors to this type of scenerio/discussion occuring.
Jim Thomas: I would be shocked if Pat Bowlen wants to leave Denver.

Scott: Thanks for the chats,

I too am a big Dextor McCluster fan having watched him for the last three years at Ole Miss. He would be the perfect compliment to SJ in the backfield and then some. I see him in the same role the Saints used Reggie Bush last year, passes out of the backfield, kick/punt returns, etc. The guy is electric and runs with down field vision and great heart. Any real chance the Rams may take a shot?

Jim Thomas: His "slow" 40 times at the combine were a puzzler. But he plays fast, and if that means he's around at the top of the third, I think the Rams would strongly consider him. I don't think that's the case at the top of the second.

OTRamFan: Could you provide some insight into the Rams drafting process. It seems to me they two owners with both feet out the door, one owner straddling the threshold, mouth shut and a potential owner peeking in the window...with only Devaney and Spagnuolo IN the room. It's hard to believe this process goes without input from Kahn, but through whom. I guess if it is a unsupervised as it appears, this really is the defining moment for Dev'n Spags. It would create incredible attempts at trying to read the mind of new ownership and they could be very indecisive or they could be insightful, believe in their vision, nail the draft and take their shots down the road. How do you see this process from your perspective, is there an interested owner? Do you see this draft as the defining issue for this management team? If you do, can they accomplish what is needed without gaining more draft choices through trading down.

Secondly, I read between the lines that you think this years offensive line will be OK,just OK, am I wrong? If they are not significantly better than last year, Bradford could become the next David Carr, we all know what Houston did to that great prospect, never has been the same. Defenses will t-off and take the head off a rookie quarterback and take the risk he can't make the play. Are we going to be good enough to take that risk with a possible franchise quarterback who has already demonstrated his injury potential?
Jim Thomas: Obviously, this draft and the upcoming season will have a lot to say about the staying power of Spags and Devaney. It is an interesting dynamic with Khan basically poised to take over. When they had the brief meeting with the Rams' braintrust earlier this offseason, did Khan slip a piece of paper to Devaney with the words: "Take a QB" on it? I don't know. But what you have to know is that you're going to spend a lot of money on the No. 1 overall pick _ true, a little more on a QB _ but still a lot of dough either way.

As for your second question, assuming Barron and Smith are the tackles once again, I don't think either can be considered a shut-down pass blocker. You're going to have to give Bradford help with chip blocking or double teams on the edge, which limits the number of receivers you can send out on routes.

bkwestbrook: Hi Jim. As always, thanks for taking questions. Are the Rams seriously thinking about using the #1 overall pick on Bradford? I really don't see him as being that far above Colt McCoy or Skelton as a franchise QB prospect.

Do you think the Rams would be better served by taking Suh first, talkig with the Broncos about trading their 2nd rounder for Brandon Marshall, and looking at available QB options in the 3rd round? That would seem to address at least a couple of needs and even if an interesting QB prospect wasn't available at the top of round 3, I think Bulger could be better with Marshall, a healthy Steven Jackson and a slightly more mature and experienced O-line.

Your thoughts?
Jim Thomas: I don't know about Marshall. Lots of Samsonite there.

tru: Hey,

thanks for your time. What do you think of the 2 recent signings of CB Kevin Dockery and the Te D.Johnson? do y9u think D.Johnson has potential to be a receiving threat at TE. thank you
Jim Thomas: At best, Dockery is a nickel back and helps on special teams. A year ago, the Giants through enough of the guy to tender him at the second-round level as an RFA. Not very big, but fast. It's not like the Rams are swimming in CBs, so why not give him a look-see in training camp. It's only a one-year deal. Same with Johnson. Only a low-risk, one-year deal. He does have a reputation as a pass-catcher, but must stay healthy.

lespaul70: How valuable is James Hall to our defense?and do you think that he'll be our starting LE or do you think we will take one early on in the draft?
Jim Thomas: Well, he's a solid starter and a good locker room presence. Decent against the run. Good bull rush. But he's also 33. If I were the Rams, I'd still be looking for a pass-rushing DE or pass-rushing OLB.


Please give us the lowdown: Did the Rams offer a 4th for Vick, but the Eagles wanted a 3rd? What can you tell us.

Thanks for the chats!
Jim Thomas: I'm not sure the Rams were even willing to offer a fourth. There sure hasn't been much of a market for Vick.

Jumbo J: Who do you realistically think will be targeted by the Rams at 33, Roger Saffold, Everson Griffen, Arrelious Benn, Daryl Washington, Damian Williams, Jermaine Gresham?

Witherspoon, Kyle Wilson, Brandon Graham and Devin McCourty are all guys I liked, but seemed to be thought of as 1st rounders now.
Jim Thomas: There's no way of telling. You have to see the first round play out and see who goes off the board.

Jared: Hey Jim, Thanks for talking time out of your day to write. I actually have two questions. The first, could you see Dez Bryant falling out of the first round. The second, do you believe the rams would select Jacoby Ford in the 4th or 5th round if he was still there? I believe he could give the Rams Special Teams a spark that they were missing. Thanks again
Jim Thomas: I don't think there's any way Bryant falls out of Round 1. Don't know on Ford.

cowpoodle: i believe drafting Colt Mcoy in the second round offers far less risk and a good prospect to sit on the bench a few years and learn.drafting bradford and starting him next year will probabley=disaster,or just as bad paying him all that money to sit on the bench.i believe drafting DT's Suh or mcoy and trading Michael Vick gives the rams a better chance to improve next year,and still have hope for the future.do u beleive this is a better scenario than drafting bradford in the 1st?
Jim Thomas: I'm not sure Colt McCoy makes it to the second round.

JoeBacc: Why in the world is Clifton Ryan still not signed?
Jim Thomas: He's a restricted free agent with a second-round tender on him. I'm sure he'll sign sooner or later. It makes sense for him to wait after April 15 anyway _ that's the last day teams can sign RFAs to an offer sheet.

Thomas T: Hey Jim;
I was on the Suh bandwagon from the beginning but now see the light and why we should take Bradford as long as his shoulder clears and throws well on his pro day. For those who still want Suh, don't fans realize that the bust factor for top DT's is just as bad as it is for QB's, or even worse?!
Gerard Warren, Glenn Dorsey, Dewayne Robertson, Jon Sullivan, among others, come to mind as 'top 5 can't miss DT's' in recent years.
Jim Thomas: Yeah, but given the Rams' luck on such matters in recent years it would be just like them to pass on the next Warren Sapp.

Ruben: Jim,
Thanks for taking my question. Why do you believe Bulger has not been released? Will he be released once Bradford throws on Monday and doubt is gone from him being the no. 1 pick? I understand keeping all options open, but if they are convinced in taking Bradford, releasing Bulger would be the right thing to do. What are your thoughts?
Jim Thomas: You don't throw out the old bath water until you have an alternative. And it won't necessarily be Monday. The Rams may wait until the draft, or after the draft.

VCR Vancouver BC: Willie Parker update please

A) did he workout, run etc. during his visit?

B) Did they talk dollars and cents?
Jim Thomas: a.) He did not work out during his visit. Just talks and a physical.
b.) Nothing at the time. There was supposed to be some talk this week, but I haven't been able to follow up. At this time of year, as the draft creeps ever closer, the teams have all the leverage. Not the free agent players.

stonethrower: Jim,

You've been a great asset to the football fans in St Louis, especially for the manner in which you report accurately and without favoritism towards the team. Unfortunately that cannot be said about all the sports reporting that goes on in St Louis. So thank you very much and keep up the great work.

As the draft talk is heating up considerably now, one question must be addressed about possible drafted quarterbacks and the emphasis placed on their experience or lack thereof in the pro style offense.

Doesn't this criticism now seem a bit overplayed as most of the NFL teams play a version of the spread offense for a portion of, and perhaps even a majority of their offensive snaps?

One need only to watch the 2 teams in the Super Bowl to get an idea of how much the spread offense has taken over even in the pro game. I counted almost 3/4 of the offensive snaps were passing plays and well over half of those passing plays were in the shotgun formation. 3 and 4 wide receivers are now more the norm than the exception, and games often begin with both teams employing the shotgun formation on their initial offensive series.
Jim Thomas: Teams are operating more and more out of the shotgun. I think it's about 50-50 league-wide on the percentage of shotgun snaps vs. time under center. Still, if you're a QB who hasn't operated under center, there is an adjustment period. The footwork has to be precise, because timing is so important even on running plays. For example, it took Keith Null until about October to get used to operation under center.

VictoriaRamsFan: Hey Jim, as always thanks for doing these chats.
Any news on the Willie Parker, Na'lil Diggs and all the other guys that visited? Is the reason they are not getting contracts because they did not play for the Giants or Eagles?
Jim Thomas: Hah! It may have something to do with the fact that Parker and Diggs aren't getting any action from other teams. I.e., Rams have leverage.

laramfan81: i had heard the rams were interested or close to a deal with N. Diggs? Was that just a rumor or a possiblity? Thanks
Jim Thomas: The sides are close, and remain close. Just not close enough.

RamFanInCA: Hi Jim,

How does something like the McNabb rumor get started, exactly? Thanks.
Jim Thomas: I can't really tell you. How do any of these rumors get started? Rams and Tampa Bay trading draft slots, Carriker to Redskins, etc., etc. And we've still got almost a month to go until the draft.

paceram: Jim,

Thanks for taking your time to answer these questions! In your opinion if Sam Bradford throws well this Monday do you think it is a DONE DEAL that he will be the Rams pick in the upcoming draft or do you think there still is a possibility that the could choose another player (Suh, McCoy, etc.) or trade down to get more picks and/or players? Thanks again for your time!
Jim Thomas: If he throws well, obviously that tilts Bradford more toward the Rams. But the Rams still want to see him throw again at a private workout, still want to get that independent doctors check on his shoulder, still want to check out the Colt McCoy and Jimmy Clausen rumors, and still may want to wait until they're on the clock to see if they get blown away by any trade offers.

Riverview 33: Jim: A few quick questions:
(1) I believe James Laurinatis is the real deal at middle linebacker, and one of the few bright spots on defense. Do the Rams' coaches and management share this view?

(2) I get the impression that the coaches and management believe Dahl can adequately fill the shoes of Atogwe, at a fraction of the cost. (Which I happen to agree). Is this true?

I appreciate the chat. Thanks.
Jim Thomas: 1.) Yeah, I think they share this view.
2.) I'm wondering if this isn't with the case, given what's happened with Atogwe. But it could be a dangerous approach. Dahl has had injury problems in the past, and hasn't shown himself capable so far of coming up with the type of turnovers that Atogwe does. Plus, what's wrong with having three decent safeties?

rams1999: Jim, after attending the owners meeting, what percentage do you give Khan being approved by the owners?
Jim Thomas: 65-35

Joey Drillings: Hey Mr. Thomas

After all the meetings, are the Rams negotiating with Willie Parker, Na'll Diggs, Reggie Hayward and Jason McKie or did the Rams just kick the tires and see you later?
Jim Thomas: The only one I can tell you for sure that they have and are negotiating with is Diggs. But that doesn't mean they haven't with the otehrs _ I just don't know on them.

4thandJuan: Jim,

Have you ever covered a busier off-season for the Rams? New owner, No. 1 draft pick, free agency of course. I bet you're not getting much rest.

On the free agency front, the news was that O.J. Otogwe could not be traded because he hasn't signed his tender offer. But don't the Rams still own the negotiating rights, and they can trade those rights?
Jim Thomas: It's been busy.

As for Atogwe, you can't trade a player who isn't under contract. And until Atogwe signs the tender, which he's in no hurry to do, he can't be traded. (It's the same reason why some RFAs take their time signing their tenders.)

rayroz8: Hey Jim, thanks for these chats, best part of the week.

With Bradford seeming like more of a lock by the day, have you heard any discussions involving a round 2 strategy? From what I see there will be a good WRs on the board most likely (ie Arrelious Benn) but there are still DL needs. What is your hunch on what the Rams would lean towards? Thanks
Jim Thomas: At this point, I'm not sure the Rams like enough of the WRs that are expected to be on the board to take them at No. 33 overall.

RogreOgre: There seems to be a good chance the Rams draft Sam Bradford. Look at his resume at OU: he beat Texas in 2007, Tech in 2008, and a couple of Big 12 "Championship Games" against an overmatched Missouri team. Meanwhile, his bowl record (0-2) and his record against Texas (1-2) cannot be overlooked. Do you have concerns about his ability to win big games?

His resume (key wins and losses) reminds me of Chris Simms career at Texas, and we all know how he has done in the NFL.
Jim Thomas: Interesting, and food for thought. But I think Peyton Manning had a similar reputation in college.

larrymarmie: How do you see the Rams using Laurent Robinson next season? Would he be an aadequate No. 1 for a young developing QB (Bradford), or is there a veteran out there who would make sense for the Rams to bring in? Do the Rams win more than 3 games next year?
Jim Thomas: Robinson was shaping up as the team's No. 1 a year ago before his injury. Obviously, he needs to stay healthy. Right now, there don't seem to be many alternatives among veterans. I'd say the over-under on wins probably is 3.5.

Tony: Jim, I'm getting a little nervous here. No matter how great Bradford looks throwing the ball to receivers on an empty field, it's a lot different in a game with a 280 lb defensive tackle in your face slammig him to the ground. Please tell me billy and spags aren't forgetting this and are still considering Suh.
Jim Thomas: Great point. 280-pound DT? How about a 350-pound DT?

Mike: Jim,

In this day and age, it is preposterous that it takes so long for the NFL to approve an ownership change. Large complicated corporations are acquired/bought in less time. In particular, the idea that the timing of due dilegence reports and decisions revolves around pre-scheduled meeting dates is absurd. When a corporation considers an aquisition/sale, the board usually meets immediately and as often as necessary until the decision is made. I don't even see how it could help the other owners to have a sale dangling for so long, so I would think that they would want a faster process.

Any thoughts?
Jim Thomas: Mike--I know you're anxious. But it's not like the entire NFL staff, or even a portion of it, is working on Shahid Khan full-time. Also the sales agreement with Khan and the Rams had a built-in 60-day window for Kroenke to make up his mind. The 60 days isn't up yet, and nothing can happen until Kroenke declares.

With that I must go. We'll be back at our usual time on Tuesday next week. Take care.