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    Re: Lay Off Craig Dahl ... GEEZUS!

    Quote Originally Posted by Warner4prez View Post
    Serioulsy? I really don't think football players should be exempt from criticizm after a poor job regardless of position or slot on the depth chart. That being said, I don't think he played any more poorly than player 'x' on defense today. Not all 36 points jogged by him into the endzone.
    Great point.

    "Oh no another player giving it his all - quick let's cut him!" Like so many other Rams playing elsewhere.

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    Re: Lay Off Craig Dahl ... GEEZUS!

    It was clear that Dahl was picked on by Rodgers, in fact i cant remember the ball ever going near Atogwe once Dahl came into the game. Considering he was thrust into the defence, he actually did ok. He was quite solid against the run if i remember correctly, although he did let himself get beaten deep a few times which he needs to cut out.
    Id rather a safety be giving stuff up underneath rather than letting the receivers get behind him. He did make some nice break up plays when he was in position though

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    Re: Lay Off Craig Dahl ... GEEZUS!

    First of all, for anyone to suggest that "so and so should have played instead of Dahl" or "why didn't we move this guy there and that guy over here" is suggesting that Spagnuolo doesn't know his personnel and/or can't evaluate talent. Certainly, we all have a right to our opinions. But I will trust a guy who happens to be our head coach and certainly knows his business (on the defensive side of the football especially) to put people in the right spots. Anyone who honestly thinks they are going to get big production out of these waiver wire pick ups is out of their minds. They are simply the best we have- and right now, "Our Best" isn't very good.


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    Re: Lay Off Craig Dahl ... GEEZUS!

    Quote Originally Posted by btimsah View Post
    I was kidding..
    Sorry hard to tell sarcasm over the net, poe's law strikes again.

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