Les Snead Joined Frank Cusamano on KFNS Radio to Talk Rams

**Youth at WR– from top to bottom we’ve increased the tangible skills of the players..but we decreased the experience…only way to get experience is to play and only one way to get wise is making mistakes and see how those mistakes affect an offense and learn from them. This is a league where players can come in and contribute and help you make plays, score TD’s, as young players. It’s something we wanted to do…go young…Sam’s one of the older ones..they can evolve together…this is a group that will be in place…you’ll see this same group in OTA’s, training camp for years to come.

**Tavon Austin’s role? Backfield? Returning kicks? He can do all those things…can’t give the opponents a lot of info right now to help them figure it out…what I can tell you is he’s a dynamic player…more than just a WR…a definite offensive weapon…where he lines up…he doesn’t necessarily have to touch the football to get someone else open…it’s a part of offensive strategy…have the people on the field that will cause some match up confusion for the defense.

**Saffold at RT? Hard to evaluate O-linemen out of pads…what he can do is to get back to feeling what it’s like to be over there…our OT tandem should be one of the best in the league.

**Zac Stacy–why available that late, starting RB candidate? You never know why players get picked when they do. We had him targeted from the beginning…we knew this year we were going to go with a different arsenal RB…he compliments Pead and Richardson…he was fun to watch him play. He was the only weapon Vandy had, yet he excelled.

**Will Offense Be Different? More weapons = more options in packages that defenses have to prepare for….multiple personnel groups and formations.

**Safety Position? Had some injuries this spring….TJ McDonald got a lot of reps..important reps as a starter…McCleod made a lot of plays on the ball this spring…that’s how players like McCleod get a chance in this league…filling in when others are injured.

**Looking at any more vets at WR/RB? We’re going to camp with what we have now. You bring in other people who may only be here one year they take reps away from the young guys…who will be here for multiple years.

Great news!! Throw them into the fire and let em learn. Snead and Fish are drafting with conviction, not to mention the undrafted FAs they cherry picked - I love it!