This thread probably should be in the NFL talk but I feel since Marshall Faulk and Les Richtar was inducted in the HOF I am putting this thread in the Rams talk.

I just want to say congratulations to all the HOF inductees from yesterday. By far for me it was the best HOF ceremony that I've ever watched. I am not saying this just because one of the best Rams of all time was being inducted into the HOF, I believe this because of all the the people inducted have so many compelling stories and what they meant to the game both on and off the field. All these people revolutionized the game in so many ways its crazy. From the swagger that Deion had, to Ed Sabol starting up NFL films, Shannon Sharpe's toughness and determination to be great, Marshall Marshall Marshall being such a student of the game and was that complete running back that the NFL has never seen, WATCHING THE HOF CEREMONY MADE ME REMEMBER WHY I LOVE FOOTBALL SO MUCH.

So gentlemen I suggest you guys all watch the ceremonies because it was truly something special to watch.