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    Justy look at the tape

    dross1454 on youtube has some really good stuff on the Rams and Bulger when he was good in 06'(his best year). I've forgotten how deadly accurate Marc was but when i started watching these videos of the Rams of 06' and before, it only got me thinking that Bulger should still be able to pick teams apart. The protection needs to show improvement otherwise Bulgers career will be another waste of good talent from bad coaching and bad drafting. I hope its not too late. Please look at the tape incase you've forgotten also. It'll change your mind if you still have doubts about our qb. Sorry, there are alot of videos from dross1454 so just go to utube and pick your poison. My personal favorite is the 2nd game vs the seahawks in 06 but linehan and Barron really killed us on that game. Keep in mind, these are full length games so enjoy.
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    Re: Justy look at the tape

    Some good stuff on there man, thanks!

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    Re: Justy look at the tape

    I really believe that Bulger has the accuracy to play very well. As said, in 2006 many of his passes were right on the money.
    But then as you said, guam rammer, he MUST have protection from his O-line. I think that over the past few years he's lost confidence in them. What always sticks out to me is Week 2 of the 07 season, the niners game. It was THAT game where the O-line collapsed , and that was the first game I really remember seeing Bulger getting that deer in the headlights look. From then on, it's been about the same for as long as Bulger's protection has been bad.
    If he regains confidence in that O-line, he will get back to his 2006 self.

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    Re: Justy look at the tape

    I agree with what everyone has said so far. I think if Bulger can get some protection this year, & get his confidence back, he can be a great QB.

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    Re: Justy look at the tape

    I totally agree, when bulger has time he throws lasers all over the field accurately. I have faith rams 9-7 this year.

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    Re: Justy look at the tape

    Dross1454 also has some of the GSOT games for people who want to watch a non depressing Rams team. My personal favorite game is the one against the Chargers from the 2000 season where they score on every possession.

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