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    jaydees Guest

    Kicking Butt

    The message in this forum keeps asking me to post something. Okay OK. My prediction is the Rams are going to spank some teams very hard in 06. I think preseason will go 2-2 but look out after that. Why do I feel this way? Just gut. The rookies, Linehan and a feeling about the D. 11-5 this year and playoffs. There you have it. The Rams are a sleeping giant.

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    LMU93 Guest

    Re: Kicking Butt

    I tend to be optimistic. Would love to see them go 11-5 and win the NFC West. I like most of the moves they've made this offseason, especially in the coaching department and the Draft. Right now I'm predicting 9-7 and competing for the final wildcard spot.

    Still big question marks on the interior OL, interior DL, and the secondary. If we see solid improvements in those areas, Bulger stays healthy, and the team overall stays reasonably healthy then 10 or 11 wins could happen. But a lot of what-ifs right now.


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    jaydees Guest

    Re: Kicking Butt

    Overall team health and injuries are a huge part of the season outcome. A healthy Rams team is a winning Rams team.

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    rams#1 Guest

    Re: Kicking Butt

    I predict anywhere from 11-5 to 12-4, you have to be stupid to think were going to suck this year, just like in 1999 everybody thought we would win 5 to 6 games at BEST, and what did we do??? we came out went 13-3 dominated in the playofs and went on to kick some titan ass in the superbowl, so I predict that we go to the superbowl this year, we earn homefield advantage and we bet carolina in the divisional game 29 to 23,(yes that is the same score that we got beat by in 03) then we go on to beat seattle in the nfc championship 34 to 31 on a last second kick by jeff wilkins, then we go on to beat the kansas City cheifs In the superbowl 20 to 17. by another last second field goal by jeff wilkins. OK now wouldn't that be the perfect season.

    What do you guys think?


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