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    Kreider takes advantage of 'great opportunity' with Rams

    Former Manheim Central and Pittsburgh Steelers fullback agrees to contract with St. Louis

    Intelligencer Journal
    Published: Jul 23, 2008
    ST. LOUIS, Mo.

    By MATT PAWLIKOWSKI, correspondent

    The web master for the St. Louis Rams has some work ahead of him, as they made an acquisition on Tuesday with the signing of former Pittsburgh Steelers and Manheim Central standout Dan Kreider.

    Although it was reported in June that Kreider had officially been offered an invite by the Rams to training camp, Kreider says that at the time the two parties were only involved in talks and no decision was made.

    "My agent started talking with them close to the draft, because they had some level of interest while most of the other teams were hesitant because of my injury," Kreider said. "I came out for a visit in June, but the Rams hadn't made any decisions yet. They decided to wait until July to put me through an actual workout. I did that Tuesday afternoon, and they offered me a contract, so it is official now."

    Kreider, who was an unrestricted free agent with the Steelers, has been rehabbing his anterior cruciate ligament injury, which ended his season last year following a Monday night contest with the Miami Dolphins in November.

    The injury was the first serious one of his nine-year NFL career, other than a freak calf injury in 2002 that forced him to miss most of training camp. Although he has yet to go through the rigors of a daily practice, the Rams felt confident Kreider's knee was healed enough after his workout to bring him into camp.

    "It's been almost eight months since the injury, and it feels pretty good," Kreider said Tuesday afternoon. "The Rams wanted to see if I was favoring the knee at all, and they worked me out pretty hard. It responded well. Training camp rigors will really test it now. If I can get through that, then I should be fine."

    Kreider and his knee will get tested soon enough, as the Rams begin training camp on Friday at Concordia University in Maqueon, Wis.

    "It's going to be a different situation than what I have been used to," Kreider said. "I honestly don't know a whole lot, and haven't seen a playbook yet. But I also say its still football, where every day you still have to hit guys. I just have to learn a new system, and am prepared to do just that.

    "Again, it's a great opportunity."

    Kreider, who was a fan favorite in Pittsburgh for his tough, blue-collar work ethic, says that while he will miss Pittsburgh, he knew his days were probably numbered there.

    "I told them after the season that I would love to be back, but it didn't seem like that was going to happen," Kreider said. "They never gave me a clearcut, yes or no. They told my agent they would see what happens down the road, but nothing was ever offered. They seemed to have their minds made up a long time ago. I loved playing in Pittsburgh, the Rooney's were great, but it is what it is. It is part of playing football."

    During his years with the Steelers, Kreider was the lead man for some great backs, including Jerome Bettis, Duce Staley and Willie Parker. He will get a chance to clear the lanes for another great one, as the Rams have Steven Jackson, who has rushed for nearly 5,000 yards in just four seasons.

    It is something Kreider is excited about.

    "There are a lot of good backs in the league, and I've been fortunate," said Kreider. "I can see why St. Louis has a desire for a fullback. The thing is, I may make a half a block, and because the back got by, it makes me look better. I feel fortunate to have those great guys lining up with me in the backfield."

    The Rams were 3-13 last year, which is a far cry from the perennial bound-playoff Steelers. Asked what he knew about the team, Kreider laughed.

    "I'm going to get a crash course here in the next couple of weeks," he said. "It may not be the most ideal situation with having to learn a new system and everything being new, but I'm a football player, will work hard, do whatever they ask of me and look forward to helping the team any way I can."

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    Re: Kreider takes advantage of 'great opportunity' with Rams

    Good attitude. Hope he comes in plays well and helps develop Leonard!

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    Re: Kreider takes advantage of 'great opportunity' with Rams

    Let's hope he's fully rehabbed and ready to block for Jax. He's the tough grtty type of player we'll need given our brutal schedule this year.

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    Re: Kreider takes advantage of 'great opportunity' with Rams

    now , just ship out OWENS, and..... WAIT WAIT WAIT !

    What if KREIDER does get hurt , let grab an extra TE just in case . HEY , how about OWENS ? he is available and knows the coach. If he can do for us , what HEDGECOCK did for the GIANTS , we would have gotten a great player. And i love the whole BLUE COLLAR player attitude. Jax has to have a grin going on right now, and i think this might have been the missing piece to the RB puzzle. I'M very excited .

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    Re: Kreider takes advantage of 'great opportunity' with Rams

    Gentlemen, start your engines. We now have a legit Fullback!! (Please, oh please stay healthy Danny boy)


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    Re: Kreider takes advantage of 'great opportunity' with Rams

    finally a pure bruising blocking full back. This is great if he stays healthy. If not I think we should try becht at some fullback he is iur best TE/FB blocker

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    Re: Kreider takes advantage of 'great opportunity' with Rams

    SJ will love having Kreider and Becht. Of course, it makes you wonder why we spent 2 second round draft choices on Leonard and Klopfenstein (not to mention cutting Hedgecock).

    Oh well... ever forward!

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