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    John Shaw...

    In my opinion, not only is he a grotesque looking individual, he also has nary an inkling of a clue as to how to run an NFL organization.

    During his recent news conference he stated he was not happy with the general direction that the Rams were headed.


    Aren't you running the show, Mr. Shaw?

    You're not happy with the personnel that your FO assistants have put on the field? Didn't Martz suggest creating a pro personnel department? Was he promised that it would be done? Guess you weren't happy with the general direction of that idea?

    So I hear you are going to look for a defensive minded head coach? Guess you were not happy with the general direction that the defense was headed?

    What becomes of the direction of the offense?

    You're not happy with having one of the top offenses in the NFL since the 1999 season? Seems you were in love with a certain former OC, within your organization, only a few short years ago?

    Will the offense now simply take care of itself?

    Are you sure you know what you are looking for, John?

    Perhaps you are simply looking for the flavor of the month in minded head coaching?

    Are you sure you know what in the sam hell you are doing, Mr. Shaw? Because, in my opinion, your leadership of the Rams organization sure looks as bizarre as you do!!!

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    Re: John Shaw...

    "Ferter": Well stated Shaw seems to not know what he's doing maybe the change needs to be higher up ! ! !

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    Re: John Shaw...

    That's the 1st time I've seen this guy Shaw, at least I don't remember ever seeing him before yesterday. That tells you the kind of impression he left on me.

    Seems like a real DORK ! How did he ever get a job with the RAMS ?

    Hats off to Mike Martz and Dick Vermiel for being able to over come the weakness at the top. Obviously DV got out before this jerk did something stupid. Credit to MM for taking the HC job to begin with, knowing he would have to deal with that idiot.

    I think it's going to be tough luring someone into this job with SHAW involved.

    :clanram: :tongue:

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    Re: John Shaw...

    Here's what I think about Shaw and '99.

    Before that SB win I think we can all agree that he'd also presided over what could well have been the worst decade suffered by a professional football franchise in the history of the NFL. Mine the stats, and correct me if I'm wrong (could well be here), but we were only saved from complete shame in that decade by the Bungles.

    We were famous round the league for being those 'Sorry old Rams' with poor coaching (aside from a fake punt here or there), bad drafts (Lawrence Philips?) and a Free agency policy that was comical.

    I'm of the opinion that the SB party happened in spite of him not because of him.

    Vermeil was virtually forced to take on MM and his scheme of genius,Rodney Harrison smashed Trents knee, along came Kurt and the rest is history.

    Planned? Work of genius? I think he was fortunate (as we all were) to be around at the time.

    What's happened since? We let Belichicks bandits mug us in the big one and since then we've struggled for any kind of stability in the franchise.

    We were meant to be the Dynasty that the patriots became................

    It wasn't that I couldn't remember Shaw being hailed as a genius, it's just that I didn't agree with it then and I don't now.

    As for Carnal knowledge of GF..............................


    I posted this about a week ago on another thread so I can wholly agree with Ferter. Shaw is at the centre of what is fundamentally wrong with this franchise.

    From his pronouncement that he can be 'hands on' from over 2000 miles away to his spurious comments about the 'direction' of this franchise I am of the feeling that he cannot conceal his lack of enthusiasm for the Rams as a football team.

    I am suspicious of anyone who refers to an organisation in any sport as a "product". Football is not a commodity except in the minds of the marketing men.

    The Rams have to be run in a fiscally responsible way as a football team by men who, although they come from professions from outside of football, like Law, accountancy, and commerce, know it for what it is and are committed at every stage to it's excellence as a football team.

    I am not now, and have never been, happy that Shaw can be that man. Whilst this does not rule out further success, it does make it more difficult to attain and sustain and it also will make it more difficult to attract the calibre of coach who is attracted by our talent but not the men who preside over it.


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