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    djccon Guest

    Just For Fun

    With our week off this week, I challenged myself with the following:

    Write down the numbers 1-99, and then next to each number, write down as many Rams players as you can think of (without looking at any reference material - rely ONLY on your memory) who wore that number.

    I give myself 1 point for active roster players, 2 points if they played in the previous decade, 3 points if they played in the decade before that, etc., etc., etc. But heck, that's just me!

    Do it just for fun. By the way, can anyone think of a Ram who wore #2? I can't. That is the ONLY number for which I can't recall a player.

    Have fun with it!

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    Oh, jeez... I won't be good with that, I'm a youngster. I'll start studying. :nerd:


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    No 2 = John Drake RB from Purdue, played 1937 to 1941 (also wore the number 14)

    No 2 = Mike Horan Punter 1997 to 1999

    No 2 = Patt Maurice End, 1939 to 1942

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    PerthshireRam Guest

    Johnny Drake #2

    I read somewhere that Johnny Drake, a fullback, was the Cleveland Rams first ever No1 draft pick in the NFL. (Although he was selected by the NFL as were all the Rams draft choices that year). Think he signed for $275 a game and won Rookie of the Year.


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