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    KC to Hire Herm Edwards... effect on Rams

    I was listening to a NY Radio station and they reported that KC has decided on Herm Edwards. They don't know if Herm Edwards will leave. But, sources Close to Edwards said he has been offered the job.

    I hope Edwards takes his time and thinks about it and it'll keep KC from taking a coach we're interested in.. AND keep the JETS out of the HC derby until he decides. Just more reason for Shaw to do something. Sell the job and get the coach. It can be done there's a lot of talent on our team including a Franchise QB.


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    Tony Soprano Guest

    Re: KC to Hire Herm Edwards... effect on Rams

    Now this on the wires:

    Source: Chiefs to ask Jets' permission to speak to Herm

    Jan 02, 2006

    HEMPSTEAD, N.Y. (AP) - Though Herman Edwards maintains he will return as Jets coach, the team should expect a phone call from the Kansas City Chiefs in the coming days.

    A person familiar with the situation, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said Monday the Chiefs plan to contact the organization for permission to speak with Edwards about taking over for Dick Vermeil. Edwards and the Chiefs have been linked for the last six weeks, when it became apparent Vermeil was considering retirement.

    Now that Vermeil made that decision final, it clears the way for his former player to get a shot at the job. It is unclear whether the Jets would grant permission to the Chiefs to talk to Edwards. Chiefs spokesman Pete Moris told the AP on Monday he could neither confirm nor deny that the team had asked permission from the Jets to speak with Edwards.


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