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    Keys to the loss

    Here's were it went wrong:

    1. Martz gave the team an extra day off on a short week? He says that he want's his players fresh...well, guess what, I'd rather be prepared than fresh. This incentive helps a tired team after a week 12 victory, but not when you have a bye week coming up the minute this game is over. They'll get all the rest they need then, not before. That is just a joke. This isn't a 6-0 team who just rolled over someone, they need EXTRA practice, not less.

    2. Play calling: Poor vs. Seattle. Poor vs. Miami. (Actually, pretty good vs. Bucs). Miami is a top ranked defense, and we should have went into this game preparing for both Miami and New England by playing a tough D. (again, see day off)

    3. (Should be #1) Special Teams. How can you expect to have a defense that ranks anywhere in the top 20 when the Special Teams gives the ball to the opposing team on our side of the field half the time. They seriously just need some Special teams 101. (Did anyone watch "in their own words" with Bill Parcells and he talks about the Punt Returner getting all the way back on a punt so that you are not still going backwards when you catch it....he went over and over and over this with his PR's. Our guys do it EVERY TIME.) There's just not enough basics being taught on ST and Defense. Didn't we get a new ST coach? I don't even remember. If we did, he's worse than the last one.

    4. Blitzing: Now I'm not saying NOT to blitz, but like Martz' play calling, timing is everything. Sure I'm happy when it works, but for a team to blitz and leave their corners on an island like that, you have to have some pretty good corners.... and guess what...the Rams don't have that. 3rd down blitzing for the Rams has been PATHETIC. Little Arch runs up from his safety spot and gets picked up by the running back. (like they didn't see it coming?) and then the QB has 5 minutes to throw. Don't they realize that it's 90% of our Blitzes and all they have to tell the RB is to keep an eye on Arc and you can burn the Rams on a blitz????????

    man, it's not even the talent, it's the coaching.

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    Re: Keys to the loss

    So, everyone took the day off yesterday. Not saying they didn't, but what I saw was one team making plays and the other team wasn't. If we are going to have a brain fart this year, at least it wasn't inside our own division like some other team did yesterday.

    Not defending anyone, probably the worst game of the year so far for the Rams. However, the season isn't over. They bounce back with two big wins over NE and SEA after the break and all is fine again.

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    Re: Keys to the loss

    I think they were suffering from PBWS (Pre Bye-Week Syndrome).

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    Re: Keys to the loss

    Well it just goes to show that the return of Fisher only made matters worse. Now the opponent had two sides of the field to pick on.

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