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    Re: Leonard Little and the Grant Wistrom Factor (Hawk fans will love this)

    I think Seattle did overpay for Wistrom. I was not upset when he left. Now Fisher on the other hand, I wanted to keep and I think he would have been reasonable in his salary demands, but the rams did not even talk to him. Bizzare....the front office never ceases to amaze me with their communication, or lack of communication.

    I am confused by LL lack of effectiveness in the last couple of years. I wonder if he is not working technique enough and is just sticking to the straight speed rush. Tyoka Jackson is getting more pressure on the QBs and seems to find a way to get through the line. I can't say that I understand the differences in their play, but Tyoka is bringing the heat, or making adjustments to whomever he is playing against.

    Obviously personal issues have clouded Leonard's focus in recent years but it seems to be something more that is holding him back.

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    Re: Leonard Little and the Grant Wistrom Factor (Hawk fans will love this)

    This haterade guy is full of it. Seahawk fans should be happy they have an all out high motor guy like Grant leading their defense.

    Yes, Grant was paid too much money. But that was because Seattle had a former basketball general manager running there team at the time. The same guy who messed the Trail Blazers up. But even with the bad contract, Grant is a leader and makes a defense better. Just look. The Rams d was better than Seattle's when he was here, and since he left Seattle's d has been better.

    People put too much into stats. Avenger made an awesome point. Just look at the guys who have played opposite of Grant. Bryce wasn't doing what he is doing in Seattle last year. Same with Okeafor. He isn't as good in Arizona now. And Little hasn't been close to the same since Grant left. Yeah, yeah. The Little appologists can use his legal issues as an excuse, but that was plenty long ago. If that is the reason he isn't playing good now, he might as well retire. It was 2 years ago. It doesnt factor in now.

    People think sacks show the ultimate worth of a defensive end. This is not the case. Just look at Grant. He is a winner. Wherever he goes, his team wins. High school, college, pros. The guy is a winner. He has a motor that is 2nd to none and he commands an offenses attention, regardless of if he is getting sacks. Just look at Seattle. Both Bryce Fisher and Rocky Bernard both have 7.5 sacks apiece! Seattle has historically had a horrible pass rush, yet this season they are either the #1 or 2 team in the league in sacks. Hello! This isn't a coincidence.

    The Rams shouldn't have given Grant the $ the Seahawks did. But I think that if they, the team who drafted him, had shown him more respect and loyalty, they might have been able to resign him for less before he became a free agent.

    Also, the Rams made a big mistake in totally dismissing Bryce Fisher. They thought Hargrove was twice the player and twice as cheap. Well he may be twice as cheap. Ram fans should demand better from the front office. The FO should be sick to their stomach when they see their division rival winning week after week and their defense lead by 2 former Rams.
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    Re: Leonard Little and the Grant Wistrom Factor (Hawk fans will love this)

    Here's a thought....maybe this bum Little is overrated? When I watch him play he attempts the same maneuver over and over. He continually attempts to speed rush straight to the qb. He almost never plays the run and he seems not strong enough to bull rush over the tackle. He is very predictable, therefore very easy to defense. I think he is average in ability, severely below average mentally, and scraping the bottom of the barrel as far as character or lack thereof. Send him away along with Martz and any other felons on the rams. Let's try and build a team with high energy and high character...a team to be proud of.

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    Re: Leonard Little and the Grant Wistrom Factor (Hawk fans will love this)

    Let's try and build a team with high energy and high character...a team to be proud of.
    It appears to be working for Seattle this year.
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