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    Sauceman60 Guest

    Just wanted to say thanks!

    I think this is the first topic I have made, but I have responded to a couple of posts.

    Just to let you know, I grew up in Anaheim and lived in CA until about 9 months ago when I moved to AZ (for school). When I started watching football, I rooted for my dads favorite team, which was the LA Rams. I have liked the Rams ever since.

    Mostly, I just wanted to thank all those people who post recent Rams news all the time, because it is really hard to get it over here in AZ. I can usually find stuff at football sites and the Post-Dispatch, but this site tops it off. If it wasn't for the forum I run (A Madden 06 Online Competition Forum) I would have this as my homepage.

    Thanks for the hard work!

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    Re: Just wanted to say thanks!

    ...This site tops it off. -- Sauceman60
    You got that right, Sauce! :up: The BEST, honestly so. Good to have you here.

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    Re: Just wanted to say thanks!

    Welcome to the Clan, and keep those compliments... er... I mean posts coming!

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    Re: Just wanted to say thanks!

    its good to here when all that hard work pays off

    Welcome to the Clan, good first post and keep them coming

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    maineram Guest

    Re: Just wanted to say thanks!

    Welcome aboard. Some very nice folks here, very knowledgable also.

    Maineram -


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