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    Lets go guys!

    I want to be as calm as I can. Yes we got wrecked today. Yes, were near last in our division. And yes, were that team that went 1-15. I am still extremely proud to be a Rams fan right now.

    Remember guys, its only one game. We will have to work harder this week to try and knock off the Chargers. I am not too mad about the game personally, I am really furious about Clayton's season ending injury though. We just cannot catch a damn break. I mean we get such a huge steal and then this happens.

    SJ39 broke the 7,000 yard mark in todays game and moves closer to breaking Eric Dickerson's all time leading record.

    I am so mad about Clayton being injured. I think it just solidified our pick in the draft, or we make some kind of trade which I highly doubt.

    Anyway guys lets stay positive. It's 1 loss, and we can recuperate from this.

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    Re: Lets go guys!

    Great to see some positive atmosphere and especially after the Whiners went 0-5. Our defense usually plays well, winning just got the best of them.. I hope, and they took it for granted. Hopefully Spags will fire them up after the utter beatdown and try to stop Philip Rivers, Antonio Gates, and Malcolm Floyd.

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