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    John Greco

    Im not good at evaluating talent at the o-line positions, so anyone want to gimmie an idea of if Greco played well today.

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    Re: John Greco

    I like Greco, I have no ideal how he played today,but I think he is part of the future Rams o-line.

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    Re: John Greco

    Quote Originally Posted by 01d 0rd3r View Post
    Im not good at evaluating talent at the o-line positions, so anyone want to gimmie an idea of if Greco played well today.
    O-line is my fortay(not saying im the second coming of Jim Hanifan love linemen either side of the trenches, they my favorite players of them all...but had my hands full with other stuff today so although i watched the game..there were plays i missed..i shall watch the game again in full tomorrow and get back to you with my evaluation of his performance.
    i do believe given the same oppurtunities Incognito got, he will be a better player for us, tho i do think at present he is a young Goldberg in that he`s valuable to the team but not yet a lock in the starting line-up for the long term. i do think he will develop into one in time tho..just needs some seasoning and good O-line coaching from Steve & Art. he does have a good work ethic and have fire and desire and although thats not everything for wont get far without it.

    also his girlfriend is a little stunner...only in the NFL could an over 300 pound guy get anyone near decent..let alone model material.

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    Re: John Greco

    Jackson had a nice game, but I think it was more of a great job by Setterstrom than it was a good job by Greco. He didn't play terribly, he didn't let up any sacks (I think), but I'd prefer to have Bell out there playing. Barron allowed a sack or two, Setterstrom had a great game, Brown did very nicely, and Goldberg did very poorly.

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