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    lets discuss The Catch

    As i briefly mentioned at the end of the sb 34 winning catch by rev ike, the name The Catch belongs to Rickey Proehl in Rams history. As JK Rams pointed out, very eloquently i might add, we dont get to the big game without The Catch.

    Discuss your memories and thoughts about The Catch. I will chime in as the thread progresses, but a couple of things stand out for me.

    I was sitting on the 50 yard line, 17 rows off the field, behind the rams bench. the thrown went into the opposite corner so it was a very tough angle for me live.

    It was warners only great throw of the day. The bucs were in his face contstantly.

    The coverage by brian kelley couldnt possibly have been any better. If you watch the replays, you will see kelley is all over him and its not interference.

    The ball is barely in proehls hands, the point is literally falling out. I have several signed photos by proehl of the catch from different angles, with the catch inscription and they are all truly amazing. I have some blown up to 16x20 for maximum effect.

    Tell us what you remember.

    ramming speed to all

    general counsel

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    Re: Let's discuss The Catch

    One tough catch for sure! I have only seen a few replays of The Catch and all I was able to pick up from those images was...

    a) Proehl runs a beautiful rout into and up that left sideline you mentioned (Rams going left to right in one's field).
    b) Yes, defender's coverage was right there, glued. I agree with your assessment of Kurt's right-on throw. Would probably have been 'perfect' had it reached a few inches further for an easier catch.
    c) Yes, ball falls lopsided into basket yet Ricky adjusts to barely cradle it with left arm then does great job in securing full possession to complete the TD pass.

    That's what I mentally recall. Thanks again GC, this time for reliving The Catch.

    Click on image for larger view.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails lets discuss The Catch-ricky-proehl2.jpg  
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    Re: lets discuss The Catch

    To me the catch was the hardest part. he had room to get his feet down, but if he would have bobbled, even the slightest it would have been incomplete. Ricky did an amazing job catching it, I got My Rams Box set from Nflshop Yesterday, And I must have watched that game 7-8 times last night. ricky was the mvp of that game. If he would have done more in the superbowl, I might have given him our most Valuable Player of the Post season award, But it is hard to try and out do the season kurt had in 1999.


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    Re: lets discuss The Catch

    The Catch was one of the big reasons Ricky made my best 15 players of the last decade in another thread. The way Tyree secured Manning's pass to save the day for the Giants was similar to the way Ricky corralled that pass from Warner.

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    Re: lets discuss The Catch

    GC, thanks for doing these couple of threads,it is fun to go back to that season and play it all over in your mind again and talk about it with the clan guys, you already know what the next post has to be


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    Re: lets discuss The Catch

    Man being a Rams fan for as long as i have that game was freaking me out. I kept thinking it was just going to be another Rams playoff disappointment again. The bucs defense really had this offense's number. I remember the ball going up in the air in what seemed like slow motion and I didnt think the play had a chance. Like you guys said the coverage was perfect. If that throw was a bit short it would have been incomplete. That was a Superbowl saving catch because we were struggling big time. Man I still get goosebumps thinking of that year, seems like it happened yesterday.
    Aim high Willis, Aim High!

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    Re: lets discuss The Catch

    Ricky Proehl's catch is another example of things going right at the right time. Warners under thrown ball to Bruce in the Superbowl, The "TACKLE" to win it.

    How important is a teams regular season record? As long as a team makes it to the playoffs it has a chance to win the Superbowl.

    That catch by Proehl has to go down in the record books as one of the RAMS (of course) but also the NFL's as one of the greatest plays ever.

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    Re: lets discuss The Catch

    I remember sitting on my couch and seeing Warner dropped back and thinking this is it, this is the game. At 1st I thought they were going to call Ricky out of bounds. But after looking at the replay it was a great catch, it was noting but great concentration and focus. What a remarkable catch, and a great throw from Kurt.

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