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Some people have completely missed the point of this thread.

Its been in keeping with other things I've been saying on the same issue.

The clue was in the reference to Bobby April.

Perhaps the problem isn't the coach and never was?
I saw the point, but don't think that's the case here. I think besides the general lack of aggressiveness in Haslett's scheme, it has been heavily rumored that he cuts up Linehan behind his back and if something like that won't divide a team and start a cancer in the locker room, than I don't know what will. This defense started getting soft with lovie smith- cutting good players and replacing them with "lovie-type players". The whole philosophy since he came on board was to make everyone smallish and fast- whether they could tackle, rush the passer, or cover was another story. So, in that facet, the front office can be blamed for bad drafting. Bobby April had success before and after the Rams- that can't be said for our last three defensive coordinators.

lovie smith- even though people want to give him credit for the great Tampa defenses- he was only the linebackers coach there. That's like giving a WR coach credit for how well an offense does overall. He had one good season with the Rams defense and then they began to fall before he scurried off to go head the Bears. A Bears defense he also got credit for- even though it was Ron Rivera calling the plays. Once Rivera was booted in favor of lovie's lapdog Babich, the Bears defense tumbled to the bottom of the rankings and are middle of the pack this season.

Larry Marmie- never produced a good defense at any level. The fact that he was jettisoned by the Cardinals should have been a good indicator that we didn't want him. I did like the fact that he blitzed more than lovie did, but he was still clueless.

Jim Haslett- was good as DC for Pittsburg- something that seems to be for anyone that coaches that defense and they can't seem to draft a bad defensive player if they tried. Like I said, he wasn't the DC in New Orleans and I don't remember them being an outstanding defense either. So far with the Rams, he has been an utter disappointment and apparently doesn't get along with the head coach. He's been bitter that he wasn't offered a head coaching job when the Saints let him go and I don't think he's ever gotten over that. His tenure with the Rams has done nothing to make me think anyone will hire this guy as a HC any time soon.