Greetings Clannies,

I had posted my 1000th post and decided I would post my 1001th post once we got another win, then I realized, "I might be out for a long time." I have decided that this was a stupid idea and I must break my silence.

In all of my years being a Rams fan, I've never seen such a lack of effort especially towards the end of the game. (Posted by many, but remember I was silent) First of all, kudos Avery, he got both feet in!!! He demonstrated he has a future in this league. Second of all how do you allow a former player for your team to come in your house and break records and celebrate by hugging your former coach on the opposition's sideline???

Anyways, thought I'd start with a gripe and then a huge thanks to all of you who have hung in there through this disastrous of a season. With one more game vs. Falcons left I would hate to lose our #2 overall pick in the upcoming draft.

So I look forward to continue to post throughout what's left of this season and the upcoming transactions, which coincidentally will result in a playoff season soon. (I truly believe that)