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Thread: Lance Kendricks

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    Lance Kendricks

    I know this guy has been helping the dismantled o-line for the majority of his snaps but I feel when he does run routes he lacks the speed and separation of today's NFL TES. I hope I'm wrong because he flashes talent but it is very inconsistent. If I was fisher n company I would give Kendricks up to year 4 to develop.

    What is everyone's thoughts ???

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    Re: Lance Kendricks

    We've used so many draft picks on the TE position (see Linehan and Spags) it sickens me. Maybe Kendricks will workout? Anyway I can see Fisher/Snead using yet another pick on a TE in the upcoming draft!

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    Re: Lance Kendricks

    When I look at Lance and his production. I try and keep it in perspective, and to me that means how does his numbers compare to his teammates. I don't see Kendricks dropping a lot of balls like last year. I don't see a ton of passes coming his way. Not sure if that's because he's not getting open or he not featured that often. We all know he is blocking more to protect Bradford.

    Player Rec Yds Yds/Rec Long TD
    Danny Amendola 32 395 12.3 56 2
    Brandon Gibson 25 335 13.4 34 2
    Lance Kendricks 16 133 8.3 26 1
    Steve Smith 11 114 10.4 25 0
    Chris Givens 10 270 27.0 65 1

    He is third in catches and has one TD catch. He has made some nice catches over the middle in traffic. Shotty has done well with TE so maybe he will get him going once the O line can be trusted to block better.

    Rob Gronkowski is 6'6 and Kendricks is 6'3. Would not hate it to add a 6'6 TE on the other side.

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    Re: Lance Kendricks

    Lance needs to improve his downfield blocking.

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    Re: Lance Kendricks

    For me the prototype Te is a good blocker, fills the gap when required, is cagey i.e. hides his route well disguised as a blocker, someone that when he is thrown to catches the ball if thrown well and does not go down with first contact and more times then not delivers a hit to the defender. A TE is key in the Red Zone IMO and has thr size and knack to be open and use his body to sheid a usually smaller defender in order to catch the ball. If my criteria is agreed to do you see Kendricks doing all of this ? Or, do you think he has the potential to do this?

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    Re: Lance Kendricks

    I remember a Lance Kendricks. Yeah, he's like the king of fantasy if fantasy football started preseason week 1 and ended week 1 of the regular season. Life before mentioned, tight end is a goal line position and how often do we score in the redzone?

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