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Thread: Just a friendly reminder

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    Re: Just a friendly reminder

    Quote Originally Posted by TorontoRam View Post
    I don't fault Fisher for the record. I fault Sneed and Fisher for their draft strategy, and without inciting a 'board riot,' including not at least giving the RGIII and/or one of the first 5 WRs (e.g. Blackmon) and good look. The 2012 draft isn't looking stellar at this point IMHO. I hope it was a fluke and doesn't show that 'Snisher' can't draft very well.
    RGIII is playing lights out don't think he can play any better and yet they are 3-5. You could say the same thing about Cam played great his rookie year and still had a losing record. Both these QB's will need better players around them to win on a consistent basis. That brings me to why we traded with the Redskins. The need to add better players around offensive rookie of the Year 2010. If the Packers or the Patriots cut 60% of their roster do you think 21 of them would not find a job in the NFL. Well that's how many players after being cut by the Rams are now out of football. We already have the young gun we needed to add more then just receivers to the mix to win games.

    We as Ram fans have watched a team with not much talent over the last five years. I think we forgot what it's like to have depth at any position. We went from not having A back up for SJ to having three backs that are very good. Pead is considered a bust because he's not playing a lot. Lets see what happens next year when SJ may or may not be here.

    he 2012 draft isn't looking stellar at this point IMHO.
    Compared to who? What team is getting more production then the Rams rookie class?

    We got a starting DT, CB, UDFA Punter, Stud Kicker. Running back splitting time with SJ. Wide out Givens has five straight games with a 50 plus yard catches which is a rookie record.

    Point me to the team that has more production from their draft class.

    If this was our draft order and picks would you not be happy?

    1) Brockers
    2) Jenkins
    3) Givens
    4) Richardson
    5) Johnson
    6) GZ
    7) Hekker

    Out of thin air we have added a few more picks.


    We also have two more first round picks! 2013 and 2014. To be honest the redskins trade will take until 2017 before we know how good it was or how bad it was. Today it's hard to complain about the results IMO.
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