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    Just Discouraging

    Once again, the Rams found a way to be competitive for a half, then not get anything done in the 2nd half en route to a loss. This one hurts on several counts:
    - We lose yet another conference game
    -We lose to a Seahawks team who had been GOD AWFUL on the road
    -We lose with Steven Jackson putting up decent numbers despite being
    listed as questionable.
    -We lose despite Kyle Boller throwing for 289 yards (to Matt Hasselbecks
    -We had three home games in a row- and lost all of them. This one was winnable.

    It is obvious we are short on talent. But to say we have NO TALENT is inaccurate, and I'm sorry, an excuse, plain and simple. While none of these recievers are superstars, they are serviceable- and did a decent job today. As mentioned, Boller threw for nearly 300 yards, which for a backup is more than acceptable. Jackson gutted it out.

    We lost for the same reasons we always lose- we make the wrong play at the most inopportune times and guys are not consistent. Brown hits a 55 yarder but misses an earlier one. Boller throws for a bunch of yards but has a crucial pick returned for a touchdown. We break down defensively too often. The offensive line gave up 4 sacks. You can't win ball games this way.

    Today was our shot; I honestly don't see us winning again this season.

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    Re: Just Discouraging

    Rams have developed a Losers complexion. They expect to lose. We make the same mistakes week after week. Rams get a score early on , but never follow up with another again till its too late. Ofcourse this team is going to have troubles inthe redzone, Josh Brown's wiff that failed to bail the Rams out early on, took alot of the Rams momentum on which they couldn't recover.

    I've yet to see this team as "53 playing as one", this year!

    Very discouraging indeed!

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    Re: Just Discouraging

    I think next years slogan should read BACK TO BASICS
    It wasnt just the rams playing bad, it was bad officials calls
    When Bollers ball was intercepted and the ref called tripping, there was no tripping, he just had to cover his but for throwing a stupid flag.
    At least this year is over i say give NULL some time in the drivers seat and see if he can produce any spark in this sparkless team.
    Who knows look what VINCE YOUNG is doing with TITANS????

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    Re: Just Discouraging

    Comparing Null to Young is apples and kumquats. Young has been in the league for 4 years, has prior starting experience, and played more successfully at a much higher collegiate level than Null did.

    And of course, Young has a much better supporting cast to work with.

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    Re: Just Discouraging

    Quote Originally Posted by dpw1970 View Post
    Who knows look what VINCE YOUNG is doing with TITANS????
    Young was a superstar at texas, was ROY, and has been to the playoff's. Null on the other hand hasnt played a snap in a regular season game, struggled at times vs third string players, and has a lackluster team to play with. In what way would it be good for him to start a game?


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