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    Key Positions Come From 1st Day - Clayton

    John Clayton has an interesting analysis on draft position and looking for bargains. While teams are always looking for bargains in the draft, and there are always heralded exceptions (e.g. Brady/Bulger) there are certain positions that are dominated by 1st day picks:

    Dominated by 1st two rounds: LT, QB, and CB
    Dominated by 1st day (1st 3 rounds): DE, WR

    Seems to indicate that if you want a starter/star at this positions you have to get them early. While on other positions OG, RB, C, S, LB, RT, and even DT you can get value lower.

    Interesting. Made me feel better about the Bartell draft choice in the 2nd at CB, made me wonder about the Incognito draft choice in the 3rd, that it might have been better to go DE and then come back with the interior line pick. Only time will tell.

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    Re: Key Positions Come From 1st Day - Clayton

    Did anyone else see the draft day video of Incognito?.....Where he continued to block his opponent even after he had already put him on the ground.

    I haven't seen a Rams lineman play with that kind of intensity in ages. Surly do hate the fact that he's got a knee in re-hab. Let's hope this kid gets healthy...I think he's gonna be a good one for many years.

    Go Rams!


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