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    Let the housecleaning begin at Rams Park

    By Bernie Miklasz
    10/23/2007 2:05 pm

    UPDATE from Bernie:

    The Rams are cutting Claude Terrell.


    Thatís just the start. I can think of another guy, knucklehead tight end Dominique Byrd, who shouldnít be on this team. Let the housecleaning begin.

    Releasing Terrell should have been done a long time ago Ö but as they say, better late than never.

    However, let me pose this question:

    Why did it take an arrest for the Rams to take a tough stand here? Terrell has been a goof-off, a problem player, a joke in the locker room, since he got here. He should have been sent packing a long time ago. Had Linehan cut Terrell on the field last week, after Terrell insulted him and embarrassed the HC in front of the team, the action would have carried much more weight and authority. That would have sent a strong message to the rest of the squad. Cutting Terrell now is the easy and automatic thing to do Ö. the safe thing to do Ö maybe the ONLY thing to do, given Terrellís status. (Heís already on probation for a previous offense). Linehan could have reinforced his credibility by sacking Terrell BEFORE the arrest. The Rams basically had no choice now. But Linehan did have a choice to cut Terrell last week ó and he took a pass.


    This was written earlier today:

    If the Rams have any interest in maintaining any shred of credibility and dignity and professionalism, theyíll order Claude Terrell to clear out of Rams Park as soon as possible.

    Terrell, the Ramsí sorry, no-account guard, was arrested early Tuesday morning by Webster, Texas, police and charged with assualting his wife.

    This is Terrellís second arrest. Heís on probation from a 2006 charge of assault on a family member.

    As a member of the Rams organization, Terrell has been late for meetings. Heís been out of shape. Heís defied coaches. He refused to participate in the teamís offseason training program. Last week he insulted head coach Scott Linehan during a practice. Heís a bad influence on teammate Alex Barron. Around Rams Park, Terrell is considered uncoachable.

    And yet Ö. this clown is still receiving a paycheck from the Rams?

    Why? Because of injuries on the O-line?

    Itís incomprehensible.

    Hereís a tip for Linehan and Rams managementÖ if youíre so worried about injuries, please stop and consider the larger issue here: the injury that Terrell is causing to the reputation and the image of this franchise. And thatís far worse than a sprained ankle.

    If the teamís management isnít willing to cut Terrell, ASAP, then the folks running the franchise are even more out of touch with reality than we feared.

    If Linehan is willing to continue coddling and carrying a trouble-making, coach-killing, no-talent bully who apparently canít restrain himself from getting physically violent with family members, then Linehan needs to go, and go right now.

    If Linehan canít stand up to this guy in the only way that matters ó by firing Terrell immediately ó then Linehan ought to just clear out of his office and move on, because his authority over this squad will be null and void and useless.

    Linehan has already lost this team, at least the offense.

    Jim Haslettís defense isnít the best, but at least his guys show up and play hard and have pride in their work. Unlike Linehanís offense, members of Haslettís defense get upset when they lose, when they fail to play well. They care.

    On the offensive side, the players donít play for Linehan. The symbol is the highly-paid QB, who goes through the motions now, simply rolls his eyes at Linehan on the sideline when the coach makes a recommendation. That one scene on the sideline at Seattle was all you needed to know about Marc Bulger and this coach and the lack of respect the offense has for Linehan.

    Claude Terrell has become the face of this franchise, and accordingly, the Rams have never been more embarrassing than they are now.

    So feckless, they canít win a football game.

    Is there any wonder why? Just look at the HC.

    To this point, Linehan wonít even man up to Claude Terrell.

    How can we expect the Rams to have strength of mind and character to win games during times of adversity and turmoil when the head coach wonít even take on Terrell?

    If the coach canít put a problem player in his place ó out on the curb ó then the coach is woefully incapable of leading an entire team.

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    Re: Let the housecleaning begin at Rams Park

    We've been needing a good house-cleaning since about 2002, but it's only been a few adjustments here and there.

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    blood85 Guest

    Re: Let the housecleaning begin at Rams Park

    Now if we could just get rid of Linehan and hire Cowher

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    keith m. klink Guest

    Re: Let the housecleaning begin at Rams Park

    i was really rooting for this guy when he came on , but this is just too much ,, when TERRELL OWENS made trouble , coaches sent him packing , this is claude , he isn't even the star of the team here people , and linehan just didn't do what was right , and now the respect factor from the fan's is nill , i can't imagine what the team is saying behind closed doors .

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