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    Re: Lenny walls sucks

    Yes Lenny Walls sucks, but Linehan sucks even more for not cutting his sorry ass.
    And replace him with who (or is it whom)?

    This roster has 6 corners on it:
    Tye Hill - out
    Fakhir Brown - out
    Jon Wade - rookie
    Darius Vinnett - rookie
    Ron Bartell
    Lenny Walls

    Bartell starting on one side, and the other has to be one of two very raw rookies or Walls.

    Was there another option? Linehan couldn't go out back and pick a new cover man from the cover man tree.

    Does Walls suck? Sure he does, but who needed this game for that Eureka moment!? That's what #5 corners do.........they suck.

    Couple that with (as my esteemed colleague, the Gentleman from Georgia, has already pointed out) the fact that our front 4 created ZERO pressure, and this secondary was doomed to fail, no matter who was back there.
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    Re: Lenny walls sucks

    Oh yes, Walls gets burned in the Cowboys game and everything starts screaming "CUT WALLS' and "WALLS SUCKS" and "WALLS SHOULD BE WORKING IN MCDONALDS NOT COVERING WR'S" ....

    If I recall correctly, he was brought in to be the 4th or 5th CB. What do you expect of him? He's not a world beater, he's a nickel and dime corner.

    Also, if I recall correctly, he performed pretty well in the previous two games. But when we rush 8, and he is left on an island to cover one-on-one and he gets burned a few times, lets cut him?

    He'll eventually roll back into the 4th or 5th slot. He's a big corner, and could be usable in some sets ...

    Amazing, the arrogance of some fans ...

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