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    Korte's Blog

    What position battles to watch in the preseason

    Most of the Ramsí roster is set for the 2007 season, but there are a few training camp battles to watch during the teamís preseason opener against the Minnesota Vikings on Friday night.
    1. Andy McCollum vs. Brett Romberg at starting center.
    McCollum and Romberg have shared the snapping chores during training camp, but McCollum has a big edge in terms of experience when heís completely healthy.
    Romberg played well as a starter over the final three games last season.
    Look for the this battle to play out through most of he preseason.
    2. Kay-Jay Harris vs. Travis Minor and Rich Alexis at third-string running back.
    The job of No. 2 running back is probably rookie Brian Leonardís job to lose, but the job of No. 3 running back is up for grabs.
    Look for Harris, Minor and Alexis to get a lot of carries in the preseason.
    3. Aaron Walker vs. Dominique Byrd and Mark Anelli at third-string tight end.
    You know what youíre going to get with Walker, a solid player who doesnít make a lot of mistakes.
    Byrd is the Ramsí most physically gifted tight end, but he has a lot to prove in the preseason after his off-the-field problems.
    Anelli isnít just a camp guy. Heís got some skills as a blocker and a receiver.
    4. Dominique Thompson vs. Marques Hagans at No. 6 wide receiver.
    Hanging around Torry Holt and Isaac Bruce for two years mostly as a member of the practice squad has made Thompson the most accomplished receiver among the Ramsí young wideouts.
    Hagans might be the teamís most improved player since last season. He also has punt and kickoff return ability.
    5. Jamal Brooks vs. Jon Alston, Larry Edwards, Quinton Culberson and Tim McGarigle for a spot in the linebackerís corps.
    Two of these players could make the 53-man roster, but itís anybodyís guess as to which ones.
    Itíll probably come down to who offers the most value on special teams.
    A hamstring injury has put McGarigle behind the rest of this group, while injuries enabled Culberson to catch the coaching staffís eye early in training camp.
    6, Lenny Walls vs. Jonathan Wade at nickleback.
    Walls entered camp as the frontrunner for this job, but Wade has quickly closed the gap despite being a rookie. Wade impressed the Rams' coaching staff with his willingness in run support during the team's intrasquad scrimmage on Saturday.

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    Re: Korte's Blog

    What jumps at me in all of these camp battles is the different skill sets that each brings? These are VERY different players:

    1. McCollum, the bulky power blocker trying to keep his feet from slowing down, and Romberg, the smaller zone (IMO) blocker trying to better his power game.

    2. Minor, the change-of-pace back; Alexis & Harris, the bruising 235 lb-ers

    3. Walker, the small OT; Byrd, the big WR

    4. Alston, the small, quick athlete @ WILL; Culberson & Brooks, the determined & versatile overachievers; McGariagle, the slow technician @ MIKE

    5. Walls, the sizable veteran; Wade, the diminutive speed urchin

    All these positions are comparing apples with oranges, bananas, and even a couple of kiwi and a pomegranate. Unless some of them separate themselves from the group, the coaches better understand what direction they want each of these positions go, because each participant brings a very different set of cards to the table.
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