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    psycho9985 Guest
    Conference Call:
    TE Joe Klopfenstein
    256k | 512k

    This stuff is probably showing his best.Lets take it with a grain of salt.I gotta see him play in the NFL.

    Guy has good hands though.Gotta be an improvement over manu.
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    bigtiger737 Guest

    Re: Kloppy looks like Shockey

    Yeah man, I love Klop for some reason I think he is going to be a long term answer for the TE. As far as a gut instinct we'll see what happens. I'm looking forward to this kid that played college hoops too

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    Re: Kloppy looks like Shockey

    Joe Klopfenstein Reminds Me More Of Dave Casper (Former Oakland Raider Great - "Ghost To The Post!")
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    RamsFan16 Guest

    Re: Kloppy looks like Shockey

    Klopfsenstein remind sme of Shockey also. Great recieving Tight End but a shakey blocking tight end. or a Jason Witten type.

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    Re: Kloppy looks like Shockey

    I will be elated if Klop turns out as good as Jason Witten. We would really be the GSOT then.

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    Bigtime Guest

    Re: Kloppy looks like Shockey

    Klopfenstein is not going to be Shockey. However, he could end up like Ernie Conwell but not as good a blocker. Byrd could end up like a more athletic Roland Williams in his prime.

    I'll never forget those catches vs. Oklahoma for Byrd. He was a STUD in that game. I think he was more of a blocker for Reggie Bush, LenDale White and Leinart vs. Texas. We'll need him more than USC did in Linehan's double-TE sets.

    Klopen Horse (he'll have to earn a cool nickname but I'm trying) should be good. He'll be solid but don't overhype him just yet. I still think the Rams will go to Holt, Bruce, Curtis and Jackson more. But it's nice to see that Linehan wants Bulger to throw to our TE's a heck of a lot more often. I just hope that Klopfenstein/Byrd can block consistently enough at the NFL level. They'll make their mistakes--holding penalties, drops in the red zone/end zones, but overall I think they'll be OK for rookies.

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    jkramsfan Guest

    Re: Kloppy looks like Shockey

    if kloppy turns out to be another ernie conwell then it was a great pick and we will be in good shape at the te position.i also like the byrd pick,i think it will allow us to do many more things in the red zone and come away with more touchdowns and less field goals.

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    Re: Kloppy looks like Shockey

    you said everything i wanted to say jkramsfan

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    Re: Kloppy looks like Shockey

    I'd probably compare him to Todd Heap before I would Jeremy Shockey.


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